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Contest! April Showers bring flowers, or Collars & Leads

Discussion in 'Contests & Events' started by sfbullygirl, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. megschristina

    megschristina Moderator

    I lub May flowers, April showers, not so much. My mom Sayz I need a more better collar, to give me some personalitiez. She also says she is really broke whateverz that meanz, and cant buy one herselfs for mez.


    Do u seez how boring by collarz iz? Pleaz pik mez!!!
  2. Little Lady Diana and Yosha Mira the Brown need new collars

    Hello I am Little Lady Diana-I am a widget, my birth mommy was a pit but we dont know what my birth daddy was. Sometimes I act like a kangaroo, a rabbit, a ferrit (I steal things) a monkey I climb everywhere. My brother Yosha is a red nose pit. I was born with mange. I am 14 months old. I was very sick for a long while. My people were always rushing me to the ER but I am much better now only we wont know how well I am until the hot weather kicks in.
    I eat organic chicken and eggs and homemade stew with beef bones and brown rice with organic carrots and celery.

    My two legged mommy and two legged daddy are taking me and Yosha to Vermont in June. My mommy is going to graduate from grad school. I don't normally wear a collar, I wear a harness-it is pink because I am the cutest little girl. Unfortunately, because I am a little girl and can not sit still for very long my harness is chewed in the front so I look a bit scraggly. I dont normally wear a collar have a computer chip that is from Pet Safe on a ugly black collar in case I get lost in Vermont. I would like a pretty collar because I am so adorable and I need new and pretty things to wear.

    My two legged parents cant afford a new collar [grad school was very expensive] so I would like to win the contest.

    My brother Yosha has a my space page at www.myspace.com/yoshak9
    My mommy tried to upload a picture but it wouldnt work so please go to Yosha's my space so that you can see a picture of us.


    The cutest little girl ever-Diana
  3. TigerDog

    TigerDog Good Dog

    Muh name is Brutus and I need a new collar cuz I no has one. The closest thing I has to one is muh white "collar" marking.

    See, we has no more monies cuz my sister got burned and mom can't afford to get me the collar I duhserve. I has to wear a leash clipped to itself to go anywherez! Its very embarrassing...

    So, pwease kunsider me for the prize!
  4. ishy69

    ishy69 Little Dog

    realy need it

    my name is tyra and i live in england :) i would like to win a matching collar and lead set (a color that you think will look good on me ) :) because i have a collar but it is a half choke (my 3rd one) and it hurts my neck, cant realy find a good quality comfortable collar at a reasonable price that wont brake when i pull or the color comes of in the rain and makes my pretty fur blue or red :( i cant get a new collar because my owners are having a money problem and my owners daddy said that "the dog has had to many collars, its costing too much we should just give her away" i dont want to go away because i have already had 2 homes before and wasnt treated very well :( hi its me ishy, i love my dog so much and my dad keeps saying we should give her away because she is costings too much, the reason my dad says this is because we are already having money problems and my dog has had 2 collars before and they have either broke or the color has faded of or my dog chews it, they are realy cheap collors poor quality thats why. cant find a good quality lead or collar anywhere or at a price where my dad wont say forget it and walk out of the shop, im 17 i have to wait for college till sep so i wont get any money from college so i could save up for a collar for my dog and i cant get a job because i stay home and look after my elderly granparents, i am not lying about any of this, hope i get voted if i dont its cool, put a few pics of ma pup up aswell take a look at her shes 9 months :)

    Attached Files:

  5. mikosmomma

    mikosmomma Puppy

    collar and lead

    :o HI.... my name is melissa and my pups name is miko. He would love to win because mommy has had sum ruff times finding him a nice collar. he is a big boy and collars in his size are very exspensive and im unemployed right now. i have a harness but its getting to be a lil tight so soon well have to get another. hes old man and he deserve someting nice in his late age. he has had sum rough times in the past when he lived with my ex after we seperated and i moved to texas for a year.(miko was his dog) he hurt his leg after being hit by a truck and from that he has arthritis also i came to found out my ex treated him bad. he kept him n a shed and rarely let him out. also i think he whooped him. i came home and took him back and now hes happy and spoiled rotten, never will he be sad or hurt again. HE IS SUCH A SPECIAL BABY IN MY LIFE. if we dont win its ok, but thank you for considering us.. Luv yas! miko and mommy

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 30, 2009
  6. mikosmomma

    mikosmomma Puppy

    heres a pic for you[​IMG]
  7. alexis rose

    alexis rose Little Dog

    Tator here! My dad hates it when women put clothes on dogs, but my mom didn't listen! I think if I had a nice enough collar Mom wouldn't want to put ridiculous clothes on me so everybody could see my collar better. Plus, I am so small right now that I am wearing a cat collar. Do you believe that! How freaking embarrassing is that? I need a MAN collar!

    When Mom took these pictures I stuck my tongue out at her and tried to hide because I was mad and embarrassed. Please help me!

    Attached Files:

  8. AmberL

    AmberL Good Dog


    This is soooooo embawassing!! :( You see here is my sitchuashun..... Momma says I am beutifil just the wey I am. but evryone always calls mea boi, tells momma I has a big head. I ask and ask and ask for a neu callur but she just says, Fat gurl yew dont needs a callur to make you pritty. I think it wuud make me feal betr thou. So, with out momma nowing I decided to rite andz ask yew for a chance to git wun on my owen. pleeze pleeze pleeze pickz me!!!


  9. Melsfrettin

    Melsfrettin Puppy

    Smartie Pants Ditto

    Mom says I need to get away from the books and get out and run in the:sonn_u11:more! So I'd need a pretty collar and lead, personally I'd like the books more but, she says I need to work on my girlish figure too..

    Attached Files:

  10. ChadDawg

    ChadDawg Puppy

    Cookie "Hey Gals"

    "It's like my first spring and I like need me a collar... And whatever that thing that I'm led around on ummmmmmm? what's it called ? I know, but can't remember. Ohhh shucks!! I give up"... Please help these ladies hook me up!!!!

    Thanks alot LOL

    Luv Me Cookie

  11. sfbullygirl

    sfbullygirl Puppy

    ooh you guys are going to make this so hard!!!

    great entries so far :)
  12. menzie3

    menzie3 Good Dog

    Please help my owners get us a new collar and lead.. so that they can play ball in peace ..



    They say we are worth every ball they have gotten, but their son should be able to play a few too.. I tried explaining to them that balls are for dogs.. but they insist that these balls are for them..



    Mom says they should not have to stop the game to go buy a new ball.. when Rajah runs with it. and hides... and they find it like this...


    My owner loves us, but is growing tiresome of baseball since they cannot play it for more than 5 minutes each time..


    When we show them how fast we are and catch the ball before they do, We have to hide like this...



    and we do not like to hide..

    My owner says if we do not get mom to get us a new collar and lead, we will have to sit and watch them take pictures like this..


    Instead of playing ball.. So you see, you have to help us.. If they take our balls away from us, we will be bummed out and have to lay around like this.. and OOOOh, how we love balls!


  13. LittleMissE

    LittleMissE Little Dog

    My mom keeps telling me she is going to buy me a cool collar but broken promise after broken promise tells me she ain't gonna do it....and you know what I needs to look good for spring. I am a year and 5 months old and it is time to find me a spring fling but that ain't gonna work with these lame collars just take a look for yourself and feel sorry for me.

    The first collar I got was borrowed from a pomeranian.

    Then this boring Collar.

    And now this boring collar.

    and the leash doesn't even match....How am I suppose to meet a beautiful ABPT girlfriend when my collars are so dull and boring?

    Mom you are cramping my style. I am a man now and I need some new attire to prove that.
  14. heeter1075

    heeter1075 Little Dog

    I wanna new leash and collar pleeeeeeeeeeeezzzz

    My momma buys me these ugly red harnesses and collars. I just dont like em very much. I would love to have a new cool pit bull collar and leash to show off. Ya know to make me look cool well cooler than I am already. Help me pleeeezzzz!!!!!!!

    I will send a pic of me with my new collar and leash.

    Attached Files:

  15. weetito

    weetito Puppy

    my mum and dad

    [​IMG]could i please get the prize as my mum and dad are getting married on the 16th of june 2009 and my dad wants me to come down the isle with the rings. i want to look my best for him and everyone else there. i have attached a picture to this to show you how gorgeous i am. it would make my mum and dads day.


    TITO xx

    Attached Files:

  16. weetito

    weetito Puppy

    2nd page

    hi its tito again, i have uploaded A PICTURE OF ME AND MY WEE SISTER TO SHOW YOU. i have also posed for another one just to show you i deserve to win the prize xx

    Attached Files:

  17. thaanto

    thaanto Puppy

    Can I enter, even if my "pit bull" is a chihuahua? I know that kind of defeats the whole purpose of encouraging bullies, but Ruger thinks he's cute, smart and the right size....
  18. Turner

    Turner Good Dog

    I entered my non bullies! Lol Might be at a disadvantage but you can enter for fun! You never know, maybe the judge will like Chihuahuas! :lol:
  19. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    You sure can! We don't discriminate:D
  20. pitgirl17

    pitgirl17 Welcome Waggin

    My name is Sophie and I love to be a princess. I have a beautiful pink collar but as you can see I ruined it. I didn't mean to but I had an itch that wouldn't go away. I asked Mom for a new collar but she said she couldn't afford it. I really want my pretty pink collar back, plus my brother keeps chewing on it and making it worse. I am also getting my CGC test done soon and would love to have an appropriate collar for the occasion.
    Please help me out I would feel safer leaving my house with a collar I knew wasn't falling apart. I don't want to get lost from my family.
    Please, Please, Please I will do anything for a new collar!


    Thank you for reading my story!
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