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Do all Pitbulls have a spot on the roof of their mouth?

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by FawnaBlue, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. FawnaBlue

    FawnaBlue Puppy

    Someone recently asked me whether or not it was true that any dog with at least a little bit of Pitbull in them has a spot on the roof of their mouth. While I never heard this before, I noticed Alice had this spot when she was a puppy (of course its still there) so it made me curious. I tried to do research online but I couldn't come up with anything worth believing one way or the other. I know black tongues are a characteristic of Chows...anyone know about this?
  2. SineadsMom

    SineadsMom Big Dog

    Well, I'd say it's pretty accurate to say that's a total myth. My Border Collie has spots on the roof of his mouth. Definitely no pit bull in him.
  3. hogar

    hogar Good Dog

    I believe it is a myth also
  4. LilianaLove

    LilianaLove GRCH Dog

    Nope. Lily does, but all the skin on her body is spotted, including her mouth.
    I took a picture, but I can't find the usb cord, so whenever I find it I'll upload it lol.
  5. crazymikie

    crazymikie Big Dog

    My friend has a german shepherd with a spotted tongue...does that count? :)
  6. Bubblz Calhoun

    Bubblz Calhoun Good Dog

    Where do people come up with this bs and then continue to pass it around like its common knowledge. :( This reminds me of Last Chance Highway or what ever that AP show is called. They were picking up a rott mix from a mechanic and the guy knew it was a rott mix but he wasn't sure with what. The chic looks at the dog and said it was a rott, lab mix. When he asked how do you know that, she said because it has webbed feet. :no2: Followed with only labs have webbed feet.

    Then this week at work I heard a client say there are only 3 breeds that have webbed feet. Idk what the rest of the convo was about but I caught that and I couldn't believe it. I looked at'em and said your kidding right? But no, they were dead serious. Couldn't name the 3 breeds but they knew there were only 3, lab and something else.:( Wow!

    To the Op there are plenty of dogs of different breeds with spots inside their mouth. In no way does that mean they're pit bull mixes. It would be different if they said a black or blue tongue but even then those aren't pit bulls.


    RAZOR EDGE GIRL Little Dog

  8. Harleys Momma

    Harleys Momma Good Dog

    my old akc dalmatian had spots on the roof of her mouth along with below her tongue definitely not a pit bull lol so i to say its a myth
  9. MsAcer

    MsAcer Good Dog

    My Grandpa said in his day if a dog had mouth spots people said it was mixed with a Wolf! :lol:
  10. SineadsMom

    SineadsMom Big Dog

    Does acting like a wolf count?
  11. Straw

    Straw Puppy

    This is absolutely true. Along with the well-known fact that every brindle dog is part pit bull.

    Obviously it's BS. Mouth spots are just variances in pigmentation. Like freckles or birthmarks. Our purebred poodle has spots on her palette as well as on her tongue. I've seen dozens of dogs with various lineages with tongue spots or other spots in their mouth.
  12. MsAcer

    MsAcer Good Dog

    I used to have a list of all breeds that could be Brindle posted on my petfinder site.
    Most people don't have a clue.
  13. SouthernThistle

    SouthernThistle Good Dog

    Grimm has black on his tongue as well. He is definitely not mixed with Chow Chow. Any breed of dog can have black spots on its tongue or roof of its mouth. It's kind of like a birthmark.
  14. FawnaBlue

    FawnaBlue Puppy

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I didn't mean to offend anyone, it was just a question and I have never told someone that this was true, I just heard it and was curious. I don't think every dog with a spot on the roof of its mouth is a pit bull that would be silly I just was asking if all pits had this spot...a friend asked me and I wanted to find out the truth behind it. I just thought it was ironic that my Pit Bull and my Mom's pit mix both have this spot...my dog isn't spotted at all. The birth mark comment makes sense though, I guess it's just a coincidence.:o

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