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Dog hiking/weight packs.

Discussion in 'Obedience & Sports' started by Abby&Fiona, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Abby&Fiona

    Abby&Fiona Little Dog

    We have been looking at packs for a while now but have been stuck on which to invest in. We will be taking her hiking and stuff and would like to use it this winter to get a little more out of our walks since her energy is endless! And just a heads up I do not plan on weighting it for a while, I want to get her used to is and slowly add weight as we are closer to a year old.

    I was hoping some of you could make some suggestions for hiking packs. THANKS!
    We are looking at RuffWear which we can get at one of our frequented specialty pet stores. Any others you might recommend? :-D I gotta put this girl to work!
  2. LilianaLove

    LilianaLove GRCH Dog

    This is the pack Lily has: Amazon.com: Mountainsmith Dog Pack: Sports Outdoors

    I like it a lot. It fits very well, and seems very balanced on her. It doesn't hang like a lot of other packs do, which I like. It looks better for her back sitting against her rib cage.

    A year ago:

    More recent:
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  3. Abby&Fiona

    Abby&Fiona Little Dog

    Thanks for the input! :) we ended up picking up an ezydog with the harness chest plate. We are going to give it a shot and if we are not pleased we can return it with no problems which is nice. It was regularly 75 on sale for 55. I read a few reviews for it and a few mastiff owners seemed to be pleased. I would still love ideas in case this doesn't please us. Thanks!!

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  4. monkeys23

    monkeys23 GRCH Dog

    A little late to the party, but I had a Ruffwear Palisades pack. My sled dog mutt wears a small in Ruffwear harnesses/packs. Their stuff is freaking awesome. I only sold it because of some $$ issues.
  5. brndnew01

    brndnew01 Little Dog

    I second the palisades pack.. its worth the extra $ and the detachable harness is cool
  6. ConMan

    ConMan <b><font color="green">Premium Member aka king_leo

    I third any of the ruffwear packs!
  7. Abby&Fiona

    Abby&Fiona Little Dog

    Haha thanks guys!!! I was actually thinking after trying this one a couple times I want to get and try a ruffwear to compare then decide. :) she does great with it on and walks very respectfully but so far it's hell to get on her. She runs from me! Lol

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  8. kamikaze

    kamikaze Good Dog

    KK is the opposite.. when she sees her pack.. she runs TOWARDS me.. like, 'lets go woman.' lol.

    I'd suggest letting her wear it empty for awhile.. I used to let kk roam the house with it on, empty. She'd go to sleep with it and everything.. lol. Tho, I've went thru 3 of time since I've had her..Shes chewed the snaps off of 2 of them... ;/

    That one that Lily is wearing looks awesome.. like she said, looks like it carries evenly. I might try that brand whenever I need a new one.
  9. Abby&Fiona

    Abby&Fiona Little Dog

    Fiona has only worn it 3 times so she has NOT made the connection yet what it means. The first time she just wore it around the house and out to potty quick. And we have gone on two walks with it. It was empty all of these times. Well... I did put a couple poop bags and her dried lung treats in there haha but they weigh NOTHING.... I just want her to make the connection that it means walk and that she is carrying her own things and doing me a favor. It will come- just not yet. She will LOVE it eventually. The harness she wore for walks for a while she hated for about a week.... then after a BUNCH of walks she started trying to help me put it on- TRIED! haha It will be fine. She just thinks it's the devil right now because there is no connection.
    Here is a shot of her wearing it around the house....
    I still plan on trying the ruffwear before deciding for sure. This one just seems so cumbersome. We shall see. She does fine with it on walks and actually seems to walk nicer with it on (still using her flat collar for walks, not the harness hoop) [​IMG]
  10. alaskapit

    alaskapit Little Dog

    i have the mountainsmith pack. i weight it with just a few soup cans and small nalgene bottles of water. as we hike, and she drinks the water it gets lighter.
  11. Kahne

    Kahne Good Dog

    I have the Approach Pack by Ruff Wear and love it it has held up so nice and for its size it fits a lot. Kahne wears a small
    lake 41.jpg
  12. Abby&Fiona

    Abby&Fiona Little Dog

    Today I decided to take Fiona for a hike in the snow. We have a trail close by so it was easy to walk there. I said, "Fiona, wanna go for a walk?" went to the closet (where we keep the food, her extra bones and toys and walking stuff) and got out her pack and put it right on with NO fight at all. I was very pleased!!! I dunno if I am happy with this pack though. I think I will end up returning it and ordering the ruffwear. How big is Kahne? Fiona has quite the chest, even at 11 months. I will check into the sizes of the ruffwear packs and see which I think will work best. Here is a shot from today's hike. :-D Her pack only had a bag of treats and her poop bags in it. Just getting her used to wearing it for now. :-D I just think it's so cumbersome. Hopefully no trouble returning it... I will probably go with the approach- hoping for green. ;)

    ---------- Post added at 02:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:58 PM ----------

    I measured her chest.... it is roughly 31-32 ish inches... so she fits a medium. Should I expect that her chest will stay close to that size? The Medium only goes up to 36 inches. And the Large starts at 32inch. Silly girl!!
  13. Kahne

    Kahne Good Dog

    Kahne is 55 pounds but kahne is ALL muscle. Hes really not a big dog I would have to say if he wasnt all muscle he would weigh something like 40 pounds.
  14. Abby&Fiona

    Abby&Fiona Little Dog

    He does look in great shape. Fiona has muscles under there too.... But not luxe that just yet. Fiona is sitting at 80# roughly right now. Still carrying a little puppy chub but not much. She is 25"tall ish. Not small but no huge. The mystery mix definitely. I am thinking a medium should be fine, if not. Rei returns anything haha. :)

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