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Dirty Dirty Dog's

Cosmic Charlie

Good Dog
After a few hours of chasing me on the quad Molly and Shaka were just about ready to pass out. But, they were covered in mud and looked so content and cute. So I thought to snap a few pictures of them. Since we moved to our new house and I purchased a new quad, Shaka and Molly can't get enough of it. Their favorite activity this winter has been running around acres trying to catch me.
I gotta say it's getting Molly into really good shape, now that shes over a year and a half she's starting to get very fit. How do you guys think she's looking these days? Comments are welcome.
Also placed an order for two weight pulling harnesses to start training the girls. http://www.pitbull-chat.com/images/smilies/dance2.gif

Enjoy the weekend everyone and I will update with the other pictures later!




















Cosmic Charlie

Good Dog
Looks like a good time!!!! They do look content!
Yeah, since we bought the house in October they have been the happiest dogs. They absolutely love the quad and chasing away big animals :lol:
Dirty dogs are dirty LOL ... Nice :)
Yeah they definitely got a bath before ruining the furniture!
sweet pictures i wish i had acres and quads im jealous
Thanks, yeah I always wanted lots of land and quads. But, it was a little bit difficult to do that in Southern California so I moved North!
Very pretty dirty little dogs.
Definiately dirty!
Great pictures!
Bo loves the quad too lol
Is he good around it? At first Molly tried attacking the wheels lol but, after a simple correction she stopped.


Little Dog
Yeah I never had any problems with him around it. He is always to focused on pulling lol.

Cosmic Charlie

Good Dog
Yeah I never had any problems with him around it. He is always to focused on pulling lol.
Haha yeah, it only took one correction to get Molly to stop. I think she thought it was attacking me or something. But, it's here favorite thing to do. She foams at the mouth at the sound of it starting up!

great pictures!!! i love how the mudd is sprinkled all over there faces-like freckles or somthing too cute!
Yeah, i loved how the mud dried on their faces! Luckily it was very easy to clean with their coats lol.

Is Molly the shorter one? They're both gorgeous, but she really catches my eye!
Molly is the older one around 18-19 months (taller) and Shaka is the 7 month old and shorter one.

both look adorable and like they had a good ol time
Thanks, they certainly did. Will have to get a video up one of these days. Maybe today as we have some great weather.

They look SO happy. And I'm way jealous of your property... I want acres!
:grin: Having a property with acreage was always a dream of mine. But, it happened much sooner than I ever expected. The dogs enjoy it more than me though. lmao