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Bull Terrier Puppy

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier Training' started by GhostBuster, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. GhostBuster

    GhostBuster Little Dog

    I am a new Mum to a beautiful Bull Terrier named Buster. I am a Canadian and have recently immigrated to Brasil with my husband. As a gift to ourselves for our new life together we decided to get our dog. We did all our research and found a breeder and found our puppy. He was so sweet a calm and curious.
    Now one thing that I thought was odd is that here in Brasil they give the puppies away as soon as they are finished weening. I've asked around different breeders and we also have a friend who breeds Border Collies here and she said this is normal in Brasil.
    So we did get Buster earlier than what is normal in Canada/US. We took him home at 6 weeks. So I became his mom, litter mate and leader.
    In one week Buster became much more alert, a little bit crazy, and somewhat destructive. I relate some of his issues with the fact that in Sao Paulo it is unsafe for the puppy to go outside before the series of 3 vaccines are complete at 3 months. There is only so much running around the house that he can do and he's still a little ball of energy.
    Some of the issues we have been having are biting (milk teeth hurt! Try everything "yip", "no", ignore.. Nothing really works unless HE wants to stop. Sometimes he crawls into my lap and starts biting my hands and arms. I just push him off and say "no" which he seems to understand because he comes back and sits quietly no problem. He's a bit of a sook that way. But any other time. He thinks we are always playing) as well as peeing when he's frustrated with me and shredding his pee pad for attention(ie when I'm trying to eat my meals or go to the bathroom or shower or anything when he would rather I pay attention to him) He is fine when I put him in his room to leave the house or at night when we go to sleep...but god forbid I want to do anything during the times he is awake!
    He is very good at using the pee pad otherwise. He knows how to come to his name, sit, down, stay, and roll over. All this of course without distractions...I mean he is only 10 weeks old.
    Do you think I am expecting too much from my puppy who is so young?
    Is the peeing and destruction normal for this breed when they want attention? How can I avoid this while at the same time being able to complete my tasks during the day?
    I would love any sort of Bull Terrier Puppy training advice.
    Thank you!
  2. GhostBuster

    GhostBuster Little Dog

    Also... My husband works full time 14 hrs per day while I stay at home caring for Buster and the house etc. When my husband is home Buster seems to respect him more than me. He doesn't bite him as hard as he bites me...he follows him around everywhere without him having to call to him... he even gives him kisses!
    Is this because he sees me as the disciplinarian that he has this bold, stubborn attitude with me? I've never done anything to my knowledge to hurt or scare him. Am I giving him to much attention being here 24/7? It's really hard to ignore his "cries for attention" when he shreds his pee pad or chews on his gate or piddles on the floor when he's frustrated. What am I doing wrong to not have his respect?
    I love that he loves my husband so much but I also need him to respect me as a leader and primary care giver.

    Any tips?
  3. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    HI! sorry It took so long to respond!
    6 weeks old is awfully young to leave mom, so it is up to you to teach him all the things mom and siblings would of such
    as bite inhibition, and general manners.
    Bull Terrier puppies are hyper, mouthy and smart as whips!
    all the things your saying about him are 100% normal bully behaviors.
    i suggest investing in a crate! itll be your life saver! whenever you need a break and he needs a nap-just put him safly into his crate and get some
    daily chores done.
    Bull Terriers are very smart-because they are so smart they NEED things to do when they are awake-he is not trying to get your attention by
    chewing pee pads or peeing on the floor-he is a baby who is bored and needs some mental stimulation!
    when you are not keeping him occupied-he needs to find somthing else to occupy his mind with-which is chewing on things he shouldnt!
    invest in some new puppy toys he can chew on till his hearts content.
    i would also start working on basic obedience with him as well-he is never to young to start! ans it wil help keep him busy and out of trouble!
    Bull Terrier puppies are REAL handfuls-most people do not realize just HOW MUCH attention and time they need-which is quite litterly 24 hours a day and night
    untill the age of 1 year old.
    expect your puppy to be a rotten,bratty little handfull till his first birthday, he will chew on you, he will
    he will destroy your furniture and your rugs, he will leave bruises and maybe even break skin nipping so hard to play,
    he will make you feel like crying out of frustration and anger-all the joys of owning a bull terrier puppy!
  4. GhostBuster

    GhostBuster Little Dog

    Glad to hear this is all normal behavior! Thank you for your support. He has definitely hit a sudden learning curve at 10wks! Picking up on what we want and need from him a lot quicker. I think that goes for both of us!
    I don't know how anybody raises a puppy and goes to work/school at the same time. I'm here 24/7 (housewife) and its still difficult!
    We are counting the days until his 3rd vaccine (21 days to go) and he can FINALLY go outside! :P He's going to love it! Us too. :)
  5. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    Bully pups are a lot like little kds- sometimes they need to have specifie "down time" you can often tell when that is because they will have a sudden burst of energy, almost bouncing off the walls and the furniture, when he gets like that, just take him and encourage him to relax, maybe calmly hold him and rub him down till he falls asleep.
  6. GhostBuster

    GhostBuster Little Dog

    Yeah definitely noticed the toddler aspects... he gets super nippy and bratty when he is over tired. I just bring him over to his room, plop him in his bed, close the door and he falls asleep instantaneously. And if I'm in need of a little snugglin' too, I sit crossed legged on the floor, he jumps right in and with a quick head massage he's out.

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