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Contest! April Showers bring flowers, or Collars & Leads

Discussion in 'Contests & Events' started by sfbullygirl, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. sfbullygirl

    sfbullygirl Puppy

    Contest! April Showers bring flowers, or Collars & Leads

    Well Spring has sprung and what does every fashionista and GQ wannabee need this spring, why a new collar from Collar Mania and a new lead from Ellas Lead.

    The contest is simple, post your story of why your little supermodels need a new Spring Wardrobe, supporting pictures always welcome but not necessary and we will vote on the winners. As all of you know Rebecca loves the LOL speak so if you are inclined have at it:D

    The deadline for this contest is April 15th!!

    Winner to receive a $50 Collar Mania GC and a $40 Ellas Lead GC

    Second Place to receive a $25 Collar Mania GC and a $25 Ellas Lead GC

    Good Luck to everyone!!
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  2. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Good Dog

    Iz just tinking dat mom - lday has hadz me in dis collarz -
    and den dis collarz -
    NOMG den da mom -ladyz gotz me dis collarz -
    and den she gotz me dis harness fingy and Iz no likes it, iz stiffs and Iz just wants to beez comfustublez -
    wantz to walkz in da fieldz and smellz da flowerz in mah new collar and lead.

    or mom - lady says Iz canz strikz dah pose for collar pics -

    tanks so much forz lookinz
  3. xosirisx

    xosirisx Big Dog

    I need a nice new big collar to take attention away from my ears :o

  4. Turner

    Turner Good Dog

    I need a new collar and lead because I am a Jack Russell Terror... I mean Terrier and no collar or leash can handle me! I destroy them all! I am trying to hint that I need a collar from Collar Mania and an Ella's lead but no one understands! I need your awesome collars or I will just keep on destroying others ;)

    Yours are too pretty and durable for me to destroy so I refuse to behave untill I get one! So if you love my "mom" (What's her name? Oh yeah, Turner) then you will give me the collar and lead!!!

    Now here is some pics to show just how "innocent" I am:


  5. Bowser

    Bowser Puppy


    The vet always calls Bowser a girl because of his collar. :o
  6. Miss_Lexi

    Miss_Lexi Big Dog

    my girl needs a collar because right now she is walking around without one and she feels naked! and the Pomeranian down the street always laughs at her. I think a new collar would Help Lexi's self esteem!( and it would make the Pom down the street stop laughing at her)
  7. Shoshana

    Shoshana Little Dog

    I wantz new collar and pretty lead cause I wanna go to classes and getz my CGC but da collar I gotz now usta belong to my dog friend Brownie and she's 14 now and momz lady thinks my collar is almost that old and won't practice walking me wif it cause she's afraidz I'll see sumfing funz to chase like Squrrilz! And break it and away and getz lost cause I'm a silly NutNut Wigglebutt and I don't havez no recallz yet... Plus collar iz 5/8" wide and if I pull and don't break it maybez I get owie.

    My collar now iz verry pretty and I likes it alot but we don't trust it for toddling around. So I haz to wear pinch collar or choke chain or car harness for walkz.

  8. iKarma

    iKarma Puppy

    i needz 1 dat matches muh prettyful eyez.
    dis stuped harness ish annoyin'.
    but arent i handsum?


  9. cgibb07

    cgibb07 Puppy

    Hello, my name is Nina. As you can see I am sporting a not so exciting, plain boring black collar. Now I admit, I did have a lovely collar that I loved, but I just couldn't stop chewing on that thing. Trust me though, I've learned my lesson, I understand these things aren't free, it won't happen again. I totally regret it now that I have to wear this one. I need something with a little more color, a little more bling, maybe something to accent my pretty baby blues a little bit. I'm going to be strutting my stuff on the beaches in Florida this summer, I have to look good for the guys. What would they think if they saw a beautiful gal walking by but not so much her collar...I wouldn't have a chance. He wouldn't even get to know my awesome personality, wouldn't get to watch the sunset or share a bone in the sand, all because of the plain black collar I am sporting, and as you can see...no chew marks on it. Thanks for your time, smell ya later:angel09:

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      935.3 KB
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  10. LZRD84

    LZRD84 Little Dog

    dad doesn't have any money cuz he's saving up for the baby... he tries to buy me nice toys and i destroy them the same week, but i would love to have a nice collar and leash. that way when we go for walks i don't have to be the dog without good gear, and every other dog will envy me and ask me where i got it... i will tell them of course, but they will all know that i had it first, and that i am the most stylish in this subdivision. [​IMG]
  11. s0nny

    s0nny Puppy

    sonny thinks what a great gift it would be to actually have a reall niicee collar and leash.. not one from a boring pet store like the one i have now ! (ahemm thankss mom n dad :p)



    Attached Files:

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 28, 2009
  12. My name is Beefy, and I need a new collar so badly. Momma adopted me from a shelter on the day I was to be euthanized taking a chance on me. I've been such a good boy too, I pway wif my kitty so nice and even help her with the foster doggies she takes in, big or little makes no difference to me. Momma rewards me as best she can and makes me as pretty as she can but the nice collars are so expensive, and I try to understand that there are foster dogs to tend to, but I just cant help but to want to be good lookin' in a nice new collar!

    Attached Files:

  13. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Good Dog

    Hi Iz Hazel! When my Momma first saw me I looked like this!! She couldn't resist my eyes!


    Me and my mama were so happy togetha that I made her cry


    Then I got better


    and better


    And now Iz looks like this


    and this


    And I must havez Collar Mania and Ella's Lead to completez my Beautification Process!!!!!!
  14. captcha

    captcha Puppy

    butt sniffing please with a bully stick on top

    Dearest Trixie and Ella,

    Hallo! My name is Lua, I have always admired yoo and your super-skilled hoo-man pets' work and stylish aksessorieez. I am almost all growed up now and I will grow no more, so I will always fit my bee-yoo-tiful new collar mania. I am getting so strong, my mum lady is worried that my collar and leash won't hold up. One time, my collar popped right off but it was inside, thank Dog. Now my pet hoo-man is worried about my 'equipment'.. I don't know what that is??
    I wants a nice soft rope lead that wont hurt my people pet's hands when I pull her on the bike, but she can't order off of the internet yet to buy a nice one and there is nothing good here, just "petsmart", yuck! Pawshunally I want a nice soft collar because mine gives me a rash on my neck, az I haz very sensitive skin! Sometimez it even rubs off my nice red hair. And, don't tell anybody... But I only have ONE collar and ONE leash!! And they aren't even purshunalized SHHHHHHH, gosh that is embarrassing.

    I always thought you girlz, Ella and Trixie, iz so pretty, I try to look like yoo. Sometimez I hold my silly floppy ears up alllllll by myself, and mum lady takez picturez. BUT unfortunately for me dey don't stay up! OR iz only one ear!

    SO in order to make up for my lack of ears, I would be pleazed as punch to recieve one of your pawsitively wonderful produckz. So, butt sniffing please with a bully stick on top, pick me?

    Lua the pit-i-ful rash-neck-hair-losing, butt-kissing-&-sniffing dog

    This is what I think of my collar!

    Some days, I just stay in bed.. :(

    I am so embarrassed that I hide behind things so I am not seen in public..

    Thanks for considering me... :o :thankUsmiley::doggyhug2:
  15. Sigma1895

    Sigma1895 Puppy


    My name is Athena. I am 18 months old and growing like a weed. My dad(Peyton) tells me that we can not afford a new leash even though mine is on the last hole. He says that because he is a single parent of me, we are limited to our budget. We must be mindful of what we buy so that we can have a bowl of food for our bellies,a warm bed for us to share, and a house to keep the rain off my head. I understand why I can't get a new collar but that doesn't mean i like it. Please Please help me get a new collar that fits and matches my Pit Bull Puppy'tude. I don't ask my master for much and he buys me what we can afford and likes to buy me things before he buys himself anything other then the essentials. However right now we are on tight strings. He has worked full time for my whole life to provide me with what i need and he wants me to have everything i want and i love him for that. It would mean so much to both of us if I could get a new collar and lead. Did i tell you about my lead? Well as i said i am only 18 mos, so i still love to chew. I was waiting for my dad(peyton) to get his shoes on and it was just sitting there clipped to my collar and it was calling to me...Athena....ATHENA......ATHENA!!!!!!!!!!!CHEW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!. So I did. Now he has to hold two lengths of lead that use to be a handle. He has tried to fix it for me, but atlast he still walks me with to lengths of what was once a handle. He wants to replace it for me so i could be safe and he could hold it easier on our walks but we just can not afford it in these uneasy economic times. Its not easy raising me sometime but i know peyton wants to do everything he can for me before he ever thinks of himself, so if you could see your way to helping me get a new collar and lead so Peyton can stop feeling like he is not a good owner who can care for me, "I Athena will here by promise to love,lick and live with my dad Peyton until the end of my time here on earth, so help me god,amen."

    Athena "Renee" E.
    Owner/Dad:Peyton E.
    Breed:American Staffordshire Pit Bull
    Coat Color:Light Brown,Blue Striped undercoat
    Eyes: Light Brown
    Age:18 mos

    P.S. There are pictures to come, just need to get them off the other computer.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 29, 2009
  16. pitpupmom

    pitpupmom Big Dog

    Me mommy sayz that I can onwee have the dollar store collar and weesh because Mommy iz not working because I hurt her footz. I only have the dollar store weesh and now I'z getting so big I might break it. I'ze 9 mos old now and almost full grown I need to be handsome. Mommy sayz I need a pretty collar cause I'ze a pretty boy. She not even mad at me that I fractured her footz. Look at me and tell me I don't need a new collar so that when I'ze all better momz can take me out to see everybody like we used to. Now I stuck in the house and yard for a whole monf. I needz me somefing perdy.And maybe if I'ze have a pretty collar daddy will stop calling meez Freaknut.[​IMG]
  17. rpruitt

    rpruitt Puppy

    Hi my name is Koda and im 13 weeks old and i already grew out of my collar. Right now I have a old purple worn down collar. When my momma got me I didnt have a collar and she spent the rest of her money to buy me. So she had a old collar and put that on me til I get a new one. But my mommy can't afford a collar right now because she has has to spend her money on my dog food and my shots. I need a collar misses Rebecca so please help me and my mommy out (: [​IMG][​IMG]
  18. AmberH

    AmberH Good Dog Premium Member

    Hi Collar Mania and Ella's Lead!

    It's once again Miss Emily and her mama. Thanks for running another great contest!

    Why do we deserve to win? Well, my mama has big plans for me this year.

    We tried last year, but I didn't have the correct shots to enter. We want to try to get a CGC this year. Wouldn't that be great? I need pretty collar to take the test in, don't I? What about a nice strong lead incase anything bad happens? My mama also would like to get me temperment tested by the ATTS. I should probably have a pretty collar and lead for that too.


    Just last year, I couldn't swim. I had to use a life jacket or I'd sink. Now look at me! I can dive in like a pro. My mama said that we need to go to a dock jumping competition this summer. Know what I need? I pretty new collar and lead to take with us. Of course, I wouldn't wear it in the water. I'd ruin the pretty collar and lead.


    My mama also bought me this weight pull harness. We both know that I can't pull much because of my arthritis, but I can still pull light things. I need a pretty collar to match my new harness. And then I need a pretty lead to match my collar.


    But do you know why I need a new collar and lead most of all? So I can stike a pose! Maybe be on the cover of a magazine!

  19. Melsfrettin

    Melsfrettin Puppy

    Mom says I need to get away from the books and get out and run the:sonn_u11:more! So I'd need a pretty collar and lead, personally I'd like the books more but, she says I need to work on my girlish figure too.. and I love to make mom smile.:thankUsmiley:
  20. Jelet

    Jelet Banned


    This is Rex. He deserves this collar because he is an honest man. Unlike other posters that perhaps may have made up some bs story or lied saying their dog does not have a collar or leash. Like yeaaaaa ok. Who's dog doesnt have a leash or collar? They should just be disqualified for this for being very irresponsible in owning a pit bull type breed without a collar/leash. Thats what rex says. He is an honest man. He is a little greedy. He has a green set of the collar/leash. But he wants another type of collar and leash so that he mixes it up every now and then. Know what im saying he says? At least he is honest. He wants more collars/lead's to look the sexiest. Honestesty is the best policy.

    and maybe a collar or lead to match his weightpull harness.


    a matching collar or lead to go with this sexy harness would make me even more sexier.

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 31, 2009
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