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Crating VS Chaining

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by Sabrina, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. leilaquinn

    leilaquinn Good Dog

    that is so cute, i imagine my dog would love something to tie us up with so he could maul us with kisses more effectively:lol:

    I live in the city so crating is really my only option, but I could never leave the house knowing my dog was out in the open for anyone to do anything to him. I am cautious to the point of paranoia though. I have no problem with tethering in safe areas for reasonable amounts of time, and defend the idea vehemently. I do tether Luigi at my inlaws' house, but he absolutely looses his mind if we walk away from the area he can reach, so I know it would never be an option due to separation anxiety that is only NOT problematic when he's crated, for some reason.
  2. ShakaZ

    ShakaZ Good Dog

    Crate the pups, chain the dogs.
  3. MJJean

    MJJean GRCH Dog

    I am a stay at home mom, so I don't have to contain anyone unless I have something going on (rare) and won't be home, we have visiting dogs, or someone is on crate rest due to illness/recovery. I use a crate for in the house and if the dogs are outside, so is someone to watch them.

    Now, if I had a larger yard or lived in a rural setting, I would have nice chain spots for all dogs within a fenced yard or large fenced area of yard. I would actually love to have the space to set up chain spots, but the yard is smallish and I worry there may be a scuffle or something if they can reach each other and I lack the space to set up 3 chain spots that prevent them from reaching each other and prevent all 3 from reaching the fence. Plus, living in a city, I worry someone will steal the dogs or poison them because there are a couple neighbors who don't approve of my breed.

    If a dog owner knows how to properly set up and use a chain spot and/or a crate i see nothing wrong with either. If a dog owner fails at proper set up and use then I have a problem with the owner, not the containment method.
  4. HowardBusa

    HowardBusa Puppy

    A proper chain set up beats a crate anyday. If a dog has the choice to be locked up in an crate all day for 8 hours or be on a chain, any dog would choose a chain. I understand where it is not appropriate in all areas.

    I personally prefer a 10x10 Magnum kennel, with solid floor and wrapped, secure top. However, to each his own. I must say, either a dog gets time spent with it or it doesn't. If a person is the type to ignore their dogs, they will do it with a crate or a chain setup. I know a lot of people who over use crates: Their dogs are in them 20 hours a day. In that situation, a kennel or chain would be much better idea . At least the dog can move around, enjoy the sun and get some exercise.

    IMO the problem with a chain setups is: If the perimeter around the area is not fenced in, other animals can get in, and to some non-bulldog people, it looks bad.

    IMO< The problem with a kennel: Not as secure as a good chain setup and not big enough. On a 10 foot chain a dog gets 20 feet of space vs a small pen.

    IMO, problem with a crate: Not fair to leave a dog in all the time, dog can get crate sores(bedding can be deadly to some dogs, if they eat it) and not enough space for all day confinement.

    If I had my choice all my dogs would be on chains, but at this time I am not using mine.

    The perfect setup for a dog would be for the owner to only have one, keep them inside all the time, work with them and play with them outside daily. Only crate when they have to. However, that is not for everyone. Most people have 40 hour a week jobs and more than one dog.
  5. rguerra

    rguerra Big Dog

    It is actually more. The dog gets to be inside a circle : 3.314 x 10 x 10. That would be more than 300 feet squared.

    In a kennel that is 10 x 10 feet it would be 10 x 10 = 100 feet squared. The dog gets more than 3x the space in a proper chain set up than in a crate or kennel.
  6. Sabrina

    Sabrina Moderator

    You're way better at math than me. :lol: Or maybe I'm just lazy.
  7. HowardBusa

    HowardBusa Puppy

    wow you are so smart.
  8. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member

    Actually, most dogs, given nothing to bark at, will sleep all afternoon when you are gone. Personally, I don't like to leave my dogs outside unattended, therefore, they are crated during the day.

    I understand that not all people are willing to crate during the day, and sometimes, a good tie out is perfect for a dog that jumps or digs out from a fence, but for me, crating works for now for my bunch, and until something changes, this is the option I will chose. It gives me peace of mind that my dogs are safe when I'm at work. Like I said, it doesn't work for everyone, but for me, for now, it's the better option. :)
  9. Tiffany3483

    Tiffany3483 Good Dog

    I don't mind chaining for short periods, but never really been a fan of using it to contain dogs, but have had to with certain dogs. But I have all different breeds. It is really not safe to chain a Greyhound b/c they can slip most collars and I've seen them break their necks b/c they hit full speed in 3 strides.

    My friend had a Border Terrier that slipped every collar she put on him, properly fitted, so she tried a harness. He chewed thru it, dug out and was hit and killed by a car. I mistakenly left my French Bulldog outside one time and he was stolen from my yard. So theft is another issue.

    Some of my dogs are crated, some left loose. Living in FL, it is hot outside and they hate the heat. I have to drag my Greyhound outside to potty b/c he refuses to go outside when it is hot. The others will go out and but are banging on the door 2 minutes later.

    Baby my foster pit bull absolutely loves her crate. Anytime she wants to nap, she will go get in it with the door open. When I'm getting ready to leave for work, she is already in her crate waiting for me to close the door.

    And my dogs are lazy when it is hot. I come home for lunch and most of the time, I have to force them to get up and go outside. Now once the sun goes down, they will run around and act crazy. But during the day, they lay around like cores of wood! :)
  10. Zoe

    Zoe GRCH Dog

    Deeohgee is like that. As soon as the alarm goes off for the dog rotation, she's heading to her crate, looking over her shoulder like "Moooom! Come on! What's taking you!" :lol:
  11. jeoestreich

    jeoestreich GRCH Dog

    :lol: That is too cute. Jezebel runs to her crate for feeding time and anytime we give her a treat she has to eat that in there also.
  12. Kristin

    Kristin Little Dog

    I crate and will be chaining my pup when she is older. If I'm at work and my parents are home and its a nice day out I'd rather Brandy be out on the chain than in the house with them or stuck in her crate. They have a tendency to leave her alone with my other two dogs and wonder off to do something else, while that may not be a problem now since she is a pup, one day it could lead to a fight. If no one is home then I put her in her crate since she won't be left unsupervised with my other two dogs and she would probably wreck the house. I won't leave her outside while no one is home for fear of her being stolen or somehow getting off of the chain and potentially jumping the fence to "visit" with the neighbors dogs.
  13. omgrobyn

    omgrobyn GRCH Dog

    Ethel LOVES her crate. It's where she spends allllll her time. It's a toss up between her crate, or outside bellowing at people/napping in her digging pit out front.
  14. allie_earp

    allie_earp Puppy

    (Woohoo my second post)- Allie is crated when my husband and I are at work, or we go out for errands and sleeps in it at night. We've only had Allie in our lives for about a month, she's about 2 yrs old so she's still young & still testing the waters. I don't trust her 100% with free run of the house, hopefully one day but that could be wishful thinking and we have 2 cats that roam the house. The obedience trainer we're working with recommends keeping her in a crate since she's safest there (I agree with our trainer but my husband was a little hesitant) & won't have any potty accidents either. Anyway, we have a tieout for our bedroom so we put her there when we need to shower or if we have to make a quick trip to the store but that's it. We also have a baby gate to restrict her boundary areas, to just the living/dining & kitchen.
  15. chloesredboy2

    chloesredboy2 Good Dog

    I think it just depends on what the individual is comfortable with.I always crated my dogs when I wasn't home.I'm in no way against chaining,but no way in hell would I leave my dogs outside while I was away from the house.Even if someone else was home.I wouldn't even leave them outside over night.I might feel differently if I lived in a rural area,but even then I'd probably be too paranoid.I just think of everything that could possibly happen while I was gone,no matter how absurd it sounded.

    Even if you check your hardware regularly there is always a chance that the dog could get free(especially with bulldogs),another animal could come into my yard,a person could come and let them loose or try to steal them,some nosy do-gooder might say to themselves "Those poor dogs have been chained up for hours,I'm going to call the cops/AC",there are just too many scenarios for me to feel comfortable doing it.

    ---------- Post added at 05:37 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:32 AM ----------

    Izzy used to do that.Sometimes I would tease her and when she ran in there I wouldn't bring her food/treat and wait to see how long before she came out looking for me.I miss that dog something fierce.:(

    ---------- Post added at 06:05 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:37 AM ----------

    This happened to a friend of mine's son.He was three at the time and her stupid Min Schnauzer knocked him over and got all tangled up around him,it was scary.That dumb ass dog wouldn't sit still for shit,just kept jumping all over while we were trying to untangle them.Then the nosy neighbor called the cops on us because I knocked the crap out of that dog.:no2:

    ---------- Post added at 06:09 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:05 AM ----------

    How scary,do you have an Epi Pen now that you know?

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