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Dog Whisperer Says Pit Bull Ban is Bad News

Discussion in 'Breed Specific Legislation' started by apbtmom76, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Good Dog

    Monday, March 9, 2009

    Dog Whisperer says pit bull ban is bad news

    'Dog whisperer' says pit bull ban is bad news
    Updated Sat. May. 27 2006 1:35 PM ET
    Canadian Press

    TORONTO -- Ontario's pit bull ban is an unfair law based on ignorance - because getting rid of a breed of dog doesn't get rid of the problem, says celebrity dog trainer Cesar Millan.

    Millan, known as the Dog Whisperer for his uncanny ability to solve canine behavioural problems, was in Toronto this week promoting his National Geographic Channel show and the recent DVD release of the first season's episodes.

    "In the United States, in the '70s, they did the same thing to the Doberman. In the '80s they did it to the German shepherd, in the '90s they did it to the Rottweiler, and now they're doing it to the pit bull," he says.

    "So whatever dog is in fashion, people are going to blame them for things."

    Under the Ontario ban, which was passed last August, it is illegal to own, breed, transfer, abandon or import pit bulls or other breeds "substantially similar" to pit bulls. Owners who violate the law can be fined up to $10,000 and/or be sentenced to six months in jail. The court can also order a dog to be destroyed.

    For the Dog Whisperer, there are no bad dogs nor bad breeds, just bad owners who need to be trained. On his show he displays a remarkable ability to rehabilitate once-dangerous pooches because he knows how to position himself as the alpha dog, the leader of the pack.

    The worst thing an owner can do, he says, is to heap affection on a pet without balancing it with discipline and exercise. In the dog's eyes, that means the owner isn't a boss to be respected - and the result is a range of problems from disobedience to outright violence.

    So Millan doesn't think much of the controversial Ontario law aimed at eventually eliminating the pit bull from the province.

    "It's not fair," he says. "They're not going to defend themselves. They're not going to go to court and say, 'Look guys, it's not us. You guys don't walk us every day, you guys don't give us rules, limitations every day.' "

    While Rin Tin Tin and Lassie are always touted as dog heroes in the movies, what about Petey of The Little Rascals, he asks. The dog with the famous circle painted around his eye was a lovable pit bull in the old Our Gang movie shorts.

    Loving a dog is one thing, humanizing and pampering the animal is another, he maintains.
    "It's a selfish attitude because it's what the human wants, instead of really seeing the picture - what does the dog need?"

    And intelligence does not make a good pack leader/trainer, Millan says.

    "I have Harvard graduates for clients who can't control a chihuahua."

    In one rather scary scene from his show, Millan is seen stooping and placing his face right into a dish of dog food where a pit bull is eagerly eating. He even pokes the dog in the side of the face, but the animal respects the relationship and continues eating without snapping.
    In Los Angeles, there are many homeless men who have pit bulls, he says, but they're not on a leash and yet they never attack anyone or misbehave.

    "Homeless is homeless. He has no money. But he practises leadership behaviour. The dog doesn't see them as homeless. The dog sees them as pack leader."

    For the record, Millan has been doing his thing for 20 years and claims a 99 per cent success rate with his rehabilitation techniques. In that time, there have been only two "bad" dogs he was unable to return to society, he adds.

    Asked about his claim that he was born with his dog whisperer ability, Millan says he grew up on a ranch in Mexico where he learned animal communications skills from his grandfather.

    "It's the tendency to be with animals, to spend more time with animals," he says. "So it's an innate behaviour . . . You are born with that innate ability to connect and if somebody nurtures that you can become the dog whisperer."

    Yes, he has been bitten.

    "Of course," he says matter-of-factly. "It's like cowboys that get stomped by bulls. Any time you're working in the world of taming animals, you're going to get hurt. But it's a rush that we get."

    And his practice isn't without issues.

    Earlier this month, a TV producer in Los Angeles filed a lawsuit against him claiming his dog was injured at Millan's psychology centre. Another suit filed in April claimed copyright infringement for his use of the name Dog Whisperer.

    At the same time, Millan enjoys the admiration of such famous dog owners as Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith and Scarlett Johansson.

    By the way, Millan has six dogs of his own: two Italian greyhounds, two springer spaniels, one chihuahua and one Chinese crested.

    He's asked the inevitable dog lover's question: Why do we bond so strongly with a species that has a much shorter lifespan, pretty much guaranteeing a grieving experience as our pets grow older and die before us?

    "Birth, life, death is a cycle. And they're all beautiful, you celebrate all of them," he says about the pet owner's inevitable heartbreak.

    "Animals do grieve, but they move on. That's the lesson behind animals."

    http://drinahenry. blogspot. com/2009/ 03/dog-whisperer -says-pit- bull-ban- is-bad.html
  2. DieselDawg

    DieselDawg Good Dog

    "In the United States, in the '70s, they did the same thing to the Doberman. In the '80s they did it to the German shepherd, in the '90s they did it to the Rottweiler, and now they're doing it to the pit bull," he says.

    How soon people forget...if it is not one breed, it will be another.

    Loving a dog is one thing, humanizing and pampering the animal is another, he maintains.
    "It's a selfish attitude because it's what the human wants, instead of really seeing the picture - what does the dog need?"

    Dogs do exhibit some human attributes, but they need to be allowed to be DOGS.

    The worst thing an owner can do, he says, is to heap affection on a pet without balancing it with discipline and exercise. In the dog's eyes, that means the owner isn't a boss to be respected - and the result is a range of problems from disobedience to outright violence.

    Anytime you give everything for free, you get nothing in return.
  3. TannerZoe

    TannerZoe Little Dog

    I thought he had an APBT too named Daddy why didnt they mention that in the list of the dogs he owns?
  4. DieselDawg

    DieselDawg Good Dog

    The dogs at the "compound" are separate from the dogs at his residence.
  5. TannerZoe

    TannerZoe Little Dog

  6. DieselDawg

    DieselDawg Good Dog

    He got Daddy at 4 months old from a rapper named Redman. Redman decided he could not give the care Daddy needed and was referred to CM...CM kept him from that day forward. His new dog "Junior" is a bluenose that does live at home with CM and family.

  7. Jelet

    Jelet Banned

    Meh.. that was cool of him to say something regarding pit bulls i guess.. At least we have a celeb sticking up for the Pit Bulls. So maybe that will change some people's mind. Because if a Celeb thinks it is right, then it must be right. *rolls eyes*
    But in this case, Millan is right obviously.. Its the shitty mass breeding, breeders and unknowable owners.
  8. PitDogz

    PitDogz Puppy

    Hmmm, how quickly we forget that all dogs are dogs. Its just that pitbulls are an extremely balanced breed combining power and speed together, which poses a serious threat when they attack. However, even a chihuahua can cause serious damage. I'd wager a 5 lb. "teacup" chihuahua can tear the nose off a 7 year old child if it wanted to. You might as well just ban all dog breeds then.
  9. Jelet

    Jelet Banned

    I agree.

    If the goal of these legislators is to "prevent" bite attacks. Then they mind as well ban all dog breeds.

    Why? Because if their are no dogs left in this earth. How can someone get bit by a dog if their is no more??????

    Sounds crazy eh?

    but its crazy enough to work. no more kids getting bit by dogs :rolleyes:

    see the stupidity in this. Its a shame that alot of these government people are morons that just know how to talk and sh*t to get their jobs. it pisses me off. fucking idiots.
  10. LilTank

    LilTank Puppy

    Ceasars teachings exercize disapline and then offection is the main key to my success with my pit bulls. I also help with placing pit bulls through Loving haven pit bull rescue lets make a difference together
    Last edited by a moderator: May 3, 2009
  11. WhitePitBull#1

    WhitePitBull#1 Little Dog

    we need more people like CM,Rachel Ray,Jessica Biel,etc.to stick up for pit bulls because the anti APBT frenzy is getting ridiculous...
  12. TiggerToo

    TiggerToo Little Dog

    Actually he doesn't own daddy, the rapper redman does and he leaves it with ceasar whenever he is out of town, which appears to be quite a bit.
  13. righteous

    righteous Puppy

    this is from the cesar millan web site
    As Daddy ages, the Millans have had to pay close watch to his health and bring him on frequent veterinary check-ups. As Redman does not plan on returning to Los Angeles, he felt that arranging for Daddy’s return to him would be too complicated, due to the dog’s age. The rapper decided that the dog would be better off staying with Cesar and officially signed Daddy over to the Millan family!
  14. mandreweav

    mandreweav Good Dog

    I think that article is a few years old. Cesar rotates different dogs from his compound to sleep at his house. I think Cesar and Redman co-owned daddy for a while but now in his later years he basically is Cesar's dog.

    And as far as Cesar Millan goes....People might not agree with or like everything he says or does, and thats fine, neither do i. but the fact is that he has a tremendous talent that few can match. He has saved pitbulls, rotweillers, boxers, and other breeds doomed to euthanasia where it was said by many proffessional trainers, psychologists, and behaviorists that the dog has no hope. I guarantee that if anyone on this forum met the guy in person he could provide some useful tips and techniques that could be included in your and your dog's lives.

    If he didnt have some kind of special talent that actually works then he wouldnt have a television show, he wouldnt have loads of clients, and he wouldnt have best selling books. He has experience with loads of dogs that not many people share. If all of the haters know so much more and can accomplish the same things with their own methods then why dont they do it for a living and why hasnt anyone heard of them? Some people who refuse to watch him or pay him any mind might also find out that they have alot more in common with the guy than they think.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 3, 2009
  15. MichelleD

    MichelleD Big Dog

    I agree with you. Some of his techniques may be a bit questionable but it appears that they work. I think that if he was a sham National Geographic wouldn'at continue to run his show. NG is not a typical station due to the documentaries and things that are on there. They aren't like ABC or NBC etc. I also think you would hear way more bad stuff about him in the news and stuff if his techniques didn't work. JMO.
  16. TiggerToo

    TiggerToo Little Dog

    I think he does a good job with dogs and he has some guts cause he will handle dogs that most people would probably run from. I think he is considered more of a dog behaviorist than a dog trainer. Not sure.
  17. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    I would be happy if the general public would realize that they do a whole weeks worth of taping, and then trim it down to a 30 minute show.... I like him, but I just watch it for entertainment purposes, but I used to think he knew everything... that was until I saw him break up a dog fight by pulling the dogs apart by their hind legs. I like him, but I trust the info I get from here more. ;)
  18. Elliehanna

    Elliehanna GRCH Dog

    I know this post is a few months old...but I just wanted to say, I watch his show, I have probably seen EVERY episode, I have never seen HIM pull 2 dogs apart with there hind legs, I saw 2 PB owners pull there dogs apart that way, and him pull 2 apart by the scruff, wait till they released and pulled them apart, I use many of his teachings and with them Goren is happy and balanced, he listens, doesn't jump on me when I'm playing with him, yea I get a few scratches sometimes but gain control very fast, like 10th of a second and he is sitting or laying down, I do not think he knows everything but he sure knows a lot to watch out for when you are dealing with unfimilar dogs and such, I probably would have gotten bitten a few weeks ago if I didn't watch his show, a terrier...probably 20 pound adult, not sure what kind it was dark, well it charged me...I stood my ground, if I would have done anything else it probably would have bitten me or Goren and I really don't want any bad raps about PBs so yea it was very helpful with knowing behavior of strange dogs, keeping my pup focused during walks and tiring him out
  19. 502amandab

    502amandab Little Dog

  20. ganja

    ganja Good Dog

    well, I highly suggest you to NOT use his technique if one day your dog get into a fight ^^

    NEVER PULL A PITBULL AWAY FROM ANOTHER DOG IF HE LOCKS UP, it will only cause him to bite harder ^^

    get yourself a nice breaking stick, and you'll have a them seperated in a few seconds ^^

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