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Cats with purple paws used for dog fighting (who writes this shit?!)


Cats with paws that have been painted purple are actually involved in the world of dog fighting. The coloring is used so that bettors can tell which cat is whose. The white parts of a kitten are colored with purple and then the cats are tossed into the ring.

As a cat rescue worker, Megan Sorbara considers herself pretty hardened to a lot of terrible things she’s helped severely emaciated cats, maimed cats and victims of animal abuse. So she never expected to feel as upset as she did when a cat with purple paws arrived at her shelter. These adorable felines aren’t just victims of fashion, they’ve also survived the trauma of being dangled as bait in a dog-fighting ring.

This week, animal control picked up a cat who’d been wandering around the streets. He wasn’t injured, and he generally was in good health. But his paws told a different story — they’d been colored purple with a permanent marker, which is what abusers do to animals who will be used as bait in dogfights. This cat was being rescued by Clewiston Animal Control. After seeing his picture, Sorbara immediately fell for the cat who came to sport a colorful hue through no fault of his own.

“Being in animal rescue, you hear and read about a lot of terrible things being done to poor innocent animals,” she wrote on Facebook. “And then one day, the victim of one of these terrible things shows up at your door. I consider myself pretty hardened to a lot of stuff. I have dealt with a lot of injured, emaciated, neglected and abused animals but this one really got to me.”

Mr. Purple Paws looks like a healthy cat, he’s of a normal weight and boasts a nice, healthy coat. However, the poor animal’s purple paws tell the hard truth.

“Dog fighters use markers to color the white parts of cats and kittens so they can bet on which color will die first,” she continued. “They are ‘color-coded’ and then thrown to packs of dogs, while these sick barbarians place their bets. This is cruelty at its worst.”

Somehow, Mr. Purple Paws managed escaped before entering the ring, then picked up on the streets by animal control. That same evening, the group transferred the cat to Naples Cat Alliance, which put the animal up for adoption.

“I can only hope more were able to get away but my real hope is that the perpetrators of this heinous ‘sport’ be found and prosecuted.” Despite everything this animal is been through, Mr. Purple Paws is sweet, gentle, friendly, and surprisingly playful. “He let us pick him up and he is playing with toys,” Sorbara told I Heart Cats. “He is so sweet.”

The paint has slightly faded from his paws after been bathed, but traces of his former life remain. A week after his arrival at Naples Cat Alliance, this sweet animal found his loving home. There are a lot of supporters on internet for this mistreatment with these innocent creatures.

“Anyone involved with any kind of animal fighting needs to be locked up for the rest of their lives,” one user wrote. “They enjoy the blood-sport of watching animals in pain and suffering and being absolutely terrified and struggling for their lives. How dare they hurt these poor innocent animals! This is sick, barbaric, and brutal.”



Scratch Kingz
Staff member
Lol stoooopid....

Everyone knows they use spurs. Who fights naked paws anymore. :-bd


Little Dog
They know who’ll believe such BS, the gullible fur mommies and ordinary pet owners.
I’m convinced such crap is just made up and invented, then leaked to the media by the humaniac and animal rescue groups to increase their coffers through cash donations of the gullible.


Little Dog
Anyone with just a little sense and knowledge would figure this one out pretty quick.
I would like to hear more about how they do this. Do they put the cats in the pit then release the dog? Do they put the dog in the pit and then release the cats. Wonder who is in charge of keeping the cats in the pit? I don't think they thought about how high the walls are in a pit. Do they have any idea how long it would take a fighting dog to kill a cat?
Maybe they should come up with another idea.
This is a little worse than one of the old ones they put out about putting two match dogs in the trunk of a car and driving around while they fought.


Scratch Kingz
Staff member
Lmao. I forgot all about trunking.

Another made up fairytale told by the AR nuts.

Thankfully I have a trunk full of 15 inch woofers so can't ever be charged with that nonsense :))
Unfortunately, cats are used as bait for pit bulls every day, in our area. It's just horrifying!!! While the police are shutting down some underground fights, others are opening up as if it's an endless vicious circle.. No one can do anything about it. :( I care because I own a pit bull, and I also have a cat that gave birth to kittens a few months ago. Our dog doesn't harm them, moreover, he has become their protector and best friend. I'm even thinking about creating a YouTube channel and posting these videos so that people can see that pit bulls can be kid/pet friendly. By the way, I have a question for you, the vet prescribed worm pills for my pets and I want to know if this pill shooter is suitable for them, or should I buy another one for the dog? Or just tell me how you give pills to your pets. I've heard that this can be a very difficult task. :-?
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Scratch Kingz
Staff member
Lol what purpose does throwing a cat to a battle dog do? That's PETA, ASPCA and HSUS propaganda. The only people who do that dumb shit are people who read things written by those groups thinking that's what is done. It has no purpose for the dog in any way what so ever. It's made up fairy tales to push an agenda. Nothing more. No legit dogman does it. Same with finding stray dogs to use. That's like saying Mike Tyson went around sparing with bums to get ready for a championship fight. It's not even logical let alone true. Just spreading more propaganda.

Most real APBTs will not tolerate other animals just like most working beagles won't tolerate being around rabbits etc. Maybe you have one of those rare gems or maybe you don't really have a real true bred APBT. I'm thinking the latter. Got a pedigree on that dog or what it a rescue?


Scratch Kingz
Staff member
Just stick the pill in the back of the dogs throat, close it's mouth with your hand and blow on it's nostrils. It will swallow. Don't need a tool to give a pill. Its pretty easy to do with your hand. Can also put it in something like a marshmallow or a piece of cheese etc.
I thought it was impossible to sneak a pill past my dog in any form of food until I used a small piece of Vienna sausage. I used to do the blow in the face thing and it does work. Thankfully the little sausages do too! Lol