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Dealing with comments about my Dog

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by dcdecarey, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. dcdecarey

    dcdecarey Puppy

    This morning I took my rescued Pit Mix to Petsmart because it was freezing outside and I also needed some treats. He's around a year old now and I couldn't be happier with how much he is calming down and making it easier to take him everywhere with me. Walking through the store, his tail was going 240 as he calmly walked through the aisles. I was thinking to myself, I can't believe how much more well-behaved my dog is compared to the various other dogs in the store. Numerous dogs looked skidish with their tails between their legs, while others were barking non-stop everytime they saw another dog.

    Alright getting to the point... We go up to the check-out line which was crowded and this guy with a german shepherd looks at my dog in disgust and asks if it's a pitbull. I reply yes, and then he asks if he's a male which I also reply yes. He then says "ughh, keep that thing away from me".

    Normally I am not a confrontational person but I completely saw red and lost my cool. I'm not going to post what my response to him was, but it got to the point that 2 employees had to come over to break it up. Keep in mind, while my mix looks like a pitbull, he is only 50 lbs, and has a small head.

    Now to my question. How do all of you deal with these types of comments? When thinking about it, I would like to just ignore these people's ignorance. But after today, I have a hard time thinking I can display that in the moment. Have any of you encountered this type of a situation? How did you respond? Please share your experiences.

    Any advice you would have is much appreciated.

  2. bearxfoo

    bearxfoo Big Dog

    I'm guess I'm lucky, as I haven't experienced one negative comment toward my dog or his breed. Maybe we just live in a "pit friendly" area or people have been smart and kept their mouths shut, I don't know.

    I guess if somebody DID say something to me, it could go one of two ways: I'd either try to calmly educate them, or I'd just simply ignore them. If they got extremely rude and confrontational, in my life sort of thing, I'd try to pull the "I'm the mature adult here, obviously you aren't" sort of thing and walk away.
  3. omgrobyn

    omgrobyn GRCH Dog

    :lol: It depends on how I'm feeling at the moment.

    If that guy had made that comment to me about Lucy, well, he'd probably get an ear full, and odds are I'd either reduce him to tears, or end up with a nice parking lot confrontation.:lol: If people are flat out rude about my dogs, I don't hold back, seeing as in a store, odds are they're sitting at my feet starting at their treats/toy/food and ignoring everyone (or being people sluts to those who want to pet them).

    Or I'd just laugh and tell him to go f*** himself.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 16, 2011
  4. Owned by Luna

    Owned by Luna Little Dog

    IMO, best bet is to walk away. If you're trying to represent the breed in a tasteful manner losing your cool isn't going to help.
  5. Moose

    Moose Big Dog

    hmmm I dont know, Ive never had anything happen except for the whole collar incident. I would say right now that I would be calm and try to talk to them, but in reality it probably wouldnt work out like that.
  6. JavaChip

    JavaChip Little Dog

    People like that guy know nothing which is sad. People mistake my American bulldog as a pitbull all of the time and don't believe me when I tell them that she isn't. I normally just ignore peoples remarks and say don't knock the breed unless you've owned one, or that they are the best breed or type of dogs I've owned in such and such years. People who buy the media hype and media nonsense are those out there who are the worse. Also those type of people are the last ones who you want to go off on because in their blinder wearing eyes are now thinking those people who own pits are just like the dogs, "mean and vicious"... which is just silly and how wrong they are.
  7. heavy73

    heavy73 Puppy

    I agree with Luna, but in the heat of the moment I probably would have done the same or called him a pussy then walk away. Talking bad about my dog is like talking bad about my kids. The pit bull in me comes out. I know its alway better to find the PC way out of any situation.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 16, 2011
  8. PatienceFlame

    PatienceFlame Good Dog

    You get numb to the comments after awhile, I honestly donot give a flying rats ass what anyone says or thinks about my Dogs...just proves to me they are ignorant and not worth my time...I also donot take my apbts to a petstore so I donot have to deal with snobby idiots. I order their toys online and I buy food from a local feed store and I practically heard everything from vicious to being asked if I would Match my dog (from some hood rat thug) that was back when I had Monroe. so if someone wants to run their mouth about my dog then that is their own ignorant choice
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 16, 2011
  9. Owned by Luna

    Owned by Luna Little Dog

    It would be tough to walk away, I would fight to the death for Luna. Having a war of words with the village idiot isn't always effective though, it may get ur butt in more trouble then it's worth.
  10. runthru

    runthru Little Dog

    Pinkie knows "lick" so if he said to keep her away I would just command lick and point at his leg!!! She would lick him and sit back down at my feet, and he would probably run off.
    I am really numb to it thou I could give a $4it what some stranger thinks. Pinkie is my sons best friend and my shadow everywhere I know how great she is.
  11. BarbaraAlys

    BarbaraAlys Puppy

    It is odd, but I take Cole to PetSmart all the time and never get negative comments. Even when i first took him there, when his face and chest were still covered with scabs and scars from what ever happened to him before I found him...people here seem to react to his behavior and not his breed.

    That is why it is so shocking that there is a movement to ban the breed here in Texas.
  12. DieselDawg

    DieselDawg Good Dog

    I usually can come up with something on the fly like..."That's funny, my dog said the same thing about you before we got in line..." ...or... you could take the high road and respond to his improper comment with a compliment..."Well, I think you have a great lookin' sheppard there..."

    (at least that is what I would hope I would do...I try not to act like people think "pitbulls" act like...) There are two parts of why some people hate "pitbulls"...1) the dogs themselves and 2) some "pitbull" owners. To represent this breed in a good light it is just as important for "me" to be calm and in control.
  13. Madeleinemom

    Madeleinemom MS Bites, My Dog Didn't Staff Member Super Moderator

    Over the years, this has happened to us with the dogs on a few occasions. Mostly, the comments have been (surprisingly) positive, but we do get the 'Keep those things away from me' from time to time.

    My response has been to think 'education/not confrontation' first and, secondly, kill them with kindness.

    I refuse to knee-jerk react to reactive morons (not that I have not been tempted).
  14. Elliehanna

    Elliehanna GRCH Dog

    this, I really have not had a true confrontation with anyone, I guess people can feel my bubbly personality when they see me so they really don't say anything mean, if they are a little scared I educate as best I can and am empathetic to them so they know I understand...but if you read my rant about a co-worker (who now quit so I am so happy and giddy at work people think I am on speed haha)

    I would like to say one other thing though, why do you say ONLY 50 lbs? this confuses me because most APBTs weigh in between 30-50 lbs, just a little confused hehe
  15. dcdecarey

    dcdecarey Puppy

    Saying "only 50 lbs" probably wasn't the best way to describe him as being a smaller APBT. I have no idea what he's mixed with, but he's a lot longer than he is stout. So he doesn't look like some of the bulkier APBTs. I wish I knew what he was mixed with. If anyone has any theories, I'd love to hear them. The pic by my name was from when he was a bit younger but I can post some more pics if anyone is interested in guessing.

    Thank you all for your advice/responses. I agree that as owners we need to be ambassadors of the breed, which is why I was disappointed in myself for the way I reacted. Just trying to prepare myself in the event it happens again.
  16. Elliehanna

    Elliehanna GRCH Dog

    I understand, I have the same thing with my Goren (photo in my avatar and sig) he is 62 lbs of I don't know what, looks like a bully breed, but he is 25 inches tall to the shoulders and not very wide (my new now 1 year old female is wider in the chest and her head is wider than his and she is only 45 lbs haha) I wish I knew what he was mixed with too.
  17. Brooke

    Brooke Good Dog

    It really depends on how I'm feeling. If the comment irks me but doesn't seem to be made in bad faith (more like a misconception) I politely try to correct and inform them. If they are just being rude I either come up with a quip on the fly and leave it at that or, my usually response, work with my dog to display his good manners and laugh in the persons face.

    I have shut people right up just by doing focus work, giving basic commands, and showing that he is a well trained, obedient dog. I try VERY hard to keep my cool in those situations and let my dog's behavior speak for itself. If they are that ignorant and rude, your blowing up isn't going to change their mind. All you can do is let the rest of the people who observe the situation leave thinking "Wow, that pit bull was very well mannered and she handled that very well!" I do whatever possible to give my dog a good reputation, which includes being a responsible and mature owner.

    BTW that was not intended to be an attack on you in any way. I have lost in before too. But with time I have started realizing that there is nothing that can be done in such a short amount of time to change their minds. All that can be done is keeping your dog and yourself looking your best in public and allowing him to look like the jackass in the situation.
  18. Sandi

    Sandi Big Dog

    Wanna see something freaky....

  19. JokerGirl

    JokerGirl Big Dog

    I just kill 'em with kindness :)

    If I get negative comments, I just smile and tell them I wouldn't trade her for the world as she's the best dog I've ever known. That's also my same response with positive comments.

    Losing your cool is about the worst thing you can do and only helps people keep the stigma surrounded around you and your dog! :D
  20. DieselDawg

    DieselDawg Good Dog

    Try not to let someones "actions" dictate your "reactions". Unless it is a life of death moment, take a split second...hell take two split seconds... then act instead of react.

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