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Cates' Gr. Ch. Nigerino (by Terry Towsend)

Discussion in 'History Pictures & Reports' started by XXX, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. XXX

    XXX Good Dog


    Nigerino was born in July of 1979, out of Jackson's Wolfman, a son of Eli Jr. and a grandson of Bullyson, bred to Hathaway's Lela, a daughter of Gr Ch Art and double grand daughter of Eli Jr. Sam Cates acquired Nigerino and his littermate sister, Bolita, from their breeder as puppies. There was a condition; that Bolita was to be bred back to her sire Wolfman.

    For whatever reason, this was not done. When Bolita came in heat she was bred to Cates' Poncho, who was out of Stompanto bred to a Bullyson/Art's Missy daughter. Some time later, both Bolita and Nigerino were stolen from Sam Cates' yard, as well as a aon and daughter from the Poncho/Bolita breeding.

    The story goes that the breeder of Nigerino and Bolita had the dogs stolen, supposedly becasue he felt the agreement had been violated. Cates found Nigerino on the yard of another Texas dogman and reclaimed hm, the two pups off Bolita (Leo and Miss Kitty) were later returned to him, but he never got Bolita back. It was rumored she had been sold to another dogman. The whole situation started a major feud between all parties involved that lasted several years.

    Nigerino's first match took place in South Texas against Peace's Al Capone at 37 pounds, the referee was Granger. Nigerino worked the head and chest; Al Capone was picked up at 37 minutes. This amtch was part of a 5 match convention and Nigerino took Best in Show.

    For his second match , he was conditioned and handled by Oklahoma Shorty. His opponent, Maddox' Louie, was a one time winner in over 2 hours. The referee was Bobby Smith. Louie does a good job of holding Nigerino out, but Nigerino gets ahead working the chest and stifle and Louie is counted out scratching at 1 hour 20. Nigerino was once again awarded Best in Show and recieved a trophy.

    His third was at 36 pounds against another two hour winner, McMillian's Brindle. This match was refereed by Selso. Nigerino is ahead all the way and scratches to win in 37 minutes. Nigerino wins his champion title.

    The fourth was against a group from Califronia who called themselves the 'Black Attack' the weight was 37 and the referee was Morgan. Nigerino's opponent, Guerro's Ranger, was counted out in his corner at 37 minutes. Nigerino's son Sampson (out of Miss Kitty) won the same night in less than 30 minutes.

    Three years later, when Nigerino was 7 years old, he won his fifth match. The weight was 37 and the referee was DelGarza. The referee from the fourth match, morgan, had a hard biting head dog called Rowdy he felt could beat Nigerino. Rowdy was a very talented one time winner out of Ch. Tonka/Bolio breeding and managed to hold Nigerino out for the first tenn minutes, with Nigerino driving. Nigerino gets on Rowdy's nose, then into his chest, and then to the rear end several times and rowdy was singing by the thirty minute mark. Morgan picks Rowdy up at 37 minutes. Nigerino is a Grand Champion.

    A couple of months later, Nigerino died of unknown causes on Cates' yard. Because of the incident before, there was some speculation that Nigerino had been poisoned but nobody ever really knew whether his death was due to natural causes or foul play.

  2. Dtwo

    Dtwo Good Dog

    Thank you NC - mind if I put this here?

    Frito Bandito - Nigerino in the 5th generation.



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