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Bump on inner ear flap (photos)

So at first I thought Sookie just got a little cut on her ear while playing at the dog park and that it had scabbed over. I figured the scab would be falling off any day then a dog while playing with Sookie pulled the scab off and blood went EVERYWHERE! Now, the bump is still there and it is very strange looking. I have looked online and it has all the characteristics of a histiocytoma which are common in young dogs. But, it also has properties of a mass cell tumor. :(
I am going to have it checked out by the vet this week as I would rather be safe than sorry.
Just wondering if anyone has seen anything like this on their bully before.
It doesn't hurt her to touch it and she doesn't scratch at it.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. :)



Good Dog
Looks like a wart or mole. If you rip off a mole(as I have) they bleed like crazy!!!
I would have a vet check it too :)
Good Luck!

And your dogs face looks very smushable!!! :)


Little Dog
Have the vet do a needle aspiration of the growth and check for cancerous cells to be sure but most likely it is a hystiocytoma and will clear up in 6-8 weeks. I keep vit. E oil on it to keep it soft. It will get larger, sometimes even to the size of a quarter.
Thanks for the responses :)
If the vet gives us the option I would definitley choose to remove it and have it biopsied.

Another thing that has been bothering me is that there are these little bumps almost like scratches that appear on the sides of her jowels. She was playing with a 4 month old puppy last week and I thought that they were scrapes from its sharp little puppy teeth, but I dont think that anymore. She also will occasionally get a couple bumps on her sides. I only notice them because they lift up her fur just enough that I can see it is uneven and it leaves a ripple. Again, they don't itch or hurt her. They seem more like pimples. They pop up quickly and go away within a day or so. I am starting to think she is having an allergic reaction to something at the dog park.
Will bring this all up to the vet on our visit.
Again, I like to pick the bull terrier experts minds. :)

Posted more photos as requested of Sookie in the main section on her introduction album. :)


Little Dog
I have never had one removed if it was a hystiocytoma. Usually only happens with young dogs and they go away on there own. There may be a bit of bleeding at times but eventually they disappear. Why anesthetize and operate? I think that's more dangerous.
I would only remove if necessary. Would never put her health in jeopardy.
Last night again she hit it on something and started bleeding everywhere. At this rate it will never heal and fall off.

Bullfull, does it look like what your dogs had when they had histiocytomas?
I have been watching to see if there is any growth and there hasn't been. Just more scabbing from being torn open so many times. :(
The vet said that warts almost always go away on their own and that you often see them on puppies. Their immature immune systems can leave them susceptible to contracting viruses.
I was suprised to hear that they are seen a lot in their mouths.

As for Sookie's wart on her ear, I have already seen a decrease in size since my original posting so we are going to let it be for a few more weeks and see and continue applying Vitamin E. We had the option of local anesthetic and to remove the wart by surgical excision or electrocautery. But since it is not hurting her and shrinking, why put her through that.

Also talked to the vet about the little bumps I have been seeing on her and he seems to think it is folliculitis. Going to use an antibacterial shampoo tonight and keep a close eye on her.
By the time of the appointment almost all the bumps had dried up and were just little scabs that were falling off. So I started a log of what she eats and what type of environment she has played in to see if I can spot anything specific triggering the bumps.

One thing I found very strange was that while we were at the vet and she became stressed, I noticed a few bumps pop up. Stress triggered?


Good Dog
What material is her food/water bowl made out of? I've heard that plastic can cause/contribute to a breakout around the mouth...I want to say it was folliculitis but can't remember 100%. Even if plastic bowls are cleaned on a regular bases, because they're more porous than metal or glass bacteria can sit in it.

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One thing I found very strange was that while we were at the vet and she became stressed, I noticed a few bumps pop up. Stress triggered?

Yes, definitely a possibility. They can also drool, blow their coat and get an upset tummy...later causing the hershey squirts.


Good Dog
Lose a lot of fur...dogs with longer hair-you'll see little doggy hair tumble weeds rolling across the floor...for us, with PBs, it comes off in gobs when you pet the dog.

Our cats do it too.


Little Dog
Don't let your vet talk you into removing it by surgery...
Couple of years ago my female had one too on her cheek,and a friend of mine told me to use a wart remover from the pharmacy,it's a liquid, that's freeze off the wart in like 1 minute after applying.. It worked and the wart never came back..
The vet quoted me 500$!!! to remove it(this was yrs ago!),and I ended up paying 10$ for the ointment...