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Do pitbull puppies do well in pairs?

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by LilasMommy85, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. brindlexpitt

    brindlexpitt Derpidoo

    lmao. knew someone with a chi, chi had his own thing to screw.. dog loved it.
  2. cliffdog

    cliffdog Good Dog

    LOL I've seen those things on the internet, I didn't know anyone ever actually bought them.
  3. brindlexpitt

    brindlexpitt Derpidoo

    well now ya know LOL. kind of weird sitting in a livingroom and the dog is humping his doll across the room.. but it makes for a good topic lol
  4. monkeys23

    monkeys23 GRCH Dog

  5. omgrobyn

    omgrobyn GRCH Dog

    I suggest not getting another puppy, it already sounds like you have your hands full.

    FWIW, I have 2 female dogs, an APBT and a Saint Bernard, they're about 2 months apart in age. I got my APBT while I was waiting for my Saint's litter to be ready to come home (puppy fever is a hell of a thing:lol:). As my APBT (Lucy) has gotten older (she'll be 3 in August), she's gotten very dog selective, and actually my Saint Bernard (Ethel) is a good bit more selective/dog aggressive than Lucy. I'm just lucky Ethel has virtually no drive whatsoever or I'd be in trouble. They get along well, but are never left alone unattended, and I know it wouldn't take much for things to change between them, especially now that they're both about to hit the big 3.

    There's no bigger pain in the ass than raising 2 puppies.:lol: I swear if I didn't dye my hair I'd have gone grey by now.

    Odds are your dog will become DA to some extent, so you'd want to prepare early on for that, especially with 2 dogs, even more so since you have children in the house (dog fights always happen at the worst possible time it seems, and with kids around, well I can imagine it'd be terrifying if a fight broke out while they're around or have friends over).

    If you are dead set on getting another dog, I hope you get the dog for YOU, and not for your current dog. As was said before, pit bulls don't need dog friends, and it's NOT all in how you raise them (when I got my girls I worked at a dog daycare, and I used to take them to work with me to interact with dogs I approved of. Lucy started turning on around 10 months old, and Ethel started getting real particular about other dogs at that time too, so regardless of how much you train and surround them with other dogs, nature and genetics will still over power all that). There are plenty of ways to keep your dog happy and busy on this forum without adding another dog to the mix.
  6. APBT Courage at its Best

    APBT Courage at its Best Little Dog Premium Member

    To be the devil’s advocate, I have to ask, how long do youleave your dog alone that your dog gets lonely? If you have small children and a seven month old puppy I don’t see howyou’ll be able to afford the time for a second puppy. Are you training, socializing and exercising atleast one hour every day, your present puppy? Your goal is to make her a well-trained andsocialized APBT that is an ambassador for its breed. Those are three key elementsto keeping a puppy/dog especially an APBT happy. They do not want companionship from anotherdog they want it from their human owner.

    Don't get me wrong, I am a multi-dog, multi-breed household. But I have no small children. It is a lot of work with the breeds I own.

    ---------- Post added at 11:21 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:11 AM ----------

    Lmao! at the living room comment! Wow I didn't know people really bought those dolls! I think they come with their own ky jelly too! lol

    ---------- Post added at 11:24 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:21 AM ----------

    Did I duplicate my post or should I just edit to add?
  7. simms

    simms Good Dog

    Turn the tv or radio on for her.
  8. LilasMommy85

    LilasMommy85 Puppy

    I appreciate all the feed back, we have decided to NOT get another dog. I definatly do have alot on my plate and I dont want to jepordize someone or an animal being harmed in anyway. We also talked to the vet and she suggested putting her in a daycare while we r at work during the day, the vet also said she could be going through separation anxiety and thats y she barks the whole time we are gone and she will get sick, sometimes she has gone without eating during the day till we got home. But when we r home from work she is with us 24/7 and goes every where with us. But I definatly appreciate the advice.
  9. Gatorpit

    Gatorpit Good Dog

    daycare is a bad idea for ANY dog, especially a bully and/or terrier breed. Even if your dog is super dog friendly (now) if one of the other dogs screws with her, she may end up hating other dogs for the rest of her life. And unfortunately, not all the folks at those daycare facilities understand dog body language ans social interactions, and often allow bad behaviours because they simply do not understand what's really going on. This is how fights occur. If your dog is involved in a negative situation with other dogs...even if the other dog started it and not her...it could cause her to become completely hateful of all other dogs, or at the very least cause her to "turn on" earlier or more profoundly than she may have on her own.
  10. omgrobyn

    omgrobyn GRCH Dog

    As a former dog daycare worker, I'd definitely advise against doggie daycare. We had some real morons work at that place, not to mention we allowed bully breeds, and my boss liked to throw her DA and HA pit bull mix into a daycare room and take off without telling us. It's also where my 2 female dogs turned on (and I didn't even think at the time a Saint Bernard could "turn on"). I broke up more fights than I could count there. We also had an employee who needed the tip of his finger reattached after being redirected on in a dog fight, a Yorkie who basically got chomped right around the ribs by an older dog (who was very sneaky about it, one second the dog was on one side of the room, the Yorkie was on the other, the next the dog was back where he was and the Yorkie was on the floor bleeding from the mouth), a few outbreaks of kennel cough and viral pneumonia, a few dogs who slipped their collars during their walks and almost got killed by on coming traffic.

    If you're very worried about your dog while you're gone, maybe ask around about a reliable capable dog walker (your local pit bull rescue or shelter might be able to point you in the right direction), or if you own your home and have a little extra cash, a chain spot and a kennel. We also have a sticky in the Training section on SA.
  11. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    I always advise people against getting a dog for their dog, because 1) they can't be left alone together, and 2) bully breeds tend to be human dogs, not dog dogs, so, they get jealous of the other getting attention...Now, if you want another dog for yourself, then I suggest asking yourself two main questions, 1) Am I willing to keep my dogs separated when I am not around to supervise, and 2) If they end up getting into a fight in the future, am I willing to keep them separated from then on out (crate/rotate or chain set-ups)? If you answered yes to both, keep considering it. If you answered no to one or both, then stick with an one dog household.
  12. Sweetie Darlin'

    Sweetie Darlin' Good Dog

    Glad you decided to stick with one. I had a pup just slightly younger than yours, 6 mo, and then we brought in an older female rescue. Thankfully, they get along really well but we narrowly escaped an ugly situation. It's a LOT of EFFORT keeping a happy home with two (mine are female). Constant supervision, never allowing them to be together unsupervised, etc. You've saved yourself a routine/ordeal and peace of mind by sticking with one. One is awesome and you'll be able to enjoy your dog to the fullest without worries of fights over toys or bones, etc. ALL DOGS FIGHT but it can be particularly bad with this breed and not something everyone can keep under control and manage. It'a a real pita having more than one for so many reasons. I love both of ours dearly but will never have two again. It's very restricting! You can't trust ANYONE to take care for one let alone two or more when you go on vacation, family matters, etc.

    I'd avoid doggy daycare if I were you because if ever something happens--your dog will get the blame no matter. Try providing her more exercise and she won't be bored or lonely--she'll be tired and content.
  13. rguerra

    rguerra Big Dog

    I'm glad you have opted not to get your dog a friend. As for her separation anxiety, exercise helps a lot. Have you heard the saying ' a tired bulldog is a happy bulldog?'. Well it is true. If you provide your dog ample exercise then he wont sit down and cry while you leave him home alone. Get him a flirt pole, a mill(treadmill or slatmill) and a spring pole when the dog gets older. Give the dog ample exercise and you will see a great difference. When you do this you will also understand another reason why not everyone is suited for a multi-dog home. It takes a lot of time to meet these dogs physical needs.

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