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Documents for sale

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Mallard, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. Mallard

    Mallard Puppy

    I have decided to part with some old dog related memorabilia that I have been holding on to since the 80's.
    Due to the fact that I'm not involved with dogs like I once was, this stuff would be better off with someone who would honor the historical value.

    First is a series of letters from Jake Wilder.
    I first had contact with Jake when I began to do research on the Clouse bloodline.
    Jake new Bert Clouse and helped me with some pedigree research, as well as sharing his stories about Bert and his dogs. Jake and I also had long conversations about his OFRN dogs.
    Jake could not write very well and typed almost all of his correspondence.
    Included in this pack of letters is a hand-written four generation pedigree Wilder's Buckwheat, who contained a lot of Clouse blood. Extremely rare. Also included is a six generation pedigree that Jake loaned me for studying purposes but Jake died before I could return it (I still feel bad about that 30 years later).
    The correspondence are on Jake's letterhead and signed by his hand.
    Original envelopes are included.

    In all, this will make for a great addition to an OFRN fan or student of the breed.

    Next are three binders, containing editions of The Dog Fancier from 1905 to 1923 (no gaps).
    The dog fancier was the main publication for dogmen in the early part of the 1900's.
    The Dog Fancier carried info on many breeds, so the binders only carry the sections related to the American Pit Bull Terrier. The cover of each edition is included.
    Interviews, articles, advertisements of breeders and pictures tell the story how our breed developed.
    I found this information particularly helpful when I was studying the Hemphill bloodline and learned the true origins of that lineage through studying the evolution of the Lightner strain.
    More than that, you will learn about where the other popular lines evolved from (Tudor, Corvino, etc).
    It's all here.
    The binders are big and heavy. [/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]Lastly, I have a collection of letters and stories, written by Don Mayfield.
    This hand-written correspondence was authored by Don between 1982 and 1983 and mailed to the original owner of the AADR.
    These documents have been in my possession since 1986.
    There are a total of 9 different letters or stories. Some of the documents are original and some are reproduced from the originals.

    These letters are unedited and in Don's own writing.
    His unique spelling and grammar usage are from his own hand and reading these treasures give you the feeling that Don was reciting the content directly (at least it did for me).

    Some of these letters were transcribed (and censored) for the AADR magazine of the era so the stories may have spelling and grammar corrections listed.

    These documents are accounts of Don's experiences during the 70's, as well as his relationships with prominent figures. Mr. Mayfield's insights to the subject matter are his perspectives and full of personal anecdotes and commentary.
    Whether It was In a complimentary fashion or being critical, he was not shy about naming individuals or organizations so don't read if you are sensitive or have an attachment to someone he opposed.

    If you are a Mayfield fan or a historian in general, these letters and stories may prove invaluable to your collection.

    Documents are on legal sized paper and some have been sealed In plastic since 1986. Descriptions are as follows:

    An original one page letter, with envelope postmarked 12/30/82.

    An original seven page letter with envelope (and one copy), dated 06/25/82.

    An original six page letter with envelope (and one copy), postmarked 09/22/83.

    An original five page letter (and one copy) with envelope, dated 10/18/82.

    Two copies of a ten page letter, dated 11/29/82.

    Two copies of a two page letter dated 12/01/83.

    Three copies of the story called, "Beasts of the World". Six pages long. Written near the end of 1983.

    Two copies of the story called, "Texas in the 1970's from the top of Lookout Mountain. 15 pages long. Date unknown.

    [FONT=&amp]Two copies of the story called, "The Oklahoma Kid". I was told this served as the manuscript (unedited) for the same story that appears In Don Mayfield's book, "American Gameness and Heritage, Vol 1, Rednecks".

    An original volume of Rednecks is also included (only 500 numbered copies were produced).[/FONT]

    Make an offer on any set or all.
    Contact via email.
    [FONT=&amp]Scratchline54@aol.com Jake Wilder.jpg Binders.jpg Open binder 1.jpg Open binder 2.jpg Mayfield.jpg [/FONT]
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 4, 2014

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