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Bull Terrier Health Society


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The Bull Terrier Health Society is a gathering of caring dog owners, breeders, and others from all over the world who are dedicated to breeding and raising Standard and Miniature Bull Terriers to have sound genetic health. We are organized into separate breed chapters in order to focus on health conditions that may be unique to each breed.
Members of BTHS pledge to health test for key inherited conditions in their breeding animals and agree to disclose the results of those tests to owners of potential mates prior to breeding. BTHS members also pledge not to knowingly use a defective dog in a breeding program. .
Click here for application-> BTHS Membership

Objectives of the Bull Terrier Health Society:

  • To give breeders a way to have confidence in the health outcomes of potential breedings.
  • To give buyers a way to locate conscientious breeders who are serious about breeding dogs with sound health.
  • To provide everyone a means to keep up-to-date on health issues relating to dogs of all breeds.

Through this Website:

  • BTHS identifies, rewards and publicizes the names of individual dogs that pass basic health testing criteria of their breed and earn the Certificate of Sound Health CSH(tm) title.
  • We publish the names of participating breeders who offer Health Guarantees to buyers.
  • We encourage open communication regarding health status of purebred breeding stock in the interests of purchasers, breeders and dogs alike.
For More Information, Contact:
Telephone (Voice & Auto-FAX) : 703/476-0333 Postal address Bull Terrier Health SocietyP.O. Box 9301, Reston, VA 20195 Electronic mail General Information: info@HealthyDogs.com
webmaster@healthydogs.comWebsite: http://www.healthydogs.com/american.htm