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DON'T Leave your Dogs Unsupervised

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by tat2stuff, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Jaded

    Jaded Little Dog

    A crate is like the dog's cave. It's their own personal, more protected den. I'm sure she would get in with no treat and still love it.
  2. ZorMac

    ZorMac Puppy

    WOW!! I keep trying to think of something to post on here but all that comes to mind is WOW!! great post
  3. Tiffseagles

    Tiffseagles GRCH Dog Premium Member

    At work we came across someone recently that adopted a Greyhound that already had another (small) dog. They left the dogs alone together a few weeks after adopting. They only have one dog now :(

    I strongly recommend separation of all dogs, regardless of breed. Dogs are animals and sometimes act as such.
  4. i teared up reading these posts...my heart goes out to everyone that may have lost there best friend and doggy companion.

    Im glad this was posted and addressed so everyone really cn see what can happen if your pups are not supervised.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 16, 2012
  5. bubuloon

    bubuloon Puppy

    Really very nice post and i very impressive this post because very informative.
  6. jmsheahan

    jmsheahan Little Dog

    I am SO sorry to hear that!! I cant imagine what you're feeling right now!
  7. Diva_TIA

    Diva_TIA Puppy

    OMG!!! First of all im really sorry about your dogs!! I think you totaly did the right thing and that must have took a lot to do that, Im new to this forum and this is my first post......... I dont really know what to say... Im shocked. Im really pleased you shared this and i hope that you dont live in regret because under the same circumstances, if i had a gun i would do the same....:(
  8. donnamperry

    donnamperry Puppy

    Wow I have one dog. In a high fenced in area she is still under a year, but this makes me think. I was already planning on putting stones near the bottom of the fences Now I am thinking I need to double fence for everyones safety. You have definately given me food for thought.
  9. mamad21975

    mamad21975 Puppy

    I love this sticky and hope people will heed the warnings. I don't post on here much but have been reading and learning quite a bit. I have had several, pitbull or pitbull type dogs over the last few years. Most were brought in as rescue situations and have found wonderful homes.

    I may have posted this story some time ago and honestly it is really hard for me to bring this back up.

    My husband I went to our local Petco and saw the most beautiful puppies. I like most uninformed people was the type that had no love for pitbulls or bully breed dogs. I felt they were dangerous, and being the mother of 4 small children at the time absolutely hated the idea of my children even coming across one of these dogs.

    Anyways we see these puppies and I immediately fall in love with one of them. The rescue named her Lucy and after hearing the story of the puppies mother on the euth list and how she was rescued I was won over. I called my mother who informed me that the dog was going to bite my kids faces off. I brought Lucy home. I have friends that had pitbulls and although I saw obvious dog aggression I was impressed with how amazing they were with children, friends, and family. I immediately hired a trainer and begin working with Lucy. Our bond was obvious from the start. I LOVED LUCY!! She responded quickly to training was nonreactive to my other dogs, loved the cats, and befriended our Chi-mix.

    Now let me just say I had recently lost the father that raised me and felt we needed new life in the house....Lucy was just what the doctor ordered.

    One night I put my boys to bed. I usually would put Lucy in her kennel to lay down as well. She was just a puppy and I worried about her getting into stuff. This night I told my husband take her upstairs and lay her with the boys and we would then kennel her before we go to bed. My husband went upstairs to check on her after only about 15 minutes and my dear, sweet, beautiful, amazing Lucy had gotten her head stuck in a potato chip bad and suffocated. I begged my husband to try to revive her and he kept telling me she was gone. I cried and cried....my whole world (everything with my dad) that horrible feeling of loss came rushing back to me. I would wake up that night thinking this cannot be real. Worst yet our chihuahua had been staying at the vets office due to having parvo. When I went to pick her up after her treatments, I cried and told her how sorry I was. Mommy had failed her best friend. I have tears thinking about this. Please....please.....please never leave your dogs unattended. I dont want anyone to have to go through what my family has been through.

    After losing Lucy. The head of the rescue approved me for her sister Chili. I have had Chili for 5 years. My sister was going through a break up and asked could Chili spend the night. I let her and now Chili (I had no intentions of parting with my girl) stays with my sister and her 5 children because she is now a single mother.

    Also, my mother who now loves the breed is looking to one day bring her own bully puppy home.

    I owe all of this to my little copper colored puppy named Lucy! RIP my girl!!
  10. puppyluv

    puppyluv Puppy

    Yeah hopefully this will help pitbull owners learn to supervise their pets. There has been too many incidents like these.. But you did what you could!
  11. YoshiTila

    YoshiTila Puppy

    Tht is exactly what's going on with me right now! Hopefully when I show him that story he will agree with me about separating them.
  12. JaimeLee

    JaimeLee Puppy

    Thank you for posting this, my husband recently brought home a pit-mix. She's 11 weeks now and has started to become more aggressive with our two small dogs (chihuahua and min pin) and I have had this overwhelming fear of leaving them unattended in the kitchen during the day even though my husband works from home in the garage downstairs. Now I'm certain that I shouldn't feel bad for having to keep them separated while I'm at work (35 miles away) as I don't think my husband would hear them with all the noise downstairs or even be able to get to them quick enough in the event our Harley got carried away...The chihuahua (Miles) and the pit-pug mix (Harley) absolutely adore each other, most of the time, but Trixie (min pin) hates all the ruckus, probably because of the age difference, Trixie turns 6 this year. My husband had Trixie and a pug (Blue) who was sick with epilepsy and passed away last year. He has just been anticipating another pug for a while and when he found out that his accountants daughter had pit-pugs he just had to have Harley because she looked like a little pug. He wasn't even thinking about the pit part. Not that we prefer one breed of dog to another but had he done his research he would understand my concern about our little dogs. I love all three of our little monsters but Harley is growing to become more and more of a pit and less of a pug daily...and of course both of our little dogs have "Napoleon syndrome" so they don't really back down from anything. So, I will take what I've learned here from your terribly hard lesson and make sure that they always are supervised and when that's not possible, they will be separated. I'm terribly sorry for your loss and wish you the best, raising babies can be difficult (both human and animal) and we must be vigilant. Thank you again for posting.
  13. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    JaimeLee, I'm glad you found PBC. :)
  14. fram773

    fram773 Puppy

    I wanted to post since a vagabond just tried to offer my dog coke (not the kind you drink). My dog is friendly to EVERYONE. so the bum sees her and rambles on about mans best friend and stuff and asks me if he can give her a "line" and proceeds to snort some on his hand. Just one more thing that can happen.

    This was in my front yard.
  15. BuffaloBeard

    BuffaloBeard Puppy

    I'm so confused now. I've always thought the pit bulls I met were such sweet animals and the media was biased.

    Now I read all these stories. How can the media be bias AND these stories be true? Seems like it has to be one or the other?

    It's so sad. I've owned labs, shepherds and jack russels. You never had to keep them apart in case they killed each other.

    ugh - now I don't know what to think
  16. Savage Destiny

    Savage Destiny Big Dog

    I know plenty if people with Jack Russells that will kill each other given the chance. someone on another forum I'm on had her two Shepherds kill her other dog while she was gone. Talked to someone with littermate Goldens who will fight to the death. These things happen with any breed... NO dogs should be left unsupervised alone.

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  17. GoingPostal

    GoingPostal Good Dog

    You don't think other breeds of dogs will get in fights and kill each other? I've heard of a wide variety of breeds doing so, jack russells are well known for same sex dog aggression as are most terriers. They aren't furry little people, they are animals.
  18. LilianaLove

    LilianaLove GRCH Dog

    :lol:@ the jacks statement. I love JRTs but those suckers can and will put the hurt on anything they feel like that day. I'd trust an APBT over a jack, just because they're less likely to do something just to be an ass :lol:. Don't get me wrong I love me a jack, but they're hell on wheels.
  19. omgrobyn

    omgrobyn GRCH Dog

    ALL of the terriers can be dog and animal aggressive.

    I was really sad when my friend's JRT Milo had to be put to sleep. He killed EVERYTHING. Even bees. When he was PTS he was 15, and dragging himself around his yard in Florida (his back legs started getting really bad at the end) still trying to kill birds and lizards.

    Sent from my Kindle Fire using Tapatalk 2
  20. LilianaLove

    LilianaLove GRCH Dog

    Now if this isn't the face of someone running a jack (with those that aren't laughing in the background) I don't know what is! :lol:

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