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Castration,Ear Cropping=Unnecessary Mutilation


Little Dog
As for cropped ears I don't have any moral issue with it if it's done under an anesthesia and pain meds are supplied, we chop the foreskin of our kids dicks off for no good reason other than to make the penis more attractive looking. I choose not to crop in order to give my pup a less aggressive look for those unfamiliar with the breed. I live in a tight-knit village and I'm sure there's already apprehension about a "Pitbull" in the neighborhood. I want to keep him looking and acting super-friendly to be a good ambassador of the breed to your typical white suburban WASPY folks that I live among.

Funny enough, "WASPY" folks here where I live (although WASPS take up a small percentage, but I get who you're talking about) love my pup. We have a lot of pitbulls here in the city with responsible owners (most are rescues) so seeing pitbulls in the street with non-thug looking owners is a very common thing. When I take Loki for a walk, "waspy" people love him. However, for some reason most minorities are terrified of him and walk either really carefully by, or some even cross the street. (my boy doesn't have cropped ears, btw, this old lady was shocked that he is a pit because she thought they were born without ears LOL)