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Dogo owners


Is there any Dogo owners on this forum that wouldn't mind me asking a couple questions? I'm doing a project on them and just want some personal insight onthe breed.

Thank you


Cow Dog
I have a Dogo mix but you may have better results on PBC's sister mastiff forum. It's linked at the bottom of the main forum page.


I've met two of them before.
They were such lovely dogs. I was not expecting the ones I met to be so receptive towards friendly strangers.
Around my older dog, they were very well behaved. The owners had small children too and the eldest (looked around 8) was walking the female around with a slacked leash. This was at the dog park! I was impressed at how calm assured the dogs were. I'd love to meet more to find out if these guys were just exceptions. They're not very common where I live.


I have a Dogo mix but you may have better results on PBC's sister mastiff forum. It's linked at the bottom of the main forum page.

Thank You!!!!!

This report is for my animal husbandry course so I will be checking that out :)

Opal I have never met a Dogo but would love to from what I have learned so far.


Big Dog
I have always loved Dogos and would love to have one, but they are just so expensive :( I found a local breeder and his pups were priced between $2,800 - 3,800! Unfortunately I could never afford (or want to pay that) for a dog.

Hmm, maybe rescue...


I have noticed that also $1200 for pet quality. Holy cow ! They are just so beautiful. I live in the city so I probably will never own one but could check into a rescue also donate my time. In Milwaukee we have pit rescues and they go to the inner cities and do free shot clinics once I finish with school I'm going to do that.


Hi there,

I have a Dogo, and have spent about four or five years around the breed. Not an expert, but living with one does give good perspective LOL.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer.

BTW, for those interested in owning the breed down the road but worry about cost, there are a handful of breeders that I know that will work out a pay plan if needed, or perhaps a reduced rate if you were to offer a truly good home for one of their dogs. They realize how the breed can be 'challenging' to place properly, and really care more about a loving, stable environment than making $2500 on a puppy. Never hurts to ask one day if you are serious. Also, so many Dogos are sitting in shelters and breed rescue/foster homes. Very good dogs, and each would love a family :)


Big Dog
At the Shelter i volunteer, there's two Dogo litter mate pups that are owned by parents and son who join our weekly training sessions. I believe the parents have had another full grown Dogo from the same breeder as well. I can pass along any Q's & A's to them as well.



Good Dog
I have a dogo pup in one of our obidience classes...good dog so far. Medium energy and social in class with the other dogs and people. But his owners do say he is suspicious of strangers already.But he is VERY dramatic lol
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