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Carolina gamedogs

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by bad company, Jan 13, 2009.

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  1. bad company

    bad company Puppy

    Does anyone know this breeder or his dog quality..Thanks
  2. I don't know the breeder, but I have seen some dogs off their yard and they are very great in conformation, attitude, and health.
  3. CLMR

    CLMR Little Dog

    Can't go wrong with them, they're at the TOP of my list. Let me know if you get one from them. :D clmr
  4. mlmaas

    mlmaas Little Dog

    they are no longer breeding.
  5. CLMR

    CLMR Little Dog

    They're NO longer posting their breedings. Call the phone # and they will give you the information you seek. clmr
  6. mlmaas

    mlmaas Little Dog

    yeah quite a few people have stopped advertising.. especially in the NC area.. still doesnt mean you can't get in and make some friends.
  7. bad company

    bad company Puppy

    I got a pure eli male from him,off ATM x Piney,I chose the runt male and he is a trooper,bounces off the walls,alert to every flutter around him and only wants to wrestle with my female Bolo pup..He acts like a little barnstormer at 4 months old,too much energy..never gets tired..and screams like a bobcat or bear cub ...My first Eli dog and I like it..:sonn_u11:
  8. Atm x piney

    How much did he charge you for the eli dog cause im thinking bout getting a female from the ATM X PINEY breeding?
  9. XXX

    XXX Good Dog

    I have heard mixed results about Smitty... but I don't personally know the man so I can't comment on him. I have heard good things and I have heard of some shady things. I've heard him called a legit guy and I've heard him called a peddler.....
  10. latinox3

    latinox3 Puppy

    I suggest you go there yourself and PICK UP... but if you're planning on having him shipped to you I'D PASS!!!!!!
  11. latinox3

    latinox3 Puppy

    I'm starting this thread because of all the good things everyone has to say about Jeff Smith at Carolina Gamedogs... It is because of you people that I decided to get a dog from CGD instead of Tom Garner since EVERYONE had NOTHING but GREAT things to say about CGD and alot of bad/shady things about Mr. Garner. Now I'll keep this short... I had been talking to Jeff Smith at CGD for about 3-4weeks talking to him making sure I got the right dog that I'm looking for... I told him I wanted a, "dog no older than 16weeks and a dog that has a very high energy." I wasn't sure on what blood I wanted so I told him that I'd trust him to pick me out a good dog from his litters since people on here say they'd have no problem with him picking theyre dog out since "he knows his dogs." well he told me he'd go play with them and let me know which would be best for me...well that never happened he said if I want a male to get it from X litter and if i wanted a fem get it from y litter...so anyway he tells me shipping will be no more than $215 since this puppy is 11weeks and won't be more than 20lbs.... I go to the airport, I look in the crate and I'm surprised to see a big 20something lb dog in there! the shipping came out to $269... I checked the dogs papers and it said he just turned 6months! Ontop of that this dog has a broken off bottom k9 which wont grow back since hes so old and he has these nasty,crusty skinless spots on his back,legs, and side. ONTOP of that thhis dog is the WORST specimen of a bulldog I've ever seen... He's scared of everything...he's SUPER shy...I've had this dog for over 3months now and he still has never walked up to me and when I walk up to him he flattens out on the ground and bows his head and starts to shake...He doesn't exercise, he does nothing at all! Now I called Jeff and told him I want my money back because this isn't the dog he promised me and he told me he doesn't do that and he'll send me another dog...that was about a month and a half ago and still no dog! He was supposed to ship AGAIN today and I called him and he keeps on giving me the run around telling me he'll ship it next week(he was supposed to ship this weekend and the weekend before, and the weekend before that!) so bottomline I paid $1269 for a worthless dog, I mean he can't even be a pet!!! I feel ripped off and taken advantage of and it's because everyone calls him a "honest, stand up dogman" WRONG

    ---------- Post added at 11:29 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:23 AM ----------

    They may have some great dogs on their yard but they want to keep them there! I will never buy a dog from anyone over the internet again in my life and its because of CGD.... There are some shady ass people in this dog game and it sucks for us that love this breed and want to own the best of this breed that have to deal with these shady ass people and pay expensive prices and still not get a good dog...
  12. skinny

    skinny Little Dog


    I have bought 5 pups from TG and was VERY satasfied with EVERY pup he picked out for me the first pup I bought was in 1995 off Frisco x Pew the last being last year she will turn 1 in August and she is off Rosco x Gorda Girl...................
  13. Cream is Pitbulls

    Cream is Pitbulls Little Dog

    Damn 5 pups I bet yo house was dirty lol and chatoic
  14. joshelkins23wv

    joshelkins23wv Little Dog

    latinox3, if he will let you walk him on a leash ,i would do that as much as possible,be around him and pay him as much attention as u can, let him know he can trust you and has nothing to be afraid of, give him belly rubs and pet him alot,i dunno if it will work but it might loosen him up alot..its prolly a good dog but has been mistreated in some way, or atleast thats what it sounds like to me..:)
  15. Pipbull

    Pipbull Big Dog

    What? :confused:
  16. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    I have never really heard anyone having a problem with TG, so, not sure who told you not to go with him. I know nothing about CGD, so, I wouldn't have suggested him or badmouthed him, either.
  17. mandreweav

    mandreweav Good Dog

    Ive never heard of anyone getting ripped off by TG or being sold a bad dog or anything. I have heard people who dont do business with him a puppy peddler and a liar over the frisco frozen semen thing. I really like TGs dogs that ive seen and he is near the top of my list of the next person to get a dog from.
  18. latinox3

    latinox3 Puppy

    i believe it was this forum and i think .....................where alot of people called mr. garner a "paper hanger" "puppy pedler" "shady" and a "liar" and i didnt find one bad post about jeff smith at CGD, thats what led me to purchase from CGD not Mr. Garner...and no if this dog walked on a leash i would have no problem...this dog is really just a bad, bad dog...i dont know anyone that would be satisfied with this dog...i wouldnt keep this dog is somebody gave it to me for free, put it that way...there's a reason why he told me this dog was 11weeks and pick of the litter....i mean come on this dog was 6months old and acts like if every human in his life gave him a kick in the head! and i mean like i said ontop of that a broken k9 and bad scarring on his body?? what do u think happened to this dog?? he had other pups but for some reason every litter wouldnt be ready for months and he reeally said this was "just what you're looking for"
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 21, 2009
  19. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    See if you can get your money back, send him the dog back, if you can get your money.
  20. latinox3

    latinox3 Puppy

    that's why I posted this. he said he won't give me my money and I can't send the dog back..."he doesn't do that" after a little yelling on both sides he said he'd send me a male from another litter (not letting me pick the litter) and that dog was supposed to be hear the 1st week of july and than the next weekend and than the next weekend and than the next and now sending the dog is "cutting into his work" and he'll "call me" thats why I'm letting everyone know not to do dealings with him....he might give you a legit dog is you show up in person but why give him the money when he rips people like me off, that are just trying to get a good dog...
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