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Degrees of exposure.. deciding safe places to take your "bulldog"

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by Mollie's Nana, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. AlexMckony

    AlexMckony Puppy

    bulldog is my most valuanblerti pet, i love it..
  2. Fmax

    Fmax Puppy

    ***One of the most important things to remember is that no matter what you and your dog do right...in a public place it is sometimes what others do wrong!***

    Your absolutely right. The other day we took our daughter to the playground and its a short hike so we bring the pup with us. Of course we keep layla on a leash just in case she sees something and wants to dart you know puppy stuff, Anyway a guy was coming up the trail with a very large German Shepard that is dog aggressive and he darted right for us so i pick up the pup and get my daughter behind us and the dog jumped up trying to bite at Layla. Luckily I was able to keep pushing him away until the owner caught up and got control of him. this guy was nasty he started punching the dog while he had it pinned down. Might have something to do with why hes so aggressive. I like the idea of carrying deterrent with us thanks for that it could really come in handy if things get out of hand
  3. jmsheahan

    jmsheahan Little Dog

    I only do backyard and neighborhood walks. Mainly due to the fact that I am in complete control in both situations.
  4. Apex_Kia

    Apex_Kia Puppy

    Lol I like how you rated each area. I stopped going to dog parks even though i would run my dog and wear her out before going. She tends to be a little loud when she plays and most owners thought she was attacking or mauling their dog. They would give me the death stare and even though some of the owners dogs were larger than her they'd take their dogs and shield them from her. Now we just do the off road trails and bike tow 2 -3 miles around my neighborhood. Even though i am familiar with all the areas i run my dogs i always expect the unexpected cause one mistake my fault or not, I feel my dog will always be "the bad dog" because of her appearance and her breed.
  5. Kamdon

    Kamdon GRCH Dog

    Re: Degrees of exposure.. deciding safe places to take your "bulldog"

    This is about the extent of my exposure too. BUT Krayon will be starting therapy/service training very soon. So he actually gets more training and exposure then the rest of my dogs. But having a back up plan for those stupid people that can't control their pets is always a wise idea. Pepper spray, cattle prod, or stick. But at least have something to protect your dog
  6. HatterKat

    HatterKat Puppy

    There are some dog parks on the edge of the city, the one by the airport is about 3 acres, maybe more, complete with agility course and a little creek/brook that runs through it I bring my dogs there since it is so far I have never seen anyone out there except for the people that I tell about it. It's a great place to play fetch with a chuckit ball or with a few friends to attempt to play baseball where the dogs get most of the balls and never return them. I also take them hiking, but the trails I take are usually so hard/unmarked and I've never seen anyone else, plus seeing the dogs trying to run up boulders and then not know how to get down can be funny and tiresome, always have extra rope for makeshift harness and pulley. But it's always fun and they sleep like the dead afterwards.
  7. Diva'sMomma

    Diva'sMomma Puppy

    Great Post!
    We have a "Dog Park" and so far I don't feel comfortable enough to take Diva. So far my neighbor who has 2 GSD's takes hers there, and says if you go durring the week that no one is there, but I just don't feel comfortable with it yet. I have noticed that Diva pays little to no attension to the 2 GSD's even though all they do is bark at her when she is in the yard. So, we just play in the yard, and she seems happy with that. Went to PetSmart today, but she stayed in the truck, and the manager came out to meet her, and she was a little lady, I was very proud of her.
  8. chuck2013

    chuck2013 Puppy

    Hi, totally agree with your Degrees of Exposure. I took Tiger, Pit-Greyhound mix, to a dog park a couple of times and will not do it again. People and some dogs just too friendly for there own good. thanks
  9. ChocoJax

    ChocoJax Little Dog

    I agree with all.. very well put. Both of you!
  10. apbtmomma

    apbtmomma Puppy

    I take Chloe everywhere with me, but then again, she is my service dog. So far we've not had any trouble with DA but I know it could happen. This is myself and the evil Chloe. picture042.jpg
  11. RugerMama

    RugerMama Puppy

    why even get a dog if it has to be an "outside dog" - how careless and selfish could you be? they're not even great guard dogs so I really hope that was not your intention - you're a piece of crap; your parents should've raised you/left you outside in a "pin"
    Nataliya82 likes this.
  12. RugerMama

    RugerMama Puppy

    hopefully you no longer have this dog.
  13. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    Wow. I don't even know who you're talking to but you are completely out of line.
  14. rjs59

    rjs59 Puppy

    I purposely get up at 5 and get her to do a quick walk outside on a leash on my zero lot line home for her to relieve herself and then we come in and eat wait an hour and half and its off to a remote area that is county owned and doesnt officially open until 730 am. I bring binoculars due to morons who do come and the dogs are off leash and of course their pit mixes so at 800 yrds away I spy them and we have an escape route down and even though Im grateful for it, its knarly and thick,full of briars,poisonous spiders,a bit swampy but it beats getting my dog and who knows maybe myself as well from being mauled. I just wish I could move out of this state,south FL is filled with a mix of the dumbest 3rd world A$$HOLES who are clueless and if the need arises these types will eat their dogs, yeah I know you think WTF,I was a paid professional FF and went to a call where the a$$hole had cut his femoral artery with a circular saw, but even though he was bleeding out he was so paranoid about us going near the garage......when we did there was a pile of mutilated dogs cut and being butchered and p ready for the freezer. Say good bye to him, back to Haiti ,where he will continue his ghoulish mode of survival. I need to go into the Great Smokies and leave civilization behind and come out periodically to get supply's and live my life in privacy away from the masses.Sad but for the most part there are too many dumb people out there and more and more are owning bully breeds that shouldnt even own a pet rock!!!
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 27, 2014
  15. 85 Blue

    85 Blue Puppy

    Dog parks are probably not the best place for Pits. I used to take my prior rednose and there were some tiffs out there. I think we as owners all mean well but it just takes that one split moment and both you and your dog could be in a world of hurt. I have been an owner of this breed for 12 years now and both of the pits that I had/have show a bit of aggression at these types of parks. Now, what HAS worked for me has been The Trip to Petsmart which is great for the dog in my view; he gets to smell and be around some of the other dogs plus he gets the exposure to other people. Part of my job as well is showing people that these dogs are well behaved as well. The best thing however that I have done is let the dog go leashless at a school that I happen to live across the street from. Its gated well and so let Lil Boy run freely which he loves. He is trained to stay within say 20 yards or so. I go either late in the evening or really early in the day (while nobody else is there). Walks in general are the best I would say. These types of dogs need exercise (continually and regularly).
  16. Khussey49

    Khussey49 Puppy

    I decided to take Jada for a longer run in a quiet neighborhood, no dog parks because I'm too nervous. A couple random dogs here and there but nothing too bad. I get to the 1 mile mark and we have to sprint away from a house with 2 huge dogs that are charging at is from the back yard. There was an invisible fence but I didn't trust it. I won't do that ever again. I'm sticking to Petco and my own neighborhood. Occasionally the local rec field since it's fenced in, huge and i can see what's coming. The owners didn't even come out to see what all the commotion was about. Poor Jada just stood there looking and didn't even bark.
  17. alpineda

    alpineda Puppy

    I take Lotus from time to time, but only in the evening and when it's empty. Usually I wait until there are no dogs and then we go in. Occasionally a dog will come in and she played with an adorable pittie pup once but usually we are left pretty much alone.

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  18. Layla Mendez

    Layla Mendez Puppy

    I certainly agree with that quotation of yours Mollie's Nana, so if you can't find a very safe fewer park for him to do walking/jogging then just neighboring walks and a private place or own backyard are just the better place to avoid such unnecessary happenings.
  19. Tonia Bond

    Tonia Bond Puppy

    Great tips.. Thanks for sharing
  20. Stretch

    Stretch Puppy

    mine enjoys going for a run in the morning before I leave for work...usually do 1.5 or 2 miles; we are fortunate enough to have a couple schools right behind the house so she gets to run on the baseball or softball field in the evenings when I get home from work and play fetch. Completely fenced and dont have to worry about other dogs...she loves it

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