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I have a question. Titan has started developing calluses on his front pads recently (I suspect it may have something to do with his weight distribution especially from that barrel chest of his) and I want to know what I can do about it. I'm a bit nervous of trimming them and what not. So what is the best course of action? Also the pads are incredibly rough, almost to the point where they draw blood when he climbs on my lap (he still thinks he's a puppy and that he WILL fit on my lap). It definitely isn't his nails, but the actually pad. I've never seen pads so rough. Could it be a feeding issue?
I have a friend who has a bully who suffers from this-to the point that they become very painful for the dog to walk on. are they causing him any problems? any pain or discomfort or limping? I would not recommend trying to trim them yourself at home-a wiggly bully? HA! might end up taking half a toe off. if they don't seem to cause any discomfort I would recommend soaking his feet for about 30 minutes in a tub of warm water just before bed, then slather on some bag balm to help soften the skin. but remember-foot pads are MEANT to be tough and rough-dogs don't have shoes and walk on pavment barefoot!


There is no obvious discomfort, however they have started to distort the nail growth. Thankfully my brother filed them down for me, Titan went to sleep, didn't even twitch. The thing that concerned me about these calluses is that he recently tore one off and it tore into the pad. It didn't appear to bother him etc, but it did bleed and looked painful to my untrained eye.

I understand that the pads should be rough for obvious reasons. My other dog actually spends more time outside than Titan does, however Titan's pads appear to be significantly rougher. His brother lives on a farm and the same applies. The pads are incredibly dry and scratchy. They actually resemble scales to be honest. I've had it where he's wanted to sit on my lap while I was wearing shorts and they've drawn blood. At first I thought it may be his nails, but they are regularly groomed and whatnot and it turns out it wasn't.

I'll give the bag balm a go. I've been pondering perhaps massaging in tea tree oil.