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Cat Saves Boy from dog attack

Discussion in 'Cat Discussion' started by xchairity_casex, May 14, 2014.

  1. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — A boy’s best friend came to his rescue this week when a dog attacked him in his driveway.

    That best friend is the family cat — a female named Tara.

    According to WPTV, the dog runs up behind the boy and grabs his leg, dragging him down the driveway. Instantly, the cat rushes at the dog, chasing him away.

    It was all caught on video.

    The family's cat, named Tara, rushes the attacking dog and chased it away.

    The boy's mother told 23ABC the boy needed a few stitches, but he is doing fine.

    She also said the dog belonged to a neighbor and is now under observation.


  2. TannerG

    TannerG Boss Member

    wow thats crazy but why the hell did the woman run off without picking up the boy
  3. uverse

    uverse Puppy

    it says she went to make sure the dog did not come back and attack the boy again she ended up getting bit as well That cat is Awesome!
  4. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    "Walk it off kid, You'll be FINE!"
  5. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Administrator

    That's what I thought too but she went after the dog.
  6. charlieblue

    charlieblue Big Dog

    That cat did some ninja moves on that dog! Wow! One badass cat, indeed.
  7. Jamielvsaustin

    Jamielvsaustin Good Dog

    I was talking about this all day yesterday on FB. I mentioned being confused by the hesitation you see in the dog right before he bites the boy and it was explained to me that the dog is in prey mode...which I've seen before in my dogs when it comes to smaller other animals. But not like this.

    I think the dog probably heard the bike, or caught sight of it under the truck...because right away he's air sniffing and perked up --> on the hunt. But he sneaks up behind the boy and he doesn't go after the wheels of the bike...he goes straight for the boy. In my human mind the boy is not a threat so I couldn't understand the attack...but if you look at it from the point of view of hunter/prey...I'm pretty sure that dog would have eaten that boy. The shaking, the dragging...

    It's crazy.

    Some of the things that I read said the security cameras are up because the neighbor (I assume it's the same one that owns the dog) has a meth problem. Also that once the dogs observational period is up he'll be PTS. I don't understand that...why not just PTS?
  8. charlieblue

    charlieblue Big Dog

    I think the quarantine period has to do with rabies.
  9. Jamielvsaustin

    Jamielvsaustin Good Dog

    Right...but, if that's the concern-they can test the dog after it's PTS...so why wait?
  10. charlieblue

    charlieblue Big Dog

  11. DancesWithCurs

    DancesWithCurs Good Dog

    They should just put the dog down. It was running loose and while doing so, it attacked a child. Both huge no-nos
  12. Beatrix Kiddo

    Beatrix Kiddo Good Dog

    that cat is awesome and fearless. I have never seen a dog just attack someone out of nowhere minding his/her own business and a child no less. Being provoked is one thing, but this was completely unwarranted, put that dog to sleep NOW!
  13. Savage Destiny

    Savage Destiny Big Dog

    That attack was scary to watch. That dog wasn't fearful, triggered by the bike, or anything else. He wanted to kill that child. I agree with Jamie, he would have killed and eaten that child if he had been allowed to. That dog needs to be gone.
  14. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    If I were the owner of that dog, I would have taken it right down to the nearest vet's office and euth'd it.
    That dog KNEW it was a human child, that dog was not mistaken, was not fearful, was not provoked by the child.
    It's intent the second it heard that kid across the drive way was to attack and kill.
  15. Wow that's amazing that kitty was
    protecting his human. That made
    my heart melt. I have seen dogs protect their humans but never cats.

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