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dog food

Discussion in 'American Bully Health' started by heeter1075, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. heeter1075

    heeter1075 Little Dog

    I am feeding my pitbull pup Nutru natural choice for large breed pups - growth control.Should I be using this growth control food?
  2. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 Stealth ninja

  3. Hey there bahamutt, it's MADBood from gopitbull!! Yeah, avoid Nutro. It is hard on their stomachs. We even tried Nutro Ultra..the best they have to offer and still had problems.
  4. jeoestreich

    jeoestreich GRCH Dog

    I have read that Nutro was having some problems lately. I use to feed my dogs Nutro but suddenly all of the refused to eat it so I switched to Nature's Variety. I would do some research and buy a food that is with in your budget.
  5. Team Peanut

    Team Peanut GRCH Dog

    there was a thread don this forum that talked about nutro having problems a few months back. I was giving natural choices large breed to my puppy but i stopped because he was getting sick and would not eat it on his own he would leave it sit in his bowl all day long. He also pooed alot on nutro now since i switched its 2 times a day and thats it. after reading the thread about nutro covering up the food problem i no longer trust them.

    this is the thread about the nurto posioning cover up
  6. MyShelby

    MyShelby Puppy

    Natural Balance Duck and Potatoes she loves it.
  7. jacruz2

    jacruz2 Puppy

    We give our puppy California natural chicken and rice dry dog food and she loves it.
  8. Alma

    Alma GRCH Dog

  9. Taste of the Wild...
  10. Cali Nat. or any of the innova products are good.
  11. Blue" dog food is the best..wilderness edition:chicken..has almost 40 grams of proetein a serving..good stuff...
  12. Eva

    Eva Puppy

    we feed taste of the wild high prarie and merrick before grain mixed together

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