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Carolina Kennels' Termite Rom

Discussion in 'History Pictures & Reports' started by tat2stuff, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. tat2stuff

    tat2stuff Good Dog



    In the late 1970's and early 1980's, Mr. Fletcher Chavis bred some dogs that any dogman would be proud to own. Much of his original stock was from that grand old dog, Champion Yellow John ROM and for years Mr. Chavis campaigned with that inbred Red Boy dogs that he had gotten from RT Bass. He was rated one of the best. During the mid 1970's an outstanding discovery was made. Vernon Jackson had a dog that he had gotten from Don Mayfield that he called Hank, inbred from Mayfield's Lightning II blood. Hank never started until he was three years old, but when he did, he not only turned out to be a phenomenal performer but an excellent producer as well. He was bred to a bitch of Bob Rast's called Queenie and from that litter came Jocko, Argo, Pearl, Apple, and a few other good ones. Mr. Chavis ended up with Jocko and that was the beginning of the famous Red Boy/ Jocko bloodline. Mr. Chavis campaigned with Jocko and he looked to be unbeatable due to the inherited trait of Hank's backend style. Jocko became a champion and was retired to stud. Jocko was bred to his sister Apple and several inbred bitches that he sired. These bitches were bred to Yellow John, a triple inbred son of Tramp Red Boy, and that was the beginning of Jocko's fame as a producer. Out of these breedings came Tant's Gr. Ch. Yellow ROM, Gainey's JR., Chavis' Roho, STP's Gr. Ch. John Boy and his littermate brother Ch. Toro, alnog with Super Gnat's dead game Boots and a host of others. However, there is another side of this story that few people knew about. Mr. Chavis had a bitch by the name of Lady Sassy Mead. She was half Red Boy and half Lonzo's breeding. He bred Lady Sassy Mead to Champion Jocko and created a whole new strain of dogs. In that litter came Dangerous Dan, Thor, Margarett and Rose. Rose was the grand dam of Gr. Ch. Yellow and Jr. However, these dogs were black in color and were thought not to be up to the standards of the original stock and were sold as pets. Carolina Kennels purchased a son out of Dangerous Dan and a friend purchased a male and a female. The male Carolina Kennels purchased was called Termite. Termite's first show was in 1983 with Hargroves. Termite came in over the weight and had to pay a forfeit. Later on in that year, Termite got hooked into Tant. Tant he had reputation of being one of the best dogmen in the south and many of Carolina's friends thought they was being too cocky going into him. Termite was declared the winner in :38. Next, Termite won over Jacky S. in :20 minutes and was ready for his Championship match. Crenshaw and Tugboat had won several matches and both had outstanding reputations. Carolina Kennels couldn't resist the opportunity of going into the best. Tugboat lived up to his rep for the first :30, then those Jocko traits started kicking in and Termite was the winner at :58. Well, by this time Carolina Kennels was satisfied with Termite's performance and was considering his retirement, but again couldn't resist another challenge. This time it was the grand old man himself, Fletcher Chavis. Terms of the contract couldn't be agreed upon, so Mr. Chavis sold the dog to Rastaman and said that Big Joe had the perfect style to beat Termite. Rastaman's Big Joe put on a great show, but at 1:17 Termite won his fourth. Termite was retired after this and was put out to stud. He has produced some very good dogs among the best is Gr. Ch. Cirus. Cirus won 5, including a victory over Solo's Champion Thunder. Termite died in November of 1995.

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  2. Tiffseagles

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