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Dogs to be ‘debarked’ after neighbors sue about noise

Discussion in 'Other Dogs in the News' started by Michele, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    Dogs to be ‘debarked’ after neighbors sue about noise
    Dogs to be "debarked" include Tibetan Mastiffs, like this puppy.
    Thursday, August 31, 2017, 1:13 PM

    Mute the mutts.

    An Oregon couple must have their dogs surgically silenced after their neighbors complained that relentless noise disrupted their lives for more than a decade, a Beaver State appeals court ruled.

    The official term for this operation done on dogs and cats is devocalization, but it’s often called “debarking.” No matter what it’s called, it’s controversial. It involves cutting an animal’s vocal cords, permanently muffling a main means of communicating.

    Animal rights advocates see “debarking” as a cruel and unnecessary procedure. It’s banned in six states in some instances, including in Massachusetts, Maryland and New Jersey.
    In Oregeon, Pyrenean Mastiffs, like this one, face having their vocal cords sliced.
    The Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association notes that “many practicing clinicians are refusing to perform” the operation. On the other hand, proponents note that devocalization can save animals from being put down.

    The appeals court in Oregon deemed “debarking” is a proper solution, theOregonian reports.

    Debra and Dale Krein said they could no longer take the barking of the six or more Tibetan and Pyrenean Mastiffs owned by Karen Szewc and John Updegraff, their married next-door neighbors.

    The barking, which began at 5 a.m. and continued for hours, started in 2002. The canine cacophony robbed them of sleep, kept visitors away and upset family members, according to the Kreins. They sued in 2012.

    In 2015, the court ruled that Szewc and Updegraff had to pay $238,000 to the Kreins, who argued that money didn’t solve the problem.

    Judge Timothy Gerking agreed and ordered that the Mastiffs be debarked. On Wednesday, the Appeals Court upheld the $238,000 verdict and Gerking’s ruling.

    Szewc said that efforts to silence her dogs have threatened her ability to run her farm.

    “The dogs are my employees,” she said. “We do not have the dogs to harass the neighbors. We have the dogs to protect our sheep.”

    “The next line of defense is a gun. I don’t need to use a gun, if I can protect my sheep with dogs," Szewc said. “This is a passive way of protecting livestock.”
  2. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    This is disturbing on so many levels.
  3. AGK

    AGK Scratch Kingz Staff Member Super Moderator

    A good bark collar would work for most dogs. Surgery is rather extreme IMO.
    pitbulldogs, Nat Ursula and Michele like this.
  4. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    EXACTLY! The Vet should lose his license f he does that!
  5. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    Very extreme. The dogs are used for work to protect their sheep. See how the neighbors like it when they DO get a gun and now they will have to deal with gun shots to protect their sheep.
    Nat Ursula likes this.
  6. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    Wouldn't ear plugs or good noise blockers help? They can even offer to sound proof their home for them. I can't believe they would consider de barking them...HORRIBLE.
  7. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    When you move into the country you agree to live close to animals, domestic or not. There are plenty of suburb communities that do not allow dogs. In farm lands you have to expect these dogs.

    I've lived with LGDs, it's relentless and can make you lose your mind, there comes a point where you're not sure if you've gone mad or simply gotten used to it. This is probably not normal barking, these dogs can bark solid all night long.

    But they chose to live in farm land, they should suck it up and accept all the farm life comes with or move...
    Nigayias and Nat Ursula like this.
  8. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    I agree.
  9. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    Maybe they could use the collar on half the dogs and rotate or something. I think debarking is so inhumane.
  10. AGK

    AGK Scratch Kingz Staff Member Super Moderator

    I think for what it will cost to surgically solve the problem on just one dog, they could buy enough bark collars for every dog they own and still have some money left over to buy a few more dogs. Lol.
    Nat Ursula likes this.
  11. Nigayias

    Nigayias Puppy

    Living next to any farm one would have to expect animals to make some amount of noise.....Its like a farmer raising chickens there is going to be roosters crowing so if you are going to live next to a farm you should expect noises from animals....if this is a residential area then its a different story.
    Also I dont have anything against debarking a dog....if done right it solves the problem for life most times without any side effects....The misconception is that when a dog is debarked it CANT bark at all which is false as a dog CAN STILL BARK its just the volume level is very low.......a debarked dog done right (meaning the surgery went perfectly well by a skilled licensced vet) is actually a HAPPIER dog then a dog that gets reprimanded and punished every time it barks.
    Mostly Animal rights activist and fur mommies think that debarking a dog is cruel. LOL
    Oh and most debarking surgeries are around 300 bucks.
  12. EstyEsty

    EstyEsty Little Dog Premium Member

    I feel for both families. I live next to a barker and she never stops. Her owner is aware of her bad habit and we've talked about it. He puts her in his garage at times to give us a break. I've tried to get to know her but she won't let me. At times it drives me crazy too when we're out in our backyard. But to have her vocal cord altered sounds rather cruel.
    Love thy neighbor...
  13. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    The dogs are there to work. There jobs are to bark. They are not being reprimanded. Nor do they deserve a reduction in the level of noise that they make while doing their job. If this was an inner city situation that might be different. Although, if you walk your dog and play with it too it should not need to be left outside alone barking. It might bark for a couple of minutes while you let it out but it should not be outside barking non-stop. There is just no excuse for that IMO.

    Our last dog was a barker. She was super vocal. We never left her alone outside in our very large fenced yard. She would have been a total nuisance.
  14. Nigayias

    Nigayias Puppy

    Its like you took what ever I said out of context.....did you take the time to actually understand what I wrote in my post? LOL
  15. Derek1

    Derek1 Big Dog

    i didn't read it as she took it out of context or against what you wrote, just her opinion on the matter.
    Nat Ursula likes this.
  16. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    I read your entire post but this is entirely different with a working dog who RELIES on its bark for the survival of the heard. These dogs should not be reprimanded or debarked, they should be allowed to do their job as they are on a farm and have a purpose.

    All surgeries come with risk and pain, for a dog to needlessly go through such pain is inhumane. That is pretty much what inhumane in, unnecessary suffering.

    Even when speaking about just pets, a content dog who has its mental and physical needs satisfied should not be an excessive barker. Not saying active dogs are never barkers, but it's rare. In most cases debarking is for lazy owners so they can avoid the daily needs a dog has for mental and physical stimulation. Here's a real solution, if you can't handle a dog doing a natural function, don't get a dog. I don't like when my dog gets on my lap and sticks me with her claws, but I tolerate it because I got a dog and dogs have claws.
    Nat Ursula and Michele like this.
  17. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    I think many people just don't understand the differences between pets and working dogs.
    EstyEsty and Nat Ursula like this.
  18. EstyEsty

    EstyEsty Little Dog Premium Member

    Worg you are exactly right. Most people have never seen a working dog!
    Nat Ursula likes this.

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