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Dogs in the Back of the truck

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by stardog82901, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. monkeys23

    monkeys23 GRCH Dog

    If there's a shell, eeeeh kinda okay but not ideal.

    In my opinion there needs to be a aluminum dog box or properly tied down dog kennels (either Vari-kennels or aluminum, I would not consider wire kennels secure for pickup bed travel). I saw a really cool hound setup when driving back from my parent's house Sunday actually... basically just a metal sheet over the top of the bed with about 6" between it and the walls of the truck bed and secured by metal bars.... so the hounds could be loose in there without escaping and they could stack stuff on top of the setup. Obviously you'd not do that with anything besides hunting hounds, but it was kinda cool.

    I really want a truck or SUV that I can have kennels or a dog box in... its a huge PITA to transport working dogs loose in the back of a sedan.
  2. Teal

    Teal Krypto Super Dog Premium Member

    Bindah and Ruger have never tried to slip their collars when in the bed, even with prey/other dogs/etc. outside of the truck offering plenty of reason to... that's why they get to ride back there, and Jolene doesn't! lol
  3. Joey&Zoey

    Joey&Zoey Good Dog

    I don't own a truck and even if I did I don't believe I would have her ride in the back. She is always in shotgun in my car unless my brother comes along but that's her seat :)

    I do find it extremely dangerous to see dogs in the back not properly contained especially when they are the ones barking their heads off running from left to right.
  4. Gatorpit

    Gatorpit Good Dog

    It's particularly distressing whe the dog rides on top of the truck box. Take a turn to hard and they'd slide right off and over. I live out in the boonies and EVERYbody has their dogs loose in their truck beds. There's also dead dogs in the road on a daily basis out here.

    BILLBKLYN Good Dog

    It's kinda ironic that most dogs are more secured in the back of a truck than the little Mexicans are. Up here these fuckers are piled 6 at a time in the beds of trucks in all weather.
  6. pookie!

    pookie! GRCH Dog

    You should see the ones in Arizona. Trust me, they act like blinkers and windshields.
  7. PitBullHappeningsRescue

    PitBullHappeningsRescue Rescue Moderator Premium Member

    I don't own a regular pick up truck but I most certainly would have the dogs contained/secured to prevent them from jumping out... I drive a Full size Ford Bronco... so I have no worries about losing a one of the rescue dogs down the road...
  8. Sweets

    Sweets Puppy

    I have an Explorer Sport Trac with a canopy, and the dogs were neve meant to be on the leather. They are.. with seat belts and no one uses the "box" since someone ate the screen and "left the building." while I was at work and npt able to step off of the horse to chase dogs.... I have better wire mesh stuff, but need help to apply it before I trust a dog in the box of the truck. The Xolo foster was the only one to user the box before he was "allowed" to be with the other dogs.:rolleyes:
  9. #1 stunner

    #1 stunner Good Dog

    We haven't taken Trigger in the back of the truck yet and if we do he will be harnessed or another safe method to keep him inside, since he would love to chase birds, cats, bunnies, rats, squirrels when he is walked.

    ---------- Post added at 04:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:01 PM ----------

    He doesn't even go in the back seat of the truck without some kind of restraint for his protection.
  10. Pink

    Pink GRCH Dog

    I have mine ride in the back, only if someones back there with them.
    We ride dirt roads a lot while going to the river, hunting, ect.

    I haven't let them ride on the highway in the bed of the truck, yet.
    There needs to be a setup, so I know they'll be safely tied down, before that happens.
  11. I bought my truck with crew cab specifically for the dogs, dang spoiled brats, and before that I had an SUV. I've seen the consequences of accidents too many times, dogs being dragged on tie downs at 60 mph and such. If you fear fur on your clothing best not ride in my vehicles. Yet again, I don't live in the country anymore so that might have changed my mind now that i think of it.
  12. menzie3

    menzie3 Good Dog

    Ours ride in the cab with us. We use to let them ride in the back, but a friend has tied her dog in the back of the truck and when she got to where she was going, she found the dog dead (he jumped out and was dragged - still tied).. while I know it was her fault for not making sure the tie was too short for him to jump out, I still have this fear to risk it.
  13. King Rat

    King Rat Little Dog

    when I travel my dog either sits up front with me or in a crate in the back. I couldn't imagine having my dog in the back of a truck unrestrained, I'm fairly certain that at some point he would try and jump out. Even if he was tied in I would be concerned that he would see something he wanted and slip his collar and jump from the truck. the potential for him to be seriously hurt or killed doesn't bear thinking about, and if he did jump from the truck how would you know, until you get to where your going and look in the back of your truck to find your dog missing.
  14. Thales Meyer

    Thales Meyer Puppy

    I have only 17 years old , because this I can't driver in my country.Only whit 18 full!

    But I think it very cool , is a good mode of transport your dog for the trails ...for play Down Hill or bikecross or only walking in trails

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