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Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Jasdiofa, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. mandreweav

    mandreweav Good Dog

    I would like something off Rosco with the bottom half having high chinaman concentration minus Frisco if there is such a dog. I would still take a dog with Frisco but if there was something without I would prefer that.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 13, 2009
  2. Jasdiofa

    Jasdiofa Puppy

    "I dont know, IMO if youre going for pure performance and potential I guess I would also prefer something off an El Negro bred dog. But if Im also looking to build a yard, I think Frisco dogs gives you a greater chance of successfully producing performers and producers.."

    I dono about that i know of a load of frisco dogs in europe who have made excelent if not the best performance over there .. ASK's Tatun is one of the best if not the best in performance over in europe

    ---------- Post added at 03:20 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:16 AM ----------

    o ok i was just asking cus the only thing i rlly know about em is what garner said of his quility and what other said about em not to mention i have a few of his pups and that he was a 3xw littermate to ch violater and diesel. he won all his matches under weight in gold kennels and i belive only went over the 1 hr mark once.. He was work horse and awesome athlete with great mouth a very high quality bulldog..
  3. Dondee

    Dondee Puppy

    I have to agree I got two pups off dynomite and not pleased with them at all low energy and no prey drive must be bad luck! Good house dogs
  4. DOC

    DOC Little Dog

    I have a dog from Dynomite and im vert happy with it this youngster is extreme activ .
  5. Padlock

    Padlock Banned

    a dog is only as good as its owner.
  6. larry legend

    larry legend Puppy

    im looking to get a pup t g in 7 weeks off dynomite we been in discussion my question is dynomite a great producer. also tom mention to me something about el negro and how his standards are equal to dynomite. but for some reason el negro pups costs more can some one help me out with some info please.
  7. Lee D

    Lee D Good Dog

    El Negro passed away awhile back so now everyone is scrambling to buy up as much as they can. thats why
    good luck with the pup. id give one a shot, just wouldnt pay his price
  8. slim12

    slim12 Puppy

    how many people buy a used car soley on the word of the car salesman? you wanna test drive...you wanna see the car fax...you wanna hear about some other satisfied customers.....so "why don't you just ask him" is like buying the car based on the little old lady only drove this car to church on Sunday.....US1

  9. slim12

    slim12 Puppy

    when you are searching for dynomite information look up Russ' Buck....a cottingham bred dog....Russ' dogs were stored at the Garner yard for awhile...and all of a sudden the Frisco dogs were not only game, but relevant again...Ch. Dynomite is the spitting image of Russ' Buck....and Dynomite's son, Ch. Caballo looks like Buck spit him out also....Dynomite and Caballo had styles and traits identical to the Russ' cottingham bred dogs....Caballo now has daughters and sons that are out there doing it....the dynomite breedings have elevated the gameness of the "frisco" lines....
    i have much respect for Tom and all that he has done for the dogs....maybe moreso now as he is an advocate for the dogs and is no longer active....but do some research if you are buying a dynomite puppy thinking that the doubled up frisco blood is what you are getting....if i were to buy a dog from Tom I would hope it was off Dynomite....his other dogs are top notch as well, no discounting that...but would prefer the dynomite stuff....slim12

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