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PA: Cop Accused Of Trying To Throw His Own Dog Out Inside A Trash Bag

Discussion in 'Pit Bull News' started by Michele, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    Cop Accused Of Trying To Throw His Own Dog Out Inside A Trash Bag
    Amazingly, the pit bull was rescued and now has a “wonderful life.”

    By Hilary Hanson

    Philadelphia police force is facing animal cruelty charges after prosecutors said he attempted to dispose of a live dog inside a trash bag.

    The dog, a young female pit bull named Cranberry, was found emaciated but still alive covered in a sheet and stuffed into a garbage bag inside a waste bin at a Philadelphia park in November, CBS Philly reports. Cranberry had a microchip ID that identified her as belonging to Officer Michael Long. Law enforcement also found that Long had a sheet they say matched the one wrapped around the dog.

    Cranberry, shortly before she was found and after she had regained some weight.
    Authorities arrested Long Thursday and he has been suspended from the police department for 30 days. The department plans to dismiss him, according to NBC Philadelphia.

    But there’s a happy ending for Cranberry, Gillian Kocher of the Pennsylvania SPCA told The Huffington Post.

    “I spent a lot of time with her while she was recovering in our shelter,” Kocher said in an email. “From the moment Cranberry arrived, she was just the sweetest thing you could imagine. Even in her weakened state, she would wag her tail when she saw you coming and when she was strong enough would curl herself into your lap.”

    Cranberry recovered from the ordeal and has become more playful after gaining her strength back.
    Cranberry became more playful as she gained her strength back, and was ultimately adopted by a man who saw her story on the news.

    After visiting the shelter to initially meet Cranberry, the man came back two more times to bring sweaters as presents for the dog before ultimately bringing her home for good.

    Despite what she went through, Cranberry is sweet and trusting.
    “She has a wonderful life now and we couldn’t be more happy about that,” Kocher said.

    She added that while Cranberry is now in good hands, those moved by her story can donate to the SPCA in her name here.


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