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Bull Terrier help

Hi everyone,

i'm really hoping i can get some decent advice to ease my worry.I recently purchased a 6 month old English Bull Terrier but i'm a little concerned with it.In all other ways the dog is perfect and adorable,but when standing its front 2 legs 'shake' alot.I've read alot of things on the internet but it covers many breeds so i hoped to find some Terrier advice.I've read it could be nerves,growing pains,growing too quick,lack of calcium,lack of vitimun C..................and of course several other more serious and worrying possibilities.

Please help me if anyone has any thoughts..........'happy new year' by the way.


Good Dog
I've moved your thread into the Bull Terrier Health forum in hopes you get more replies to your questions. :)

Mollie's Nana

Krypto Super Dog
Staff member
Have you had your vet check him over to make sure there's not any medical issues going on? How long have you had him? Could he still be scared and just getting used to his surroundings?


It could be absolutely normal. I can't say what causes it, but I have had several bullies in my care who tremble. My first bt, a rescue, used to stand under plants outside and shake. For whatever reason, it was something he enjoyed. We used to make a dialogue that he was in the jungle, or 'wabbit hunting' like Elmer Fudd, or whatever. He lived to be a ripe old age and never had any other ticks or quirks, other than being a bull terrier! lol