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Ear Crop Information and Care


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Leave the cone on him, so he doesn't keep ripping the tape off. The more they stay wrapped, the sooner he can have that cone off for good! Try giving him a Kong w/ peanut butter to distract him.
DO NOT REMOVE THE CONE COLLAR!!! He will get used to it eventually and it will absolutely keep him from tearing and scratching at his ears. No matter how bad the guilt trip gets, DO NOT GIVE IN!!!
For anyone in the San Francisco bay area, I recommend St. Louis Veterinary Clinic (Oakland, Ca). Their crops turn out fantastic, the Doctor performing the crop has years of experience, and they're reasonably priced (based on dog's age and weight).


I think the next bully mutt I get will be getting its ears cropped...but out here its freaken hard to find any vets that do them (mine does not and does not like them hehe o well I would like a cropped dog at least once >.<) I might be getting a pup at christmas so I have a while to research but I just hope I can find someone, or it might be a glue/tape into a perfect rose so the ears are the same (I LOVE Goren's ears but man some days I wish both were rosed hehe)


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Anyone have info for a good vet to crop Thor's ears near Cincinnatti Ohio? I live about 30 mins from there, in Oxford Ohio. Any info would be great. I have called a few, and they either refuse to do it, or want to charge $450 w/o meds, check ups and that kinda thing. Thanks yall!


Do all dogs need taping after a crop? Keela's seem to be standing pretty well, though that could be the stitches holding them in place! Just curious...

Here is a pic of her laying down sorry it's so dark!



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I have a question i hope someone can answer.I had my pups ears croped two weeks ago.When we got the stiches out they taped them up and he had it off before we were out the door.So they said bring him back today and he got it off again as soon as we got home.So i took him back and they rewrapped them and put a plastic cone on his head.he hates and his trying to get it off.What should i do? i am afraid he is going to mess them up and they will not stand up.

I don't know if you could try to use the 'insert method' that GSD breeders do to stand up stubborn puppy ears or not.


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Did your vet tell you to tape them? Looks like they turned out well. Do you have a picture of your pup standing up, a front or side picture?


Did your vet tell you to tape them? Looks like they turned out well. Do you have a picture of your pup standing up, a front or side picture?

When I asked the vet if we needed to bring her in for taping, he said no and that it was all up to her ears....he is a senior vet, and a little old fashioned!

Here is a pic of her sitting up...it's kind of dark...I will try to get some better pics of her this weekend! The are standing up pretty good, but the tips are curling in just a bit...but that could be from that last stitch. We will probably know better when the stitches are removed Friday.

110401_2145[00] (1).jpg


Here's a better one! They stand up pretty well on their own, unless she holds them down...like she is doing with the other one in this pic. When she is at full attention they look really good.



Stanton Animal Clinic in Fayetteville AR was the only one in the area that I found that was willing to do it. He would ONLY do a show crop on pits (which was fine with me....matched the pics I took in to him). It was about $250 complete....included taping and all aftercare. As for the proper age to crop the ears, in my case it wasn't up to me, but to the vet. He refused to do it beyond a certain age (I believe it was 16 weeks).
He did a great job. He came highly recommended and I would also highly recommend him.
Part of cropping the ears is understanding the need for constantly watching the pup after the surgery to make sure he doesn't dig at the stiches/tape. Don't let the guilt get to you, as before you know it the tape will be removed and the whole process will be in the past.
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My mother was telling me years ago she just put a stick in the pups ear and tape them for weeks. And instead of the cartilage breaking, and folding. The ear would stay standing, more like a show crop tho.. But the old pics look just as good as good vet would cut them.


Hello, i recently got my 3 month old bully's ears cropped about 4 days ago at an extremely reputable vet and everyone recommended me to him from breeders to enthusiast and friends. he gave me great instructions on care and everything and they seem to be heeling just fine. i just had a few question that i want to hear everyone's input on. now they gave me an antibiotic which is some form of liquid amoxicilin to prevent infection i guess and told me to leave it alont and have the cone one. Should i be applying Neosporing from time to time which is what other people told me?

Also how tight or loose should the cone be and should this be kept on 24/7? i feel like shes not eating as much as she used to although she still eats alot .
I also feel as if the Cone sort of pushed down on the ears sometimes forcing them sort of down or forward. would this make any type of difference in the future as far as the standing up and positioning of the ears go?

The crop isn't big, its an inch and a half maybe 2 inches no bell

Any information or advise is definitely appreciated since this is my first time cropping a dogs ears.

Also my vet said the stitches will come off in 20 days and he didn't say anything about taping the ears once they come off, when its a short crop is it necessary to tape?
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