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Bull Terriers as Catch Dogs (1942)

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier History' started by Ashley, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Ashley

    Ashley Puppy

    From Dog World April 1942

  2. Mrpedigree

    Mrpedigree Big Dog

    Wow you can clearly see even back then the round head was prominent .....thanks for posting:)
  3. jonnybegood

    jonnybegood Little Dog

    thanks for that
  4. jonnybegood

    jonnybegood Little Dog

    as pedigree said you can clearly see the heads..and thats 1942

    ---------- Post added at 07:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:37 PM ----------

    interesting to note they are show chs too..I prefer showing but i guess you already all know that.
  5. Mrpedigree

    Mrpedigree Big Dog

    Jonny i would love to know where he found that old page from :confused:
  6. Ashley

    Ashley Puppy

    Hello gentlemen,

    I scanned this page from a magazine called Dog World. I found it in a collection of old dog magazines given to me by a coworker. The original is now in storage, but I would be happy to dig it out and rescan it if you are interested in a close up of the page.


    ---------- Post added at 05:44 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:42 PM ----------

    Another page I scanned:

    The Dog Fancier March 1926 - Bull Terrier History
  7. Zoe

    Zoe GRCH Dog

    Cool! Is that a border terrier I see on the right side?
  8. Mrpedigree

    Mrpedigree Big Dog

    Ashley thanks for getting back to us mate....i would love a better copy of that page from the magazine called "Dog World" ...i just wanna be able to read all those old bull terrier adds and articles up close etc :o:)
    if you could you would be a star :cool:;)
  9. Ashley

    Ashley Puppy

    I think so! I'll dig it out when I'm in BC next month and rescan. :)
  10. Mrpedigree

    Mrpedigree Big Dog

    We will hold you to that mate :sonn_u11:;)
  11. 12 gauge

    12 gauge Puppy

    I must be blind but those bt's shown had no egg shaped heads, very different to the looks of today's, amazing what 60+ years of careless breeding by many had done to this breed, unfortunately this wont be the first or last
  12. jonnybegood

    jonnybegood Little Dog

    lol..well they certainly had full heads with fill under the eye..guess it depends on the choice of words but they both mean the same
  13. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    i totally agree i dont see any egg heads...i see old fashioned bull terriers...must be mixed. :lol:
  14. jonnybegood

    jonnybegood Little Dog

    considering the pics mostly show front shots, they have fairly full heads they have fill under the eyes no snipey narrow muzzles or ears set on like a donkeys..if you cant see that well Im not surprised lol lol
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 15, 2010
  15. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    i also see a BT with cropped ears...
  16. Fuego

    Fuego Little Dog

    Bag they are just in aerodynamic mode, my bully does that when he runs, plays, sticks his head out the window in the car etc.


    kinda like that, I wish they were always like that.
  17. Hucklebutt

    Hucklebutt Banned Back Yard Breeder

    that makes sense, that could be it. damn look at the chest piece on your boy!
  18. jonnybegood

    jonnybegood Little Dog

    hes got good leg bone too...anymore pics on the forum of him?
  19. Fuego

    Fuego Little Dog

    my dog? im sure if you look up threads started by me you'll see some, good leg bone and all he managed to brake his leg though, idk exactly how it happened at was at work.
  20. jonnybegood

    jonnybegood Little Dog

    yeah I saw him hes cute..shame about his rear leg those spiral fractures from twisting are bad news..can happen to any dog rabbit holes or scratchings are the worst for it..

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