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Crufts Results

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier' started by Vicki, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. Bullful

    Bullful Little Dog


    Do you think for a moment that they would show normal healthy dogs on their inflammatory "documentary"? Just ask yourself if your dogs bite looks anything like the bite of the BT skull that is used as an example.
    Yellow journalism....They are getting thier desired reaction from non-thinkers and will soon have you agreeing to ban all breeding.
    Just rescue a mutt and spay and nueter...a few generations and all the dogs will be gone. You don't hear much about cats with pushed in faces do you? Bet they are next to fall into AR activists sites.
  2. DeeDirtyDawg

    DeeDirtyDawg Good Dog

    seriously? did you or did you not watch the video with those GSD's? the one that won crufts 2007 was roach backed and nearly crippled.
    banning all breeding isn't the answer, but breeding for purpose again rather than exaggerated looks would be a great way to get the animals back to usefulness.
  3. mr.clueless

    mr.clueless Good Dog

    i disagree,its not about opinions its about simple right and wrong....breeding inferior animals ON PURPOSE has to be wrong....not in my opinion just as a matter of fact.
    no these breeds are not my breed of choice but that dont make it right for somebody else who feels the breed IS their breed of choice to come along and breed freakshow dogs to suit a trend !......
    if there was good reason to breed dogs in this manner then great...if the dogs benefit then great......but who are we to go messing about with nature to suit whats pleasing to the eye with no respect or consideration for the outcome.....some things are simple right and wrong and breeding unhealthy freakshow dogs for human eye candy is wrong,sorry.
  4. Obed

    Obed Good Dog Premium Member

    while I agree with you... it is not a matter of fact... it IS a matter of opinion... you and I do not have the right to tell these folks what they can and can not do... our opinions are just that OUR opinions....
    when we start calling our opinons facts... we are highly over valuing ourselves.... you don't like those dogs, then don't breed them.. but you will be real dissapointed in life if you start expecting folks to take YOUR opinion as their rule of law... and learn to be nice when approach differences of opinion.. or you wind up making the other guys look like the victims.. and no one likes the aggressor....
  5. mr.clueless

    mr.clueless Good Dog

    no sorry i dont buy it.....call me old fashioned but i really dont care to be " nice and polite " when referring to people i consider totally and absolutely wrong !.....
    messing with kids,rape,armed robbery.......i consider them things wrong too and refuse to accept that in some peoples opinions messing with a kid is ok....even though we know that some people do it.....its plain wrong and only a twisted mind would say in their " opinion " its acceptable.

    sorry....but as an old man once told me in those exact words" son,never be a fool to your own intelligence ".......and i cannot pretend that some things are right and ok just because some people do them.....if that makes me unpopular then i,ll live with it.
  6. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Ignore button. Perhaps you should consider using it.

    This is the Bull Terrier forum, don't you have more fun over in the APBT forums? These guys are quite content over here, don't make us lock it up like the American Bully forum.
  7. Mrpedigree

    Mrpedigree Big Dog

    A great post but will he heed it ??
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, 2010
  8. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    no my dogs bite does not look like the photo.
  9. Obed

    Obed Good Dog Premium Member

    I must admit that you are the only one I have ever heard compare dog breeding to child molstation, rape, armed robbery... and quite frankly, that disgusts me.... I have no idea how you could relate those things ....
    I think I must join those who suggest you stay out of this area, because if you believe like you say you do, you will bring nothing but heart burn to yourself... just not a good idea for you to be in this section at all...
    these folks have their rights to do what they do and your opinion DOES NOT MAKE IT WRONG>>>> IT DOES NOT MAKE IT THE SAME AS CHILD MOLESTERS, RAPITS, OR ARMED ROBBERS.... THIS AIN'T NEVER NEVER LAND...
  10. 2die4uk

    2die4uk Puppy

    crufts is a sick joke its being exposed here in the UK with how they have messed up hundred of dogs thanks to the rampant inbreeding to keep to certain standards.
  11. mr.clueless

    mr.clueless Good Dog

    hooray....somebody as close as i am to this disgusting farce !!....there is a reason the biggest petfood company in the country has withdrawn their sponsorship of the whole event,theres a reason national tv now refuses to show it..................................i guess its just their opinion :rolleyes:

    ---------- Post added at 07:08 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:03 PM ----------

    whos comparing ?.....im not comparing one with the other im merely pointing out that some things ARE just simple right and wrong.....the fact i chose the subjects i did doesnt mean im comparing them......im not asking for the head to be cut off at the neck of a showdog breeder the way i am for a child molester...........all things have their level of seriousness and of course some dont compare with others......but it still doesnt mean they should be accepted either.

    the fact that folk would rather a person not post their views of the truth as they see it pretty much sums up this breed in general.......BRUSH THE UGLY TRUTH UNDER THE CARPET AND PRETEND IT DOESNT EXIST !!.....these poor dogs dont choose their owners and didnt ask to be bred the way they have....its worth keeping that in mind.
  12. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Thread Closed

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