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Contest: Funniest Dog Picture

Discussion in 'Contests & Events' started by George, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. George

    George Guest

    Have you ever got that picture of your dog being doing something that you could just not stop laughing? Well lets see the picture.

    Here is the catch my 7 year old son will pick the funniest picture for the winner.

    The winner will receive a Boogieman breakstick: http://www.pitbull-chat.com/showthread.php?t=8008

    This contest will run from July 11 thru July 25, 2008. Open to members of PitBull-Chat only. One picture per dog, you must be the owner of the dog!

    This contest is sponsored by me.
  2. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    Mollie's Nana Zoe, 5 months old
    Zoe... aka.... Bat Dog!!
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 11, 2008
  3. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    Mollie's Nana Mollie 3 1/2 yrs old
    Mollie.... I can't see! I can't see!, I can't see!!.... oh, my eyes are closed....he he he
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 11, 2008
  4. Oreosmom

    Oreosmom Puppy

    Oreo's popeye look
  5. firedrake13

    firedrake13 Good Dog

    firedrake13's Indy @ 12 weeks

    Indy's squished face...

  6. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Here's Dexter! Not only did he break the chair, he got stuck in it and couldn't get out! :lolbangtable:

  7. K9 Love

    K9 Love Good Dog

    K9 Love's Hades @ 6'ish weeks and Roxy @ 1 year ish:

    I don't know what to call this, but it's funny, lol:

  8. AmberH

    AmberH Good Dog Premium Member

    I love picking on my dogs. I get such a kick out of tormenting them! lol

    Here is Emily with a hair tie in her ears. :D
  9. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 Stealth ninja

    Here's how Priest keeps his pimp hand strong.


    And how Terra runs a treadmill.


    And the look I get from Loki when its time to get up early and go to a dog show.

  10. IronChef

    IronChef Big Dog

    Jack, "Don't feed it past midnight"...

    Howie, "Fallen angel"...

    Pixie, I really don't have a title for this LOL
  11. megschristina

    megschristina Moderator

    Apollo nursing a kitten!
  12. kravon4rosa

    kravon4rosa Puppy

    I would love to post a pix can anyone tell me how? I'm so embarassed:-(
  13. George

    George Guest

  14. Hobbs

    Hobbs Big Dog

    The Little Gangsta...."You talkin to me?"

    Hobbs's... Hobbs at 5 yrs

  15. gonloco

    gonloco Little Dog

    Dumb dog thinks Curious George is a real baby...
    Go-N-Loco's "Hunny Bear"
  16. Loki

    Loki Big Dog

    Leann's Loki @ 3-4 months

    I came home from the store to find that he had somehow tangled himself up in my bra...then chewed it up!!!
  17. DieselDawg

    DieselDawg Good Dog

    Diesel and Bailey (Airedale/Pit Mix) are always competing...not sharing

  18. Mushfish

    Mushfish Puppy


    Marley on the computer..and Marley the parrothead....

    Attached Files:

  19. peties mom

    peties mom Puppy

    petie being petie
  20. Jelet

    Jelet Banned

    Heres a picture of rex when i was playing with his flirtpole when he was 5 months.. I was looking at it and i just realized, it looks like he is riding a water ski lol.
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