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Dogs Of Velvet And Steel and other items

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Insane, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Insane

    Insane Puppy

    Hey guys. Im dan from the ADBA registerd kennel Insane Knls. I used to frequent weight pulls and shows and i hosted the bully pit mafia show in 06 in tennesse. some may know me i used tro attend several events. bred pits most my life. Any way due to laws and the addition of new baby i had to sell dogs and i have a stock pile of memrobilla and very rare books and pictures. just 14 years of collecting.. Notobly i have Bob Stevens original hard copy Dogs of velvet and steel... I bought this book directly from bob as i knew him and its autographed. Its in brand new condition i kept in the plastic. I have the amazon pricing of this book 5 years ago at 1800 bux. I printed a copy of the listing and its in the book as well. I want 400 bux for this book. Its a steel if your into collecting. I have several other books like World of fighting dogs. several richard strattons. and several pet shop variety. i have several figurines, plates, mugs, I have seen probably every notable yard in my time so i just might have pics of some of the older dogs in your peds. or maybe owned them. i have several grapevine knl pics just tons of stuff... I have several ribbons and trophys and yard tapes and show videos you name it i have it lol. Help me put this stuff in your hands. im open to offers i just dont need this stuff anymore. I wanna cry when i think about getting rid of it but it helps to know it help anothers collection. Any questions plz email me as i wont prolly ever be back to this site. ill give out my number from there... the ban finaly reached me in kentucky i never thought it would. i been payin extra on paperwork to donate to fight bsl for years
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 7, 2011
  2. 444

    444 Big Dog Premium Member

    You can get a copy directly from Mr. Stevens,signed,for $55.
  3. Insane

    Insane Puppy

    try to buy it...
  4. 444

    444 Big Dog Premium Member

    I'm not sure what that is in reference to.

    Mr. Stevens was successful in court,if that is what you mean.It is explained on the site.
  5. Insane

    Insane Puppy

    like i said also this is the original. not the updated version that the goverment had changed. he went to jail after his pick a winner video surfaced. which i also have along with hogs and dogs and japan pit fight video he released. I have all these things directly from him. how to make a springgpole and i have his original breaking stick with all paperwork. if u can buy this stuff elsewher cheaper be my geust my price is my price all my stuff is original when i got this book from bob i gave like 40 bux i have the amazon price for it at 1800 mine is over ten years old its the first print not the new one.. i have a ton of stuff ive collected. also have george armitage hard copy 30 years of dog fighting. a cpl colby books and ed farons complete gamedog. just email me if your intrested if this informational and helpful guy on here can get it cheaper for u best of luck to both of u... thanks again
  6. 444

    444 Big Dog Premium Member

    The book is listed as the original 1983 edition.

    I don't have copies to compare,so can't verify this information.

    I'm sure many of the pieces in your collection are rare/original/valuable/collectible.

    However,you can obtain this book from the author for about an eighth of your asking price.

    The listings on Amazon are not a basis for value,they are private listings of others trying to cash in on people who don't know where to look.
  7. Insane

    Insane Puppy

    Im not rying to get over on anybody. i bought the book direct from the man i know. I owned several dogs down from bob and fat bills breedings. I walked on yards that most u guys are building foundations from 3 generations to late. im just trying to get these boxes out of my house. i have 6 boxes of nothing but stuff ive kept over the years. i have several adba body pound trophys from weight pulls several ribbons from adba and several other organazations and fun shows. i have best conditioned trophys from differnt fun shows treadmill race win trophys. i dont know wat anybody would want with all these trophys and ribbons but if they wanted em id give em away for watever it cost to ship em i just hate to throw em away. i have about 30 books from just raising pit bulls to richard stratton to colby to armitage 30 years of fighting. out of all the books i have i had the hardest time gettin an orginal copy of the armitage book. i have collectible plates with heinzl dogs and i think i have a plumbers alligator one.. like i said i have tons of stuff some of u might love to have but its goin to waste here. ill just keep my insignifacant bob stevens book since im just tryin to rip everyone off..lol i checked ebay after u said that and theres only two on there and they have several days left and are sitting over a hundred bucks a peice. WEIRD. i read bobs article read it again it says he changed stuff. if you dont have the book didnt buy the book or actually know anything to be a fact why did u even say anything? by the way anything i have other than the armitage and bob stevens book is under a hundred bucks. im not trying to hurt anybodys pocket here. i also have several weight pull things i dont know how id ship it but i have several hundred pounds of window weights i have an aluminum weight sled set up for olympic weights. i have a custom 2 dog box with built in fans. i have a few harnesses including one blackjack harness gave me after winning new lennox adba pull for winning it in black jack products.
  8. 444

    444 Big Dog Premium Member

  9. crimsonghost

    crimsonghost Little Dog

    I'd love to have the dog box wish you were closer. just outts curriousity how much do you want for it? do you happen to have a pic??
  10. Insane

    Insane Puppy

    man i aint tryin to peddle anything. i cant own pits anymore why do i wanna frequent a website. ill sell the box for 100 bux dude. ill sell my ed faron book for 50 bux and i gave more than that for it. i dont care if u buy any of it. i geuss it was my dumbass mistake trying to get rid of this stuff to ppl who could use it. i had my own forum held our annual dog show i judge shows travled doin weight pull demos at new show hosts. i probably did more for this breed over the years than most ppl u will meet and this is how i get greeted. u say this site aint worth comin back to. well my first post and first reply was trashin the price on one of the items. i had a nice forum with plenty of helpful members until msn shut everybody down. erase it or whatever ill just take it to the bluegrass show and donate it or something if everybody is gonna be a professor. shit i aint nobody right:no2:
  11. Boogieman

    Boogieman Good Dog Premium Member

    Seriously I think you're blowing shit way out of proportion. Nobody trashed your price. He simply pointed out to others they could get the book cheaper by the author. I myself don't see anything wrong with that.

    Now as for my comment. I stand 100% by it. I find it pretty shitty for you to come here and post a bunch of stuff for sale, and state to email you because you'll never bother to come back to this forum. Take it how you want, I think that's shitty. Plainly you're just wanting to use the site traffic to get rid of your stuff.

    If you have done and know so much about the breed, (and I'm not doubting at all you have) you could definitely be an asset to others to share your show and weight pull knowledge with. So obviously it comes across as you're only here for one reason (to peddle) and have no interest in actually helping anybody, or doing anything else for the breed.

    Take it how you want, that's exactly how it comes across. BTW I support the KY club and shows every year they have it. Glad they got it back on track this year. I'll be sure to be there. Maybe you will have some stuff left to look through.

    Just some food for though. Don't get all chapped and butt hurt. I don't really think anybody did anything to warrant your complaining.
  12. JShumate

    JShumate Little Dog

    Well I don't see ur email address to email u am I missing this I possible could be interested in the box what's the dimensions
  13. Boogieman

    Boogieman Good Dog Premium Member

    I think it was edited out because email addys aren't allowed in the public forum.

    I would pm him and hopefully he comes back to find it.
  14. JShumate

    JShumate Little Dog

    Cool thanks boogie
  15. Insane

    Insane Puppy

    yeah ive been to the blue grass show many times not always showing or competing but its only a cpl hours away from me. i have competed and won weight pulls and placed in shows there. i was goin before they got sanctioned. havnt been back in a few years but by your post im geussin they had some problems. if i had to geuss by your pic and call name your the owner of show ch boogieman??? this dog would have been showing bout 7 or 8 years ago??? if so we know each other. either way im not a peddler im just trying to give someone a chance to get stuff i chased around for years. took my email off my post wtf i dont need to turn it loose that bad. I had a ton of fun travel the country campaigning dogs and educating and breeding but i cant do it anymore. my familys more important. and when u get in that position when u cant do wat youve done everyday for most of your life. Then my freind youll understand why i dont wanna give tips or talk about or even see the shit. id rather not talk about it at all than start talkin with others and get lost in the moment and have to come back down to earth. its hard to understand until you have to make that decision.
  16. PatienceFlame

    PatienceFlame Good Dog

    correct me if I am wrong but are you talking about GrCH Cladwell's Boogieman?? If so that was Tanya, of Cold Steel Pits who owned that dog.
  17. Boogieman

    Boogieman Good Dog Premium Member

    You never know, maybe helping others and sharing knowledge could ease your pain of not being able to have dogs anymore.

    No I didn't own Boogieman, but I do run the blood. I've always been a believer in it and will continue to keep it around.
  18. Insane

    Insane Puppy

    your correct in it being cold steel pits i just figured with the look of boogiemans avatar pic of the dog and the name maybe it was cold steel. all them dogs take after that boogieman dog.

    ---------- Post added at 08:00 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:59 PM ----------

    and he wasnt grch when i was around him just ch;) nice dog either way
  19. I have an original copy of Velvet & Steel and wouldn't consider less than $500.00 if I ever decided to sell it.

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