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Cops: Dog-fighting pit, dead canine found in Dorchester home

Discussion in 'Pit Bull News' started by firedrake13, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. firedrake13

    firedrake13 Good Dog

    A repairman set to work on a Dorchester home discovered an alleged dog-fighting pit in the basement, walls covered in blood, and three dogs, one of them dead, police said.

    The repairman alerted a police officer who was walking near the Raven Street triple-decker about 11:30 a.m., and cops moved in with a warrant last night, taking plastic bags from the home. The Animal Rescue League of Boston removed the three dogs about 8 p.m.

    State Humane Officer Lt. Alan Borgal, who works for the Animal Rescue League, said the dogs were mixed pit bull breeds. He declined to comment on the conditions of the surviving dogs.

    Police said a man who lived on the first floor told investigators the dogs were his. He was being questioned by police last night. Police said the investigation was ongoing and declined to comment on whether anyone would be charged.

    Neighbors said the home never exhibited any signs of holding a dog-fighting ring. A woman who lived next door said several people moved in and out of the home, but she never noticed any of the triple-decker’s residents walking dogs along the quiet cul-de-sac.

    Police described the basement as having blood on the walls and a fighting pit, in which someone had put a sharpened stick. Police also found walkie-talkies and said the basement was powered by an extension cord that ran to an outside electrical source. The dogs were housed in three cages, where one of them was found dead.


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