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dang, my BT is so different than my neighbors lab/apbt mix...


Little Dog
you know it really hit me how independent yachi is when watching my neighbors dog (tai) and her play yesterday.

they were running around my neighbor's yard when yachi found tai's leather chew bit. well, yachi, just picked it up then plopped down and started gobbling and chewing it up. tai looked at her like he wanted it back, and then his eyes started darting to mine and back to her. when i didn't come over, he then started running up to me making eye contact, looking like he was trying to solicit my assistance.

you know what? yachi would never ask for my help. wth?


:) discuss


I know what you're talking about. I never really put any thought into it though. My GSD and small mix come running to me every time the other dog has their toy or something, none of my bulldogs never did, they just snatch it back :lol:
LOL! im learning this firsthand because Cesar (who is a BT) WILL ask me for help, while my new puppy Chimera (also a BT) will NOT look at me for help PERIOD she wont look to me for guidence neither which makes things hard in training, butwere gettin there!

ive had people who train labs try to argue with me that a lab is NO differant with training then a BT that "breed" is no excuse for them being difficult and breed shouldnt be taken into account. HA! what a joke as shes never trained or been around BTs before!! would LOVE to get her into a room with even one bull terrier and watch her "theory" fall apart
I see this when a pitbull x amstaff friend is playing fetch and my Napo steals his ball, the guy starts to freak out, if he was able to talk he would sound like a crackhead asking for a dose lol.