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Bull Terriers :)

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier' started by TiffaneeCavan1, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. I've been interested in Bull Terriers for a while now, just never thought to ask about them.
    Are they anything like APBTS? Or SBTs? Need some information please :D. Trying to become
    familiar with more then one dog, so if I ever want to get a Bull Terrier, or Sbt, I could know what
    I'm getting myself into.
  2. Ali132

    Ali132 Good Dog

    Your not experienced enough with these breeds to get one or any of the breeds you seem interested in to put it blunt. You need a few more terrier mixes and take some training classes do more research before even thinking about it.
  3. Ali132

    Ali132 Good Dog

    Every dog you post about are dogs for experienced/intense dog owners.
  4. adjecyca

    adjecyca Good Dog

    I think most Bull Terriers are a pretty watered down breed, years of breeding purely for show tend to do that to breeds...But i do Agree with Ali, they can have a strong prey drive and like the apbt have a tendency to be DA, From what i've read they can sometimes be a challenge to train as well. If you're serious about getting a bull terrier or any other breed you need to do a lot of research, visit some dog shows talk to people there, you can email breeders talk to them about their experience with the breed and i'm sure you can message bull terrier owners on here and they can tell you a bit about the breed, and than AFTER you have done a lot of research and are ready financially and have enough time to dedicate to one, should you consider getting one....BTW you could always adopt a bull terrier from a rescue/shelter there are plenty of them out there you do not NEED to go to a breeder.
  5. Ali132

    Ali132 Good Dog

    They may be watered down in terms of dog aggression but its still very common and they are truly a fucked up breed. I used to be pretty heavy into the breed a few years back when my parents first for one and know a lot of bt people as well as my parents 2. The first came from the top breeder in ont and my parents gave the dog back because she was just so full of energy ( I loved her for that and her eagerness to learn but I was in a place that didn't allow dogs) but for the average dog owner it's way too much. They also tend to be very OCD and tail chasing/spinning non stop is very common.
    They are bull headed and stubborn, you can't force a bt to do something they don't want and they often give black eyes and fat lips by smashing you in the face with their heads because they don't know their own strength.
  6. My dog gave me a fat lip when I tried to put her collar on and she didn't wanna go to the vet -_-, I'm not asking these questions about the dog BECAUSE i'm going to get one. I'm just asking questions about the breed. Doesn't mean I'm going to own one, someday, maybe. I don't know though. So don't get frustrated with me asking questions. I've seen a lot of people asking questions about certain types of breeds and NOBODY jumps on them for it. I'm allowed to ask questions. I'm trying to learn more.
  7. TannerG

    TannerG Boss Member

    do u do any research or do you just ask questions?

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  8. WHY is it such a BIG deal when I ask simple questions about a breed of dog?! I'm trying to learn from experienced owners and/or breeders. YES I do research too. I just got two books from the library. I'd like to have answeres by people who own them instead of reading books because some books are not correct. I won't ask any more questions.
  9. TannerG

    TannerG Boss Member

    its not a big deal i was just asking
  10. Kahne

    Kahne Good Dog

    I think people may come off harsh because you flood the board with questions that could be answered by using the search tool. Just saying...

    I have nothing to add about BTs since they have never been my breed of choice but I think your energy and time is much better used in research on how to train your dog instead of breeds.
  11. I'm not flooding the board? There are a lot of people who post WAY more then I do and ask tons of questions. I'm trying to talk to experienced people. I do research online and stuff too.
  12. CallSignOWL

    CallSignOWL Good Dog

    I cant get the search function to work. Nothing shows up when I use it.
  13. TannerG

    TannerG Boss Member

    the main one doesnt work but the ones within the forum sections do
  14. Ali132

    Ali132 Good Dog

    You don't need a search button when there is a whole sub section for bull terriers on here and a staffordshire bull terrier section and a sub forum for mastiffs which are all the breeds she has asked about. She doesn't even have to leave the forum to do research and read the stickies
  15. I'm reading the stickies. Not right now, cause I'm learning about Raw Food diets and how to switch Nita to one.
  16. You want to know about the breed and their typical traits? I'll give you my personal experience from the four total I live with.

    *Dominant and can be DA
    *VERY energetic
    *Require ALOT of exercise
    *Hard headed, and very stubborn, not a good beginner dog
    *Prone to sensitive stomachs, some prone to skin issues
    *High prey drive
    *Prone to liver and heart issues

    Those are the non sugar coated NEED TO KNOWS about the breed. They are also extremely loving, comical, and all around amazing dogs, and I love mine to no end. In my personal opinion, I wouldn't reccomend them to a passive person, nor a first time dog owner. They require a strong assertive owner/handler. Hope that helps.

  17. Thank you! :), if I ever get one, it won't be for a long time. Not until I am experience with more Bully breeds. I'll probably stick to APBTs for a while.. or mixes.
  18. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    wow what ridiculous comments on here...comments such as "truly a fucked up breed" and "cant make them do something they don't want to do" are the most ignorant comments yet. First of all, the breed is not fucked up in the slightest, or i suppose a matter of opinion, I can say the same for pit bulls and many other breeds, but that is a very ridiculous thing to say putting all bull terriers into one group. You can train a bull terrier to do ANYTHING whether it wants to or not, the breed is universal, and can accomplish anything with the right time and training put into the dog.

    When I first wanted to get a bull terrier my few experiences with them were not pleasant, its a bit strange why I started to get involved in the first place. I worked at the vet and there was a male and a female in for a comprehensive exam, when we took other dogs out to exam them, the male was throwing himself against the metal vet cages in attempt to destroy the other dog, it appeared he was going to tear the cage door off and his power was incredible.

    Another time I met a bull terrier was right before I got Bowzer, I was so excited to see this big brindle male boy and I eagerly met him, when I told the owner I was getting one he said to me "dont get one there FUCKING STUPID DOGS!" Perhaps not the dog was stupid, but the owner was instead.

    Not for the novice dog owner I agree, skin and digestion issues YES. I have seen TONS of bull terriers with DA, but with the right socialization and training, it is far less potent in the bull terrier than other similair breeds like the SBT, AST, and the APBT. They need a strong owner thats not overly passive, but more dominant owner who will teach a bull terrier what is exceptable behavior and how to behave so that he doesnt make a fool of himself in public making BSL worse. Just like most breeds it depends a ton on lineage, some lines are softer while other lines are just trouble. I always encourage someone interested in getting a bull terrier to meet as many as they can personally and spend some time with them. I myself have had many people come to my house and spend a few hours with my dogs to get an idea of personality. Ali was right about them head butting, when you have bull terriers you tend to be very aware of where their noggin is when you bend down and to secure the head when asking for a kiss.

    Human aggression should be unacceptable in the breed. Multiple males in a house hold can only be done by very experienced people, most of them will spar. The same can be with females, but less severe i think. I never allow my dogs to dominant or bully each other, I have 2 females and 2 males in the house without issues thus far.

    One thing I have known strong for the breed is their possessiveness, none of the dogs eat their food together, all bones and high value toys are in crates only, any games including toys is supervised only. They can be possessive over people as well, seen many fights break out over the owners giving other bullies affection. Like a pit bull, you never leave them alone together, when they get into a fight they could kill each other, they tend to just keep going until someone breaks it up.

    They are foreign body eaters, they tend to always be eating something they shouldnt be, many bull terrier owners know this because of all the zipper surgeries they can end up with. Its a breed i recommend crate training, for life.

    OCD is common in the breed but can generally be handled with training and plenty of exercise. Dont let them be neurotic ever and its just fine, I dont have OCD with mine, but one of my pups had it when he was young and we broke him of it. It's not likely your just going to end up with a bull terrier spinning in circles for all of his life with nothing you can do about it if you do everything right.

    They are hard to train because they aim to please themselves more than their masters, but with a firm hand and plenty of work its not an issue. A bull terrier isn't a tea cup yorkie and you cant tip toe around him, you have to work with him head on.
  19. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    I dont go into forums and say "the pit bull is a fucked up breed" do i? And I wouldn't take advice from someone who seems to have nothing but negative things to say about bull terriers, as it appears, you don't even like bull terriers nor do you have any so go back into the pit bull section.
  20. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Now, now, don't start flinging shit when your hands aren't clean.

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