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Culling in the past?

Discussion in 'American Pit Bull Terrier History' started by fearlessknight, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. You ain't wrong!!
  2. EDOGZ818

    EDOGZ818 Big Dog

    They are many different ways to cull. Some are as humane as ripping up papers. I don't agree with culling @ an early age, unless the breeder is suspect.

    Manbiters were culled because in the old days, with wagers on the line, a human bite during the match , was considered a foul and subject to DQ, and loss of funds. No ?'s asked.

    On the other hand, fear biting & Human aggressision were considered traits of a cur, in the old days. Cur & DQ was the considered the same financially.

    Its terrible what happens to greyhounds after retirement.
  3. lukew101

    lukew101 Little Dog

    Are there any known manbiters that were succesful fighting, but were later culled for biting. I'm a little sad to say that I've heard of several manbiters that were bred, but I've never heard of any specific dog that was culled after biting.
  4. alligator

    alligator Puppy

    during the 1930's & 40's the bloodlines of corvino,tudor,saddler,al brown etc, were just becoming i guess? uniformed strains. they fought dogs that were really aggro! towards humans,& they were bred multiple times,especially if they were good in the pit.of course they culled dogs,but only the losers.man biters! some cull them,some don't.

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