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Dogs as property, and being told what to do with them.

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by Poisoned, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. JJeanae

    JJeanae Good Dog

    Yea it was like that! A vet did it for us. It looked painful.

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  2. My Rottweiler has a small heart tattoo in his ear beside his ID tattoo. It was done while under anesthetic for his neuter. Is that horrible? I thought it would be the least of his worries seeing as he was cut open to take his balls out during the same vet visit.
  3. JJeanae

    JJeanae Good Dog

    Awww that's cute!

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  4. Lyoness

    Lyoness Puppy

    Now see, I had a cat with Hyperthyroid. It really is nothing to sneeze at. We caught it late so it was a bit like not reciving treatment. He was in pain, not physical but most defently mental, and eventually no matter how much food we gave him he STARVED to the point we had to put him down. His Hyperthyroid even with medication in the end could not control it. It would sit there and eat and eat and eater and poop at the same time he was eating it was going through him so fast. So I have seen what hyperthyroid can do to a cat. I have seen what hypothyroid can do to a dog (They get omg fat and lose their hair).

    Because I have seen what these things can do to animals, refusing treatment for them, makes me think of negletct. I'm sure the Poster is a good person, not say they are bad, the animal is property and it is their choice. So it's a mixed emotion on this one.
  5. pampam22

    pampam22 Good Dog

    Useless?...yes...Horrible?...nah. If he were to go under anesthetic only to get a cute little heart tattoo...than yes...I would think that was horrible and not worth the risk.
  6. MJJean

    MJJean GRCH Dog

    Is it true those brands eventually heal up and have to be redone?

    That's adorable and great identification for "Lost Dog" fliers. If he ever gets lost a heart on the ear by the ID is something anyone can see and skip having to go through the ID registry and just go right to contacting you.

    Your cats case sounds much different from the other cats case. In your cat's case refusing treatment would have seemed neglectful to me. In the other cats case, considering that cat is living a normal life and is happy, accepting treatment could very well make things worse for the cat. Which is why I think it so important that lawmakers and authorities stay out of it and leave the individual decisions up to the vet and the owner. If a blanket law were passed, then a lot of animals and their humans could be made to suffer since individual situation would not be taken into consideration.
  7. Genevieve!

    Genevieve! Puppy

    Well, we don't want dogs to have low self esteem
  8. catchrcall

    catchrcall Good Dog Staff Member

    @ Mjjeane - the freeze brands are permanent. The only time one would need to be redone is if you don't hold te iron on long enough.

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