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Bully age

Discussion in 'American Bully Health' started by Jim, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. Jim

    Jim Good Dog

    How old do Ambullies live to?
  2. CelticKarma

    CelticKarma Good Dog

    I am not sure Jim, Mater is 6 and going strong....
  3. Jim

    Jim Good Dog

    Good to hear. Just I was thinking that you always see photos of them as puppies and up to 2 yaers but never hear my bully is 15 today.
  4. pampam22

    pampam22 Good Dog

    Im guessing it depends on what kind of Ambully. I would think the extreme's life span would compare to the english bulldog and the xxl could compare to a mastiff...etc. Just a guess though.
  5. CelticKarma

    CelticKarma Good Dog

    The sad thing with the bullies are that females by the time they are three have been breed to death. I was shocked when I was offered a female not long ago that was three and was told that she had already produced 6 litters. Males get to hang around a bit longer, if you notice there are not a lot of famous female show dogs in the Bully world, mostly all males. They take brood bitch to the extreme.
  6. bluestark

    bluestark American Bully Moderator

    My oldest is almost 4. That is Dozer. He has little to no health problems, other than night blindness, and allergies.
    He is still puppy acting though. Full of life!

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