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Dr. 90210 right now....poor girl

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Lovethypitbull, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Lovethypitbull

    Lovethypitbull Big Dog

    This girl's pet ferret ate her nose and top lip off when she was 28 days old. Now shes having plastic surgery to repair it. WOW...and I LOVE ferrets.This girl had ferrets banned in her state for family's with children under 2 years old. I'm kind of thinking that was a bit much. I mean where were her parents when the ferret was eating her face off? Why was the ferret not being supervised. Ok maybe I'm being harsh but I had 2 of them for 9 years and Never had a problem with them escaping or biting anyone. Don't get me wrong, I feel terrible for this girl. I'm not saying accidents don't happen but....come on....banning ferrets for anyone with a child under 2 years old for one parent's mistake? That would be like my city banning pit bulls for anyone with children under 4 because of that one dog who put 300 stitches in that kid's face.
  2. Debbie

    Debbie Good Dog


    Some have heard that Michelle Bowers was mauled by a bear, others that she was attacked by a parrot.

    She said the strangest rumor about why she looks different is that her face was flattened with an iron.

    Yet the truth in this case is far stranger and more horrifying than the stories.

    At 29 days old, in a playpen 10 feet from her sleeping father, Michelle's face was devoured by her family's pet ferret.

    “The ferret completely ate off my nose and it mangled my lips pretty badly and kind of got my finger,†Michelle, now 24, said Tuesday.

    “It's pretty noticeable but I never really had any problems with it,†she said of her scarred appearance. “I've been like this my whole life.â€

    Her shocking story sounds like an urban legend — proven true.

    As a child, Michelle's testimony helped outlaw ferrets in California. The investigator in Michelle's case, retired Sheriff's Detective Sue Coffey, spearheaded a law that outlawed ferrets in Carson City homes with children under age 3. It was recently overturned.

    By age 8, Michelle had undergone 38 surgeries to repair the damage from the “accident,†she said.

    The plan was when she reached adulthood and stopped growing, the surgeries would resume. But her parents are still paying off the thousands of dollars from the childhood operations, and further procedures were put on indefinite hold.

    “She went through a lot, and I'll tell you she has faced it like a trouper,†said grandmother Christine Ostrom. “She's my little love.â€

    The story is a matter of fact for this young woman whose face would give lesser spirits a reason to quit.

    Her upper lip is reminiscent of the corrective surgery commonly seen on cleft palates. Her nose is flat with a “funky little bump†in the shape of a triangle, she said.

    Corrective surgery caused a deep horizontal scar between her eyebrows and a slight, almost unnoticeable flap of skin on the inside corner of her left eye.

    But her sparkling blue eyes are untouched, and her smile comes easily and frequently.

    It's beaming wider these days, however.

    Two years ago, at the urging of a friend, Michelle flew to Los Angeles to consult with Dr. Gary Motykie of the television show, “Dr. 90210.†The show highlights dramatic physical transformations through plastic surgery.

    She never heard anything until two months ago, when the show contacted her.

    With the new season of the popular E Television program kicking off, producers wanted to take it in a new direction — steering away from the Hollywood beauty storylines to life-altering reconstructive surgery.

    They asked Michelle if she wanted to participate. The civil engineering student jumped at the chance.

    “I was freaking out,†she said.

    Michelle said Dr. Motykie will reconstruct her nose, clean up the flap on her eye, repair the damage to her upper lip, and as an added bonus, perform breast augmentation.

    “I thought, why not,†she said with a laugh.

    She can hardly stand the anticipation.

    Thursday she and her boyfriend Michael Champagne fly to Los Angeles for the surgery. She should be home by Saturday to begin six weeks of recovery.

    “I'm happy for her because she's happy,†Champagne said. “I don't think she needs surgery, but it's something she wants.â€

    “You know, some people think surgery will change their life or make their problems go away,†he said. “But Michelle will be fine either way.â€


    To offset the incidental costs Michelle will incur in her six weeks of recovery, donations can be sent to her grandmother at 607 Country Village Drive, Carson City, Nev. 89701

  3. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Good Dog

    Let's just throw in breast augmentation for good measure :lol:

    Seriously, good for her! She already looks like a pretty girl to me
  4. Debbie

    Debbie Good Dog

    :lol: WHY NOT ???? And let's get her some veneers too.....

    I saw the show....her b.f seems to think so. :)
  5. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Good Dog

    Yes I would say she is probably intitled to whatever she wants after what she has been thru.
  6. megschristina

    megschristina Moderator

    She is still a pretty girl. I must admit, I would like to see her after the surgery.

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