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collar questions

Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by BlaznJon, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. BlaznJon

    BlaznJon Little Dog

    I just received two collars I ordered from collar mania.These are the two inch ribbon martingale type collars.Here`s my question for you that have that brand and stillwater collars.How big is the loop that you hook the leash too.Do all 2" collars have a giant d ring on them or did I fail ordering heavy duty rings.I looked at the stillwater collars and the ring looks about the same size.The ring is like 21/4" tall and 21/2"wide.I`m scared that when my dogs go running through the woods they are going to hang them selves on bushes or branches.how tall are the rings on stillwater collars ?

    Any body sell a 2" wide collar with a short ring ?low profile?

    Thanks for an input you have.

    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 12, 2010
  2. kady05

    kady05 Krypto Super Dog

    I don't have Stillwater collars, but I do have one of the 2" Collar Mania ones and know what you mean about the giant D ring. I can fit my whole hand in it (I'm tiny, but still) LOL. Next time I order from her, I'm going to ask if I can get a smaller D.. Piper has a 1.5" collar from her and that D is a much more normal size.
  3. AdrianVall

    AdrianVall Big Dog

    My collarmania collar has a small D ring. :(

    StillWater's D rings are actually bigger.. but it has not caused any trouble whatsoever.
  4. monkeys23

    monkeys23 GRCH Dog

    Stillwater ones are pretty large and heavy duty. I don't find that a problem at all though. In fact its nice having sturdy hardware that is easy to clip leads/chains to.

    I haven't gotten the Collarmania I ordered yet, so I can't really compare. :)

    I got one Ella's Lead collar with a lightweight and one with a heavier duty D ring. i like both. The smaller one really compliments the 1 1/4" collar nicely. :)
  5. chewbecca

    chewbecca Good Dog

    I can assure you that Stillwater, Collarmania, and I all use the same size 2" D-Ring.:D
    It has to be that big to fit the 2" wide worth of materials through it.:)

    What we can do, though, is we can make a 2" wide collar but taper the buckle area down to allow us to use a smaller D-Ring.

    I know that doesn't help you now.
    I probably wouldn't allow my dog to run through a forest, off leash, in a martingale collar. But that is only a suggestion. But I'm glad you mentioned it because I would have NEVER thought of the possible danger.

    I just learned about dogs hanging themselves in crates because their ID tags get stuck between the bars a few weeks ago!!!!

    Now, if I'm going to be away from the house, I remove my dogs' ID tags.
  6. BlaznJon

    BlaznJon Little Dog

    Kady you had me the first time I heard your voice on the video.Now you tell me you can fit your whole hand in the d ring.I really need to meet you !L.O.L.:D

    back to the collar chewbecca I needed a martingale type collar for Zena she still is a spass and I don`t want her to be able to pull out of her collar.I needed a wide collar for Reno to try and stop the collar mishap that happened when Zena grabbed Reno's collar and wond it around her jaw.I figured it won`t happen with a 2" collar.I run both collars pretty tight and as far as them running through the woods its what we do every night 365 days a year rain or shine.to have to take off and then put back on a martingale collar every night would suck,so I leave them on.

    The size of the d ring in a 1" inch collar and the size of one in a 2" are a big difference I understand the width difference but not the height.I have a back pack that has 2" webbing and a low profile d ring,the d ring tie downs on my car trailer are available in 3 or 4 different heights.I have no doubt if something were to poke through the D ring on the 1" one she could snap it off,on the two inch I have my doubts.

    I guess I will put a Velcro cable tie on the D rings and strap them down.

    Zena is a brutally strong dog for being 51 lbs before if she saw a deer you better brace your self for leash breakage.I had to have her leash made out of synthetic winch rope and the clip that went with it when i first got her.:eek:

    She`s calmed down and can walk on a regular leash now.here`s a pic of what she used to do daily to leashes and the difference in D ring sizes between the two collars a used a quarter to show the difference in size. If you have an example of what the necked down collar looks like and your shipping time isn`t a long time I`m interested..Send me a link.:sonn_u11:


    Attached Files:

  7. chewbecca

    chewbecca Good Dog

    let me think. There ARE different styled D-Rings out there, but MOST people that make collars tend to choose the welded D-rings because the weld somehow makes them stronger.

    I'm trying to think if I have a picture of a tapered neck on a dog collar where the tapered part is pictured. If not, I can find one of a bracelet where it's tapered and that can give you an idea of what it looks like.:D

    Ok, here is a 3" wide collar we made for a mastiff, and it was tapered down to 2", I believe.
    So, we could do it down to 1" from 2".
    I don't have a direct back shot of it, so I hope from the side allows you to get the gist of it.

    That leash snap that broke on you? I cannot say with 100% certainty, but it was probably a crap snap with a crap swivel head.
    Our snaps should not break like that. We put snaps with substantial swivel heads on our leashes.
    This pic will explain the most important part of a snap. I labeled it.

    Now, Lisa (Collar Mania) makes awesome collars that should NOT break on you, but we can taper down a leather collar for you if you'd like width throughout most of the collar, but want a smaller D-Ring.
  8. BlaznJon

    BlaznJon Little Dog

    nice collar.Do you make any nylon ones?your Leash snaps look about a 100 times stronger then the ones that came on the petco,petsmart,petworld ones she was brakeing.Zena even snapped a new single ply leed when the nylon broke it left a hell of a bruise on my fore arm .i think pulling on the winch rope broke her of that habbit,it had a 10,000 pound working load rateing on it and the captured hook, and 40,000 break rateing.Glad she has calmed down enough to use a store bought leash again. thanks for your reply.
  9. chewbecca

    chewbecca Good Dog

    Unfortunately, no, we do not make nylon collars. I don't sew.:lol:

    BUT! I bet if you were to contact Lisa at Collar Mania, she could totally make you something with the width but with a smaller D-Ring, if you are looking for nylon.

    I love her collars. If my two are not collared in my collars, then they are collared in Collar Mania collars.
    Used to be the same with Ella. And Ella was like your girl, strong as an ox and EXTREMELY dog aggressive, and she NEVER broke any of her collar mania collars NOR did she ever break one of ours.:D

    Lisa is a real sweetheart, and she has awesome customer service. I bet if you contact her, she'd be super helpful.
  10. kady05

    kady05 Krypto Super Dog

    :lol: I had no idea fitting my hand in a D ring was a strong point. I will have to add that to my list of cool features LOL.

    But, just to show how big it is, here's Wilson in his:


    I lead him around by the D ring sometimes, so I guess it's nice for that!
  11. sfbullygirl

    sfbullygirl Puppy

    To the OP...I can make martingales from nylon or fabric that taper down to either 1" or 1.5"..I will add them to the site this week for people that might not like the wide loop and larger D ring.

    The 2" rings come in lightweight which are smaller in thickness and the depth, however if you have alarge dog or strong dog that hits the end of the leash then you would not want these as they can snap, if not then the lighterweights are fine.

    If you need your collar modified send me an email and I can see what I can do:)

    Collar Mania
  12. kady05

    kady05 Krypto Super Dog

    Nooo.. you can't add new things! I swear, I need to just stay off of collar related topics.
  13. sfbullygirl

    sfbullygirl Puppy

    there are not enough hours in the day for all the things I could add LOL

    ---------- Post added at 10:56 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:55 AM ----------

    Also if you follow me on Facebook I have weekly collar giveaways :)

  14. BlaznJon

    BlaznJon Little Dog

    SFbully girl Lisa?
    I like the collars I received from you.I wasn`t trying to bag on you.I just was wondering about the size of the D ring.I see on face book that you can get the 2" collars with the one inch rings.I hope that wasn`t because of just me.I will email you and see what we can work out.The fact that you even offered shows a lot about your carachter.
    Thanks Jon
  15. sfbullygirl

    sfbullygirl Puppy

    I did not think that Jon, I just wanted you to know there was an option..I have been thinking about adding these for a little while..this just got me off my butt to do it :lol::lol:

    Send me an email and I will see what I can do
  16. kady05

    kady05 Krypto Super Dog

    Oh, I do. LOL. I'm planning on ordering some Christmas collars once we get a bit closer to December.. it's a problem ;)
  17. chewbecca

    chewbecca Good Dog

    You think you have a problem???

    As soon as my 1" brass buckles make it here, I'll be making Ophie yet ANOTHER walking leather collar. I made her a cute one in 1 1/4", but I am not happy with that width on her. I could almost get away with a 3/4" collar on her.
    Now that I actually make the collars by myself (I don't have to have Ben make them), I have a serious problem.:lol:
  18. balooeyes

    balooeyes Big Dog

    Hey, an idea for the leashes that break, if you are on a budget, try a horse lead! There are some really nice ones. Otherwise, I love my ella's lead that I got, Rhys can pull like crazy (hes 60lbs of muscle!) and it has held up beautifully!
  19. BlaznJon

    BlaznJon Little Dog

    Email sent.It was order 21148
  20. BlaznJon

    BlaznJon Little Dog

    Thanks for the quick turn around time on the new collars and the quality the are.The smaller d ring on the collars put me at ease.Going for the first walk with the new collars right now.I will post up pics of them wearing there new collars when I get a chance.

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