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Crate Training by Huskylove

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by Mollie's Nana, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. FreddiesMama

    FreddiesMama Puppy

    Hi! Great article, thanks! Quick Crate question. Freddie came to us mostly crate trained, he'll go in there with a kong with peanut butter at night and when we leave. I've been working on getting him to go in with no kong and we've had 2 nights in a row of him going in with no kong and so far so good!

    I would like to get him more used to the crate during the day when we are here. I would like him to use it as refuge and as a place to sleep during the day. The door is always open (except at night and when we leave) and he'll go in it willingly, but then comes right back out. However, this afternoon, he was fixated on the some lights that were on the wall from a reflection of the sun on the garland on the tree. He was fixated on it for about 20 minutes and I dragged him away, played with him, tried to distract him and break his attention. However, nothing was working and he immediately returned to the lights and was trying to bite them and claw them. So, I decided to try to put him in his crate with a new chew toy. His crate is in the living room, so I got him in there and closed the door and sat down on the couch where he can see me. He barked for about 10 minutes and I ignored. Then he chewed his chewie and was quiet, but now he's barking again and I'm ignoring again.

    I guess, I'm looking for suggestions on 1. how to get him used to the crate during the day. and 2. If I did the right thing by putting him in the crate when he was fixating. It wasn't a punishment because I don't want him to associate the crate with punishment, but more of way to get him to calm down.

  2. pitbulluvr

    pitbulluvr Puppy

    How big should a crate be for a 2yr old PB? Do you think a crate 30"x 48" is big enough for the PB to be in for 8 hrs at a time. Why does a 2 yr old PB have to be crated . I don't have a problem leaving mine alone in the house and not in a crate. I just think thats cruel penning them up in the house......
  3. JJaxon

    JJaxon Puppy

    We have been crate training Jaxon since we got him at ten weeks old. He lives his crate and goes in with.out a complaint. He does fuss a little when he knows we are leaving the house but he's usually not left alone someone is almost always home. However after two.months with no problems the last 2nights in a row at about midnight after being in be for about an hour he has popped in his crate? Im baffled as he has never done this?? Any suggestions?
  4. feelee

    feelee Puppy

    I am trying and trying, my dog is a 1 year old rescue and is so nervous with doors, as soon as i close him in he panics.
  5. dalvers63

    dalvers63 Good Dog

    How much work have you done BEFORE closing the door? I suggest getting him used to the idea by feeding him in the crate (you can put his bowl in the back so he has to go all the way in), smear some peanut butter on the back wall so he has to go in to get it, play crate games with him to get him used to it, make it a happy place! Then, when he seems OK with it, close the door and open it again before he has a chance to get nervous. It sounds like you're going to have a slow process but it WILL work if you're consistent and make it a good experience.
  6. Question: shouldni have two crates? One for the family room during the day and one for mynroom at night? Or just use the same one and move it from room to room?
  7. RoxiePup

    RoxiePup Big Dog

    Ive been trying to get my pup used to the crate for 3 months now. She knows the command "crate" and she goes in just fine without and huffing or puffing, but she still whines and barks for at least 20 minutes before she calms down.

    Now my question is, will this be a lifelong thing? How long did it take your dogs before they didnt whine or bark? DO you guys have any advice on breaking her of it besides just ignoring her(which we do)?
  8. TannerG

    TannerG Boss Member

    all I can say is just ignore it
  9. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    I didn't immediately let the dog out when he stopped crying. When he was quiet, id walk by and randomly throw a treat in the crate, to reward the quiet.

    But definitely ignore it. You may be experiencing extinction bursts where the crying gets louder and more desperate before it gets better.
  10. RoxiePup

    RoxiePup Big Dog

    Thanks for the responses, I will just have to keep doing what were doing and hope for the best.
  11. heat31

    heat31 Puppy

    I'm new to crating a bigger dog we've tried metal and my Kristina has broken out at least 4-5 times since we got her from a humane society were thinking that she don't want to be crated due to the kennel size at the h.s. we don't know what type of crate is good for her and the reason why I want to crate my girl is one I am home 80% but I have appointments to go to and she would tear up our house which we rent and that's the only way my landlord will let's us have her or any dog oh and she's 2 and has separation anxiety also
  12. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    How have you been training her to the crate?
  13. erinjaye13

    erinjaye13 Puppy

    Hey everyone. So major help/advice needed. Before I say anything I should say I'm a veterinary technician... So I've already tried the medical route with my baby and it's not for us. I have a 7 year old spayed put mix. She is the sweetest soft hearted creature you will ever meet in your life. There is also not a crate that has not met it's death by her. She is the perfect dog WHEN someone is home. I'm a FIRM believer in crating a dog for it's safety as well as the homes while no one is there. However, with my Zara girl it seems I am in need of some new ideas. She HaTES storms. We have tried medicine,thunder shirt, letting her wait it out... NOTHING works. If she is left one in her crate she chews through wire and all and proceeds to destroy any part of the home she can :( please any ideas will be greatly appreciated. And no giving her up is NOT an option.... Please and thank you :(

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    How much exercise does she get?

    Do you cover the crate?

    If you can crate her while you're home but you can't when you leave, what have you done to work through this?
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