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Little Dog
First off I am getting frustrated with the search engine on this site...try to search "dry red eyes" and it comes up with a bazillion unrelated topics that just happen to have the words "dry" or "red" or "eyes" in them. ANNOYING. Anyways...

Anyone have issues with dry teary red eyes with your Bull Terrier.
Buster has had dry eyes since we've had him. The white side especially which often has a bit of drainage goop in the corner. The vet had me rinse them and put drops in twice a day for a week. There was still no change. She says its just allergies? I now rinse and drop once a week but I'm afraid if I keep doing this it will dry them out more?
Our city is quite polluted and dusty. I'm assuming it is from this? It doesn't really seem to bother him much.. he doesn't rub or scratch, but the white eye is always SUPER red and a little teary.

Just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this with their Bully and what was the best solution for you?

Tried to take a close up picture but Buster won't have it. Would rather eat the camera.
You might be able to see it a bit in Busters photo thread.


Little Dog
I rinse is eyes with sodium chloride solution on a cotton ball and put one sodium diclofenac drop in each eye.
The goop is a redish brown, but only a very small amount in the corner of his eye closest to his nose.
What kind of diet is he on? Bull Terriers are prone to dry eyes, but goopey eyes is often related to having issues with the diet.


Little Dog
He is currently on a Brasilian food called Premier Pet : Puppies Salmon & Chicken that the breeder said she fed her dogs.

Flour salmon, chicken offal meal, ground whole corn, broken rice, chicken fat, beet pulp, pork fat, protein isolated from pig, dry beer yeast, egg powder, hydrolysed chicken, fish oil, vitamin premix, mineral premix transquelatado, methionine, lysine, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, yeast cell wall, MOS (0.2%), yucca extract (0.025%), BHA and BHT antioxidants.

Levels of Assurance

Humidity ............... 10% max ........ 100 g / kg
Crude Protein 29% Min ...... ........ 290 g / kg
Ether Extract Min ....... 19% ........ 190 g / kg
Mineral matter .... ....... 7.5% max 75 g / kg
Fibrous matter .... Max ....... 3.0% 30 g / kg
Calcium .................... ....... 1.5% max 15 g / kg
Calcium .................... 0.9% Min ....... 9000 mg / kg
.................. 0.8% Phosphorus Min ....... 8000 mg / kg
Sodium ..................... Min 0.2% ...... 2000 mg / kg
Potassium ............... 5000 ....... 0.5% min mg / kg
Ac linoleic (Omega 6) ...... ....... 3.0% 30 Min g / kg
Omega 3 ............... 0.4% Min ....... 4000 mg / kg
Methionine .............. Min 0.6% ....... 6000 mg / kg
Lysine .................... ....... 1.2% min 12.00 g / kg
Metabolizable Energy ................. 4114 kcal / kg

His eyes aren't super goopy just the one little bit in the corner. It almost seems like a scratch but its always there. Could it be an ingrown eyelash or something? Maybe its the food?


Little Dog
His eyes do seem to be redder on walks and/or dustier days.
What is the best solution for this or is it not really a problem if its not too bad?
Will the eye drops I give him help?


Little Dog
You can kind of see it here:

The 'goop' is so tiny you can't see in the pictures and the vet gave the okay.... so I wasn't too concerned about it. Just wondering if there was something I could do to reduce it. Opinions? Sorry if I'm being a bit of a paranoid mamma but I've never had a bully/white dog/breed prone to allergies before.

Sorry for the multiple posts but I can only edit in 3 min and my brain doesn't work that fast in the morning! :P
its alright! I know how you feel, it can be worrying, these little things! I have neve dealt with dry or red eyes in bullies before-but I know its a pretty common problem. let me ask a few people who I know have dealt with this issue before and I will get back to you. try not to worry! your boy will be okay :)
How are his eyes doing? so far it seems everyone i have talked to uses prescription eye drops or over the counter doggy eye drops to help keep them lubricated.


Little Dog
Perfect. Seems like that is what I will have to keep doing. It seems to me that it is an allergy/dust issue and the drops will have to be adminstered somewhat regularly. I was just concerned of the drops causing more issues than helping? But if this is what others are doing aswell...

His eyes really only "flare up" red on particularly dusty days.
How old is your dog. I was told by my vet it was due to my dogs eye lids turning into his eyes. And that it would more than likely require surgery. But he did also state that my dogs head had not grown enough and that it should correct itself. As long as you use the drops you shouldnt worry.
Shiner (my white EBT) has an issue with redness and occasional discharge in his eyes. His coat is amazing, it's just the eye thing. I bought Vetericyn eye gel for him and I put it in once a day and it's worked very very well.


Little Dog
Unfortunately we don't have this product here but maybe I can order it from the states. We see the vet again in a couple weeks to get his rabies shot and I will ask her about what else we can do for him then. If she has no other suggestions I think I will try to find this Vetericyn.


I can relate to this one. Titan has the same problem with his white eye, even the discharge is the same colour. It appears to be worse when the weather is dry and the dust flies. His black eye doesn't have the same problem, which is weird. I've been considering moving him on to the BARF diet as he he often breaks out in spots/bumps that occasionally turns black. I also haven't found a product that works reliably here in South Africa


One of my staff suffers from "cherry eye" have tried various creams over the years but nothing worked so far. Been told my only option is an operation!!!
Any other suggestions? ? As getting her in a car or train alone will terrify her ... never mind a vets and operation.
Am gonna get some eye lubricant or false tears online ... but open to any help, she also has fox mites in her ear (for which we use thornit powder) and rubbing her ears makes her eye worse so am getting an ear cleaner vets use called "verbac epi-optic" but any advice would be greatly appreciated