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Contest! April Showers bring flowers, or Collars & Leads

Discussion in 'Contests & Events' started by sfbullygirl, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    Deadline is approaching:D April 15th!!!!
  2. Hobbs

    Hobbs Big Dog

    Believe it or not my Mom has never bought me my own leash! I've always had hand me downs from my big sister (RIP).

    This is the leash..I know it's a good one but come on now! :rolleyes: I would love to have a new one! :D

  3. sfbullygirl

    sfbullygirl Puppy

    this is definitley going to be tough!!
  4. HerWay

    HerWay Good Dog

    Heres my story why I just have to win that beautiful collar and lead.
    You see I live in this little sleepy seashore town.
    For 8 months my mommy takes me to the beach and we are the only ones there! Then all of a sudden sometime around this time my mommy doesnt bring me there any more because mom says those people are here! Those people that she calls names and her hands fly around alot when she drives and says words I'm not allowed to say. They invade our quiet little town and makes it hard to come to our favorite place.
    I have my cool shades ready to go. I tried to not make a face but I am always the clown.

    And mommy says this year we are going to walk on this fancy new boardwalk that they built for all the fancy new people who come here and bother everyone who lives here year round!
    To walk on this fancy boardwalk mommy says I have to get myself some new hot gear to keep up with the joneses who ever the joneses is I don't know.
    So I just have to get my hands on that new collar and lead so we can keep up with those joneses!!! Pleeeeease!!!
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