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Cane Corso

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by gatehrdy, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    gatehrdy, don't take this personally, but breeding your dog is possibly the worst thing you could ever do. For one, you own a Cane Corso yet you know nothing about the history of the breed (i.e. how the breed was formed, why it was formed, who formed it, etc.) as is obvious by this post. Secondly, this is a working dog first and foremost. I haven't seen any post mentioning any work your dog does. These dogs are becoming the new byb's dream as they are marketed as "rare" and "like a big pit bull." These are not dogs that belong in a beginners hands and personally I'm not sure how I feel about these dogs being in the hands of the average pet owner. The breed has begun to go downhill thanks to bybs and people looking to make a profit by a breed not that popular here in the states. And it's a damn shame.

    Not to mention the temperament of the Corsos I have seen honestly called for the dog being laid to rest via bullet or euthanasia. Of course these dogs are natural guardians and should be loyal to their family and wary of strangers, but the dogs I am seeing are downright aggressive as in trying their best to take a bite out of you for doing nothing more than passing by on the sidewalk.

    This is not a breed that should be bred for looks or bred because one "loves them" and "wants others to have a friend like you have." This is a breed that should be of known origin (aka have a validated pedigree), should be worked to prove that it has been bred to fulfill the breed's standard, and should be health-tested out the wazoo particular the hips and elbows (we see a lot of dysplastic Corsos in these 2 areas). And even then ONLY the best of the best should be considered being bred.

    PNWPBR Good Dog

    Great post Mia.....
  3. gatehrdy

    gatehrdy Puppy


    I do not take your advise personally, but you have assumed wrong yourself. My question was about the combo of a Cane Corso and a Pit Bull-not of the Corso history or how the Corso came to be. I know the Running Dogs breed quite well. I also do not agree with breeding so that my freinds can have one. Gate has been trained and has a superb bill of health by a certified vet. Is a matter of fact, he said "This is one of the fittest k9'sI have ever had the pleasure of examining." Gate has the qualities that are saught after among breeders. He is a trueblood. Did you say temperment?
    Maybe you have had some unpleasent experiances with the breed, but I assure you, given the proper, noncohersive training, any dog will prove themselves to be an excellent,loyal, protective companion. Im certain that many folks get a big dog like this because they have hidden fears which they think will be solved by having to forementioned four legged "battle buddy." Thats not the breeds fault my freind, it's the person that is influencing the animal. Thats my story and I'm stickin to it. Peace!
  4. Madeleinemom

    Madeleinemom MS Bites, My Dog Didn't Staff Member

    Welcome to you and Gate, he sounds wonderful and is very handsome.

    Your post regarding service dog certification in Cali really made me curious - I am recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (and I live in the L.A. area).

    Are you saying that I could get one of my dogs certified as a service dog? We have two APBTs (one is a foster) and a Rottie girl.
  5. gatehrdy

    gatehrdy Puppy

    Service Dog Certificatio

    Although public facilities are ,by federal law, not allowed to aske for proof of a service animals credentials, it still happens often. My mom has ms and also took the nescessary steps to certify her little terrier mix Jack. All one needs to do is go to their doctor and let them know about the relation of the dog and how it helps. For instance, mom has a hard time walking up inclines and Jack pulls just enough(with a proper harness), to help her out with that. Jack is also a great emotional support for her, without him, her deppression is compounded, so having him by her side at all times is an emotional relief. We had no problems getting the proper documents such as perscriptions from said doctors. Rabies vaccination, id and the prescription. We went a small step futher and asked the doc for a short letter describing the actual function or job of the dog. Take this info to the sherriff's animal control center nearest to you and let the clerk know what you are there for. It is free of charge service which they provide. There is also a wealth of information on the web about service animals. God bless you, and keep on keeping on. I just woke up, so please forgive the bad grammer.
  6. gatehrdy

    gatehrdy Puppy

    One more thing. There is no requirement that you prove a dogs training in order to certify them as a service dog. The services which a k9 can provide have a wide range. Depression, paranoia, pulling, picking up droped items, alerting hearing impaired handlers of phone calls and such. The title of mans best freind sure does ring true doesn't it?
  7. maryellen

    maryellen Good Dog

    excellent post mia, most people cant handle a cane , and in the wrong hands its double trouble.. and most canes now have such crappy temperments that its scary.. why anyone would want to even think about breeding a pitbull with a guardian breed dog is beyond me.

    and gate, just because your vet says the dog is healthy doesnt mean much.. healthy for breeding means having hips certified, heart, elbows, etc.. genetic traits that show up in certain breeds.. not a vet saying he is healthy. heck my pit/shep mix is very healthy.. per my vet.. but that doesnt mean he is perfect as far as superior testing goes..
    again, my favorite topic for people who want to breed..

    while this is for the apbt, it also applies to other breeds as well

    and take note of this part..
    this part is what is meant by health certified, and not by a vet either...
  8. Lmjanes

    Lmjanes Puppy

    Why do you think that Corso get mixed with Pit Bull? I don't think you know a lot about cane corso. Cane Corso is said to be descedant from Canis pugnax, therefore, it has NOTHING to do with pitbulls. Cane Corso and Neopolian Mastiff are considered cousins because both come from the same source. I don't own a corso, but I have been involved with CCAA since 2000.

    From what I've seen you posted a picture of your dog, Gate has a nice head, but I don't think he is purebreed unless you have a valid paper to prove it. It has to be AKCFSS paper or ICCF paper. We don't see that color a lot in corso. It looks like he is mixed with brindle and grey, it is uncommon color in corso. We have seen black, fawn, formentino, dark brindle, and black/tan (not common).

    I advise you not to breed your dog. No offense to you, it seems like you don't know anything about it. Why should you breed? There are tons of reputable breeders who know alot about it and have stuided years and years on pedigrees. Have you done that? Do you know who are Bayron, Prince, Claus, Otis, Fauno, and others. And do you know what did they all die of.

    Why are we trying to create two different breeds; the american cane corso and Italian Cane Corso? Can you tell the difference and what are they? List please. :rolleyes:
  9. Maxim

    Maxim Puppy

    Cane Corso Color

    Gate is a black brindle, and is very common among corsis.
    my Sorvana's Felix Philippe ben Sabbath is 9 month old today. All Champion lines from 91, he is already 70 cm (27'') tall and 112 lbs of pure muscle and great bone. He has exellent joints and I expect him to pass OFA with flying marks.
    Here are some pics:




    Felix 10 weeks.JPG

  10. Faeriebratty

    Faeriebratty Puppy

    hes a beautiful boy!
  11. Maxim

    Maxim Puppy

    I am Cane Corso Addict

    Hi there ;) I own a 9 months old Corsi chesnut brindle pup froma all ch bloodlines. I also love pits. However, they are comlitelmy different sport: Corsos are the only ancient molosier type dog used for multi purpoces such as warcraft, hunting, fighting (in Roman Coliseum), but most of all as a guard dog and a precious family companion of italic people over 2 melenia. With a thousand years history, Corso is a working dog. They were bred for work qualities, power, agility, stamina and most of all intellect and trainebility. Only surviving in the rural Italy, they discovered by the world only in 80s. Italian farmers would not sell puppies to foregeners and even outside of their family or province. Actually, just a few decades ago corsi's (also called Sicilliano Branchero in Sicilly) were only given as a gift from one familia to another or traded for another corso. They thought it was bad luck to exchange money for this noble companion. Pit is also a great dog, but from a terrier group, 2x as small.
    Their pray drive more comparable with Dogo and Presa, than with Corso which is a guardian dog, even based on the cames (from greek "Chros" = Yard Fence. and Cane is Italian for a dog.

    Most of my friend own pits, and I have a great love for the breed. However, once I saw a cane corso italiano I fell for it, and after doing dilligent research, I decided it is a perfect dog for me. I was right. Maybe I got lucky, but from all police trained dogs I owned (german shepard and 2 giant schnauzers), Felix is just the most intelligent. In fact I never encotered such wit in a dog, and I have been around. Again, there are bunch of corsos out there with temperament problems, but in my case I was looking for the right parents for months and waiter for a puppy for a long time, before I could get pick of the litter male with the characteristics I wanted (corini lines, scisor level bite, great head and stable temperament).
    I own Sorvana's Felix Philippe ben Sabbath, 9 month old today :celebrate:
    He is already 70 cm (27'') tall and 112 lbs of pure muscle and great bone.
    It is big for his age (his dad is 125lbs) and he is expected to be around 150! Thank God, he has exellent joints and I expect him to pass OFA with flying colors.
    I got him when he was 8 weeks old.:)
    Here are some pics of him in different ages:

    Attached Files:

  12. Tyra's Mom

    Tyra's Mom Puppy

    My friend has a beautiful brindle Cane Corso. She is beautiful and obedient. Her best friend is a dachsund. The breeder had six Cane Corsos lined up in a sit stay then released them. It was awesome to see a group of powerful dogs like that.
  13. lerssen

    lerssen Little Dog

    Jackie's pic's 005.jpg

    Jackie's pic's 008.jpg

    Jackie's pic's 009.jpg cain corso are great dogs i have been raised around them all my life and have never had a problem with any off them. heres a pic of mine when she was a pup
  14. lerssen

    lerssen Little Dog

    Does mine look pure bred enough for you?
  15. kris2642

    kris2642 Good Dog

    I would be really wary crossing a cane corso with a pit, they are two entirely different types of dogs. We own a six month old blue brindle corso. I will say they are a wonderful breed but if they end up in the wrong hands they can be an extremely dangerous dog due to their size, power and athleticism. My boyfriend had wanted to breed ours when he got old enough and I said absolutely not. I think there are too many people out there who want a dog because of its look or because its the stylish dog of the moment. They have no understanding as to the nature of the breed and what its needs are. As a corso owner I'm sure experience has taught you this isn't a dog you can simply throw in the yard all day. Corso's, especially males can be extremely dominant and territorial. They need structure, training and discipline as well as an owner who is comfortable asserting himself in the dominant role. you have to ask yourself if most people are willing to put that kind of time and effort into a dog.
  16. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    Corso's are becoming the next byb bred dog to hit the market, and it's already starting to have devestating effects on both the dogs and the people involved.

    There is only 1 owner/breeder in the state of LA that I would consider getting a Corso from and thankfully I've got my foot in the door with him, so maybe a few years down the road, my turn to obtain one will be here. He's got beautiful dogs, very good temperaments (far better than par for the course for most of his), he x-rays all hips & elbows, and his dogs are trained & worked in various areas: PP, Schutzhund, etc.

    The rest of the breeders I see have the dogs because they look cool and badass and they breed them for the status of being a "breeder" and for the money. These dogs have serious health issues and their temperaments are that of a hungry Bull shark.
  17. i used to own a presa canario and it was a great dog.they are extremly smart although somewhat stubborn.i had him trained to ring a bell hanging from the door when he wanted to go out.he was one of the best dogs i ever had,was great with my kids.they are very protective and can be aggressive so need firm training.i unfortunatly had to give him up because of my wife.its kind of a funny story when i think about it now but at the time was very heartbreaking.me and my wife (girlfriend at the time)were having relations when var,the presa i had came into the room.she was on top of me and i guess he thought she was attacking me and wanted to stop her.he was well trained and stopped immediately once i yelled at him.she didnt get bit or anything but after that i didnt trust him alone with her.he never forgot and hated her after that.he used to growl at her when i wasnt around.i found him a new home and hes doing quite well.i did however have a weird message on my machine from animal control regarding him a few years ago.he apparantly got loose and wound up at wal mart.when he walked by the automatic doors opened so he went on in and from what i was told caused quite a ruccus.he was a nice dog,very freindly and was only playing in the store but he was very large and looked intimidating.the officer told me when i called her back that the people in the store were running out screaming and that they evacuated the store
  18. Now imagine people a dog like that becoming so irresponsible bred as the APBT and used by the scums who abuse pit bulls now! Who knows,they might come next on the list of public enemies.
  19. woody d

    woody d Big Dog

    you hit the nail on the head w/ that one....plus the general public will just report more "pit bull" attacks when the corso becomes more popular. :mad: thats how i see it, another poorly bred animal thats gonna possibly add to the APBTs bad rep
  20. APBTlover09

    APBTlover09 GRCH Dog

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtKfXFvOndc"]YouTube - cane corso kisses newborn[/ame]

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