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Big Dog
Hi everyone! I just brought my first bull terrier pup home yesterday. The breeder said not to worry but I could tape his ears if I wanted them to stand sooner. He is only just turning 13 weeks and is VERY thick and big boned, the breeder said because of this his ears will stand late and to just feed him extra calcium in his food. I don't want to tape them if I don't have to, he really hates it lol. The breeder showed me how to do it when I picked him up in case I wanted to do it.


Good Dog
By 16 weeks the ears will start to set. My pups ears were taped after the crop at 13 weeks for 10 days and now they are straight up one ear is a little off but it never sat right even when he had natural ears.

And next time check the date befor posting
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@bsand- they are talking about Bull Terrier, there is no cropping done.

I would trust the breeder (considering they are reputable) they know there lines better then any one else.
My first pup was a big male pup, everyone told me to tape his ears when he was going on 12 weeks and his ears showed no signs of standing.
but, his ears stood up late as well.

I would wait it out, but if they do not show any signs of standing by 16 weeks, I would look into taping.

Also, that is a myth about feeding extra calcium to cause the ears to go up faster, the ears are made of cartilage.

Feel free to create your own topic and post up some photo's of your new pup!


Big Dog
bsand- I saw it was old but didnt want to start a new thread when one already existed on the same topic.
Thanks xchairity_casex, I'll give him another week or 2 then. The one ear seems like it wants to stand and will sometimes flip up now and then but the other is more floppy. Taking him to the vet tomorrow for his new puppy check up and will talk to her about it too. I'll make a new thread and post some pics up of him hes a sweetie- waiting for that new pup honeymoon phase to wear off and he get mischievous haha.