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Dock Diving South Central Reg Championship - can I?

Discussion in 'Obedience & Sports' started by Beatrix Kiddo, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. Beatrix Kiddo

    Beatrix Kiddo Good Dog

    Next weekend is a dock diving event here in town. Bea has never been to any dock or tried anything like this. But, she is a strong swimmer and i think it would be cool to check it out. What my question is for you season dock divers, I notice dogs must be titled to compete. Would there be an opportunity for us to participate in any way, shape, or form? Even maybe just during practice? Or is this something for only titled dogs and i'll just have the opportunity to watch? Thanks in advance

    South Central Reg Championship - DockDogs Inc.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2014
  2. Beret

    Beret Bullyflop

    Unfortunately, no. Not this one. But definitely go watch and ask questions.

    My friend from MN will be travelling down there to jump her BC. Be sure to say hi :)

    However, there is a NADD event Oct 4-5 in San Marcos and you'd be able to jump in that one. Bonus, if B has an AKC Canine Partners #, you can earn legs/titles.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2014
  3. Beatrix Kiddo

    Beatrix Kiddo Good Dog

    yea bummer we won't be able to give it a try, but I am definitely going to go! I'll post pics for sure, which dog is hers? I'll try and get some good pics you can pass along to her.
  4. Beatrix Kiddo

    Beatrix Kiddo Good Dog

    I called and it looks like Friday night we will be able to try this. I'm very excited and i'll bring someone with me to get pics! Wish us luck
  5. Team Peanut

    Team Peanut GRCH Dog

    Go Bea! So excited for you guys!
  6. pampam22

    pampam22 Good Dog

    How did it go Beatrix? I saw something about this event online and thought about you and Bea.
  7. Beatrix Kiddo

    Beatrix Kiddo Good Dog

    It was a ton of fun! We attempted it on Saturday and Sunday. She wouldn't jump in either days. But, that's ok. The exposure to so many people and other dogs was great socialization for her, i was very proud of her all weekend. I got some great info about a place to take her we can rent the dock and practice, they also offer a training program if we wish to further explore. I was shocked at the numbers of responsible owners i saw and encountered, i didn't see a single incident between any dogs. There were a few overweight dogs i saw, but for the most part, it was a really great crowd. Here are a few pics.



    We tried just letting her go in from the ramp

  8. Beatrix Kiddo

    Beatrix Kiddo Good Dog

    If you are interested, Meadowlake Pet Resort was where i was referred, it is located in Pearland.
  9. pampam22

    pampam22 Good Dog

    Glad y'all had a good time. I'll definitely look into. I'm not even sure if my dogs like the water! Lol

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