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do you think that pitbulls are better with kids then any other dog

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by dukecapone, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. dukecapone

    dukecapone Puppy

    some look at the pits as monsters when they are gentle giants someone snatched there kid away from my zeus. then some other kids came and pet him and the ladi looked at them crazy but she let her child pet a germen shepard and he was aggresive toward them hmmmm
  2. Flatbedder

    Flatbedder Good Dog

    How old are you? They are good with kids generally but every dog is different
  3. dukecapone

    dukecapone Puppy

    im twenty but i have alot of neices and nephews who love pits but when we r out in open people see them playin wit my puppy and comes up to me talkin all sorts of crap about thats nt safe and shit smhh
  4. Athena'smom

    Athena'smom Little Dog

    Every dog is different and NO DOG should ever be left alone with a child. My personal experience, my pit mix and my Am Bully are amazing with children. I have many neices and nephews (Eight to be exact:eek::lol:) and they are all best buds. typically I feel these do make good dogs for people with kids however kids need taught the right way to treat a dog and the dog needs to be supervised at all times when around kids.
  5. alex123

    alex123 Big Dog

    once again an irresponsible dog owner!!!
  6. dukecapone

    dukecapone Puppy

    i understand and crazy part is my sister has a boxer and he was about to attack one of the kids and my pit puppy like actually protected her it wasnt funny but i mean the boxer like 1 and my puppy like 15 weeks old nd i think they r too

    ---------- Post added at 12:33 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:29 AM ----------

    who me no i have neva left a dog alone with anychild nor have a walked my dogs with out a leash or un crated while gone... if im not around my oldest pit in in a crate in my room wit door locked or set out side nd if u concider 16 17 18 year olds kids those r the only tpe i leave them alone with my youngest nieces nd nephews im always there. i grew up wit pits and rotts and know how to handle and look after them im in school for vet tech and i work at a animal rescue plus i have breeders vets and spca officers in my fam i was taught very well by the way im a female my name is duke capone on here cuz those r my two oldest pitbulls
  7. destinoscelgo

    destinoscelgo Good Dog

    Alex.I think you're a bit obsessed haha =)
  8. Joey&Zoey

    Joey&Zoey Good Dog

    What you and others should take into a great amount of consideration and precaution is that each dog varies no matter the breed. Nobody will know your dog better than you will, I would just highly advise that you monitor how well your dog takes to children but never leave the two alone period. I think what is also highly important here is to teach children how to correctly approach a dog and how to pet them and how not grab, kick, etc.

    With all the heavy said, I do see most pitbulls as awesome family dogs. My own pitbull girl is not necessarily HA but she can be protective of me she is especially not fond of strangers. She is fine with my entire family however and some of my cousins are much younger but they're not fond of her haha :p
  9. alex123

    alex123 Big Dog

    u all was talkin about leaving kids alone with dogs thats the first thing that came to my head
  10. dukecapone

    dukecapone Puppy

    lol thats funny but on other hand true my next dorr neighbor got bit by a lab soooo its like expect that from all breeds all have sum type of aggression in them
  11. destinoscelgo

    destinoscelgo Good Dog

    Heyy who's we pal lol I think he meant just best with kids in general not to babysit (even though the staffordshire bull terrier is nicknamed the nanny dog lol) probably meaning temperment wise you know?
  12. dukecapone

    dukecapone Puppy

    lol no we wasnt it was on Dont leave them alone wit kids but at same time they are good family dogs i wouldnt even leave a golden retrever around sum kids i dnt even leave my dogs around my mama for the dog sake not my mama lol

    ---------- Post added at 01:02 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:00 AM ----------

  13. alex123

    alex123 Big Dog

    got ya lol:lol:
  14. Dezzi

    Dezzi Big Dog

    I do think apbts & bully breeds are great to have around kids, I have never had 1 issue with any of my dogs around kids. (Other than the wagging tail smackin like a whip)
    Hell, my dog Adores kids, To him they are fun little people who play and hug him. He even likes the little ones! Do I leave them alone? No I don't. ever.
    I know my dog, but I am not stupid enough to take that risk.

    Plus, I want to make sure the Kids are not gonna be pokin him in the eyes and whatnot.
    1 kid pulled his ears pretty good & I stopped him right away, my dog did what he should - nothing.
    That kid knows now that won't happen again. I wish all parents taught their kids how to behave around animals.
  15. dukecapone

    dukecapone Puppy

    im just sayin mama dnt play games u ever see a dog on punishment lol she had them sittin in corners plenty of times

    ---------- Post added at 01:11 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:09 AM ----------

    my boy thinks people is his pillow if u sittin on floor he lays on ya lap and goes sleep i watch my pit and my nephews take naps he gets under the cover wit them
  16. skippy

    skippy Big Dog

    Staffordshire Bull Terrier all the way when it comes to kids. Apbt... they are ok, but I have never found them to be quite as good with kids. Still better than many other breeds though.
  17. luckilylovinlyfe

    luckilylovinlyfe Good Dog

    While I do think they are good around kids, young and old. (If the dog and kids are properly trained) I do think there are breeds out there who are better. My girl Eagle was raised with my nephew. I now teach my now 2 year old nephew how to train the dog.
    People are going to judge the dog no matter what. Those outside can't tell your dog is good with kids. When I'm outside with my nephew and I see another dog I move him to the other side. Everyone doesn't know every dog. Just like when I'm out with my dogs and I see another kid I move the dog to the other side to give the child/parent a sense of comfort.
    I never leave a kid alone with a dog. Even if my nephews sitting there playing with the dog I leave either the kid or the dogs stepping out the room with me. I trust my dog yea but I know accidents can happen and ill never put any kid in a situation that it can happen.
  18. CelticKarma

    CelticKarma Good Dog

    All dogs have teeth all dogs can bite. Parent who yank their kids away are just being smart and teaching their children you should not pet a strange dog. None of my dogs would ever bite a child, but they have never really been around children, if a child wanted to pet one of my dogs then first ask parents permission then have the dog go to sit/stay. Keep it short and sweet and move on, but then again it is not like I am running around all over town, pet smart or dog parks with my dogs
  19. SBTlove

    SBTlove Good Dog

    You can't really judge a breed as a whole on this issue. I mean any breed. Its just not fair to the breed. Granted some breeds have the tendancy to as a whole be better with kids than others. You really have to look at the individual dog. In my honest opinion I think any dog is capable of being good with kids under the right circumstances,
  20. camerina

    camerina Puppy

    :mad: I get that alot too. those people really bother me!!!! lol
    Alot of people might not say anything but they give you a nasty look.:eek:

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