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Dolly, SBT rescued in ireland.

Discussion in 'SBT Pictures' started by Barry Murphy, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. Barry Murphy

    Barry Murphy Puppy

    he guys, this is my bitch dolly. she was rescued after owner had a litter out of her on first heat and dumped her.

    she's about 18/20 months now.

    the day she came home with me




    it still amazes me that someone could just throw out a dog like her.
  2. #1 stunner

    #1 stunner Good Dog


    What a sweet girl, she is gorgeous!

    :no2: People do not surprise me at all anymore...at all.
  3. ReneeMcDougal

    ReneeMcDougal Good Dog

    She is gorgeous. I am glad she had you to take her in.
  4. Tahlz

    Tahlz Good Dog

    She is stunning! Wow. What a cute face. Please post more photos.
  5. Kahne

    Kahne Good Dog

    Welcome! She sure is a cutie!
  6. Beth L

    Beth L Little Dog

    she is BEAUTIFUL!!!! congrats on the new family member.
  7. Krista

    Krista Krypto Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    She's gorgeous!! :D
  8. Swiper

    Swiper Little Dog

    X 6
    You are both lucky to find eachother
  9. coopdog

    coopdog Little Dog

    Shooed looks to be a sweetheart
  10. dri

    dri Puppy

    Heya Barry, you still out there? I'm from Ireland but living in the US. Just adopted a pitbull mix dog. Wasn't told she was pitbull mix at all. I have no problem with the breed at all, but am worried about the rules in Ireland given that I'm thinking about moving back. How is life as a pitbull owner in Ireland? Do you muzzle and have her on the lead ALL THE TIME? How do people react?

    Grateful for your feedback, thanks a million!
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